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Why are you still in my brain?

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Maia just graduated and started her new journey. She met the love of her life that made her become someone she never expected. Maia is an innocent narcissistic woman who strives to be on her best behavior. Her girlfriend named Lena runs an illegal business opened by her father and drags Maia into the cartel ring. Lena is a snarky, manipulative, and street-smart woman. She has good survival skills, calms, and usually has a good sense of humor when facing problems. Both Lena and Maia betray each other for personal gain, despite their feelings for each other. Lena is good at reading people and is perceptive. Maia experiences life chaos with her girlfriend Lena. That changes her to be cruel, spoiled, and manipulative to get what she wants. But in the end, she does what she needs to do to survive and protect the one she loves. Their adventure remains loyal to each other across time, distance, and silence, which changes the way we see real love is. Both of them end up behind bars and Maia is released before Lena. After her release, Will Maia wait for Lena and be with her or start her new life?

Chapter 1

Where are you?

Why are you still in my brain?

Do you miss me?

The first place that I can well remember was the crowd. The place that you and I see each other for the first time, we don't even realize that was the first time that we meet. My friend Alaia and I went to the coffee shop and discuss about our paperwork. Then I see you again!

"Did you see the woman who sitting alone there, she looks like Lindsey Morgan but with a really dark hair" Alaia says as she points her eyes to the woman.

“Can you imagine if you became gay and date someone like her, you guys probably will be a great couple, Morgan and BG" Alaia says as she stares at me.

“Hell No! I'm totally straight! Who's BG?" I say as I highly raise an eyebrow.

"BG is Becky G, stupid!" Alaia chuckles as she points her eyes at the woman.

"F*ck you Alaia! I don't even look like Becky G" I say in whispers as I roll my eyes in disgust.

The last semester was very stressful for me. My classmates and I attend Alaia's boyfriend's party tonight. There are so many people there and one of them is the woman who Alaia and I saw at the coffee shop this afternoon, my boyfriend Ben is here too. "Hey, babe! You look f*ck*ng great tonight, get over here" He says as he kisses my cheek and grabs my waist. I have no idea why I keep thinking about her while Ben and I had a moment.

Alaia knocks the door “Knock… Knock… knock” The door sounds. "Guys the party starts. Everyone's coming!" Alaia yells at the outside as she pounding the door. "Hang on!" I say as I wear my clothes in rush. The party starts, I sit on the couch with my friends as my eyes keep looking at the woman, she the prettiest girl I've ever seen. She has brown eyes, 5,9ft with medium dark hair and nice jawlines. My friend and I enjoyed the party and we leave at 3 AM.

The day that we're waiting for is coming. We finally graduated from the university. The new Chapter of life begins, day to day I'm looking for a job and don't find any. I sit at the coffee shop in the middle of the night holding my resume and thinking about how f*ck*d *p my life is. I didn't notice that woman was here with her couple of friends, sitting at the corner table.

“Hey, Asians not Asian girl! Wanna sit with us and celebrate how messy our life is" She says as she chuckles and stares at me from the corner table.

“Sorry? Did you call me Asians?" I say as I point my eyes to her.

“What are you doing?" She says as she stares at me and gets closer to me.

“I'm doing nothing for a moment, who are you?" I say as I ask her curiously and raise an eyebrow.

“I'm Lena" She says in a low breath as she points her eyes to my lips.

“I'm Maia, so what do you do Lena besides make fun of strangers in the middle of the night?" I say as I stare at her.

"I'm planning to escape from the apocalypse! Wanna join me? I have bunker!” She says as she gets closer to my ear and whispers at me.

We both laugh cause of her joke. I spend the night with her at the coffee shop, talking and laughing... what a good time. Am I crazy? Because I spend the night with a stranger who I pay attention to and she's really attractive. I never meet someone like her before, she's different.

“I saw you at my friend's boyfriend party that night, do you remember that?" I say as I sip my coffee.

“Too many hot girls there, I don't even remember anything… I'm drunk" She says as she chuckles.

“So, you like girls?” I say as I raise an eyebrow and stare at her in confusion.

“Yeah...I Am” She says as she sips the coffee gently and stares at me.

"D*mn, mmm... interesting" I say as I sip my cold coffee and stare at her.

I sit in silence as she laughs in front of my face, she points her eyes at my lips… I tell nothing and smile, she suddenly kisses me and that causes me to freeze. If I could describe how my feelings tonight, I might be end up at the hospital when I wake up in the morning cause of heart attacks.

Chapter 2


I’m Aleena Mitchell, an American-Australian woman and I’m twenty-eight years old. I have almond brown eyes and dark medium hair. I could bring all your sexual fantasies to life but thank God I only into pussies. I never had sex with a man before and that would be my worse day ever. People say I tall, I've been told, my mom is a Jews, I've been raised as a Jews and I believe in the signs of the universe.

I met my dad once and my mom told me that he chose his girlfriend over my mom. He doesn't even know that I exist before I met him and my mom never told him about me. The relationship between me and my mom is like the usual mommy and daughter relationship. My mom had 3 jobs when I was ten, she worked a lot to paid my school bills.

People keep asking me "Why did you become lesbian at a young age? You’re hot as fuck Lena, every man in this world could volunteer themselves to be your slave if you wanted to!" Well, that's a good q


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