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“Yes, I am Dom. Your dom.” Did he say that last part or I imagined it? Letting out a shaky breath, I slid away from his lap. The front of my panties, scraped against his lap slowly as I slid from him and his light grey eyes darkened. I had no idea my p*ssy was so drenched that it left a mark on his pants. Jesus! Who is this man and what has he done to me? Soon I was seated beside him, his thighs pressing close to mine as we both drank. Electricity kept shooting tingles up my legs and I felt light-headed. He was silent and I suddenly felt nervous like I needed to speak to this deliciously fair man that sat brooding. Clearing my throat, I tapped his leg—unconsciously on the spot my p*ssy left—and he looked up, smirking at me. My mouth went dry immediately. “Is there something you want?” he asked. “Uh…No, I mean yes. Is this normal for you?” His handsome features morphed into a frown, “Having a girl leave a wet spot on my pants or taking wine in a bar?” I just discovered that my poor, useless, and filthy father who died a month ago left me a luxurious Cabin in Bakersfield. HOW!? Wish I insisted on that question. I shouldn’t have taken the plunge and moved into that house, but I am a broke, poor virgin and will soon be homeless, so I did. It might as well be the worst or best decision I have ever made because, in 12 hours, my life changed. COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER ON THE BOOK COVER!!!! contact the author for it to be removed if there is an issue



A hulky, menacing Man with a thick scar running down his right cheek, cleaned the sweat from his brow, hitting the punching bag in front of him for the thousandth time in the past hour with enough fury to kill an elephant barehanded.

Perfidy is intolerable in his world, stealing from THE PREACHER is a death sentence and Pete just signed his certificate. He hated to end his men but it’s unacceptable to allow betrayal to happen and go scot-free.

The man was known as the baddest m*th*rf*ck*r in the whole of California so Pete Haley, the old fool had a lot of balls stealing from him, trying to sell him out.

The man felt that it was such a shame that the traitor died without giving him the Flash drive he needed, the b*st*rd wanted to sell the MC out.

Anyway, he has a daughter,’ the man thought with a sinister laugh.

He was sure that there was only one person that would have the key and that person is the traitor’s daughter, “Stephanie Haley.”

“Preacher, we have a picture now.” A deep male voice resounded in the empty room.

The man, Preacher continued punching his fist into the bag, ignoring the newcomer.

Although the newcomer had been with the MC for a long time, he still doesn’t trust him fully.

Finally, The Preacher cracked his neck and wrapped his bruised fist, “Do you have her address?”

The newcomer shook his head topped with bleach blonde hair, “No, Preacher. The boys are still working on it.”

“Are you all f*ck*ng insane?” The Preacher thundered, his scarred face ugly, “How long will it take you to get a f*ck*ng address, you f*ck*ng dead brains.”

The newcomer gritted his teeth but remain silent.

Suddenly the door opened and another man strolled in, a smirk on his face as he flipped his dark hair, “Preacher, what did this m*th*rf*ck*r do again?”

The Preacher scowled, “The f*ck*ng numbskull still hasn’t gotten the address, f*ck*ng twat.” He spat.

The blonde newcomer balled his fists beside him but kept silent.

The dark-haired one said, “Boss, do I blow his f*ck*ng brains out? He would be less of a trouble to you.”

The Preacher muttered a swear but didn’t give the order. Suddenly his cell phone pinged and the dark-haired man passed it to him.

He glanced at the phone screen and it read, “Found her boss. Luxurious Cabin in Bakersfield.”

An evil grin twisted the preacher’s face, “Now this is what I am talking about, someone with brains has finally gotten me her address.”

The preacher pointed at the dark-haired one, “You are going to Bakersfield sugar. Get me the key and the girl’s head. It would be a nice accessory on my desk.”

The dark-haired one smirked, enjoying the task, “You got it, Patrone!”

The blonde newcomer cleared his throat, “Let me do this one Preacher.”

The preacher scowled at him but mulled over his words and then he smiled, “Fine. Sugar, let him have this one, you deserve a break.”

The dark-haired one only smirked, “As you wish boss. Hopefully, the p*ssy won’t wet his pant on this kill!”

And both of them burst out laughing. The blonde newcomer simply watched them with his lips drawn in a single line.

“I want the key and her severed head on my desk by noon tomorrow.” The preacher barked. “Get me HER f*ck*ng head.


Stephanie’s P.O.V

A glance at the mirror made me cringe in self-disgust, I look horrible. No, horrible is too good a word to describe my reflection. Sunken dull brown eyes, ghostly pale white skin, and shaggy red hair.

I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in twenty years. Okay, that’s an exaggeration but truly I haven’t slept properly for a week.

I am sure you are dying to know why.

Well, my father died two weeks ago.

Ugh, please do not feel sorry for me. I don’t feel sorry for myself either. That man was a jerk—I would tell you what he did later on.

Anyway, he died two weeks ago and his dead body was found mangled in a ditch after some days. Guess who had to take care of the burial, ME!

Let me spare you the gory details of how I had to give the man somewhat a decent burial that he doesn’t DESERVE.

A splash of cold water on my face cleared the remnants of sleep and I had a quick shower in preparation for the appointment I had with a lawy


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