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When The Mafia Falls In Love

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The former head of a mafia gang returns to his job as a hitman. But this time, he kills without pay but instead he wants to get his revenge on a sworn enemy who has put the woman he loves so much into a coma. Yesse, a cold blooded killer. He was able to manipulate all the murdered victims. Until an incident in the past makes sweet memories present in his memory again and turns his future into a frozen end point in his life.

Chapter 1

“Mom, Where are you taking me?”

“Later you will know. Most importantly now, you look beautiful with a beautiful smile on your face that you should not diminish in the least to show someone.”

“For someone? Do you want to introduce me to a man?”


“Oh my god, mom. Sofia is very young. I still want to find work experience first and have not thought about getting married.”

“Already, don't talk much. Anyway, you just follow me. It's for your own good.”

“Why didn't you just introduce Anya to the man? Anya's sister is already a quarter of a century old.”

“Anya is too busy with her work. After all, she already has a lover who will soon propose to her. While you're still single.”

“This mother. I'm taking advantage of my single status.”

“Come on, let's go now. Let us not be late, so that he does not wait for us too long.”

“But Mom, I really don't want to get married yet. I'm still going to college.”

“You can still go to college after you get married.”

Let Sofia want to reason like anything, Sari still urges her to obey her orders. Sofia was forced to obey the orders of her stepmother. She will first look at the man she will be matched with later, the matter of accepting or not the matchmaking will be rethought. Sofia thinks so.

Finally, Sofia and Sari arrive at their destination. They arrived at a 5-star hotel located in the center of the capital.

Both of Sofia's eyes decayed long staring at the tall building in front of her. Her heart began to pound with fear when she found out the meeting place she had with the man.

“Mom, why did you have to meet him at the hotel anyway? I usually meet them at the Restaurant for dinner."Sofia whispered, glancing at the fear of feeling bad.

“Eating is easy. Now, we meet the man first. He's dying to see you.”

Sofia cloudy annoyed. His right hand was forcibly pulled by Sari to enter the hotel. They took the elevator together and the elevator door opened on the 5th floor.

During the walk in the hotel corridor leading to a room, Sofia kept trying to release her hand from Sari's grasp. However, Sari holds Sofia's hand even more tightly because she knows that her stepson intends to escape.

Room 505.

Sari pressed the room Bell.

Ting tong... ting tong...

The door of the room was immediately opened by a man in a suit. In the man's ear is a spiral cable that the man uses as a means of communication.

“Please come in.”

Sofia and Sari are asked to go inside. The more creepy Eve Sofia felt when she saw that there were many bodyguards standing by an old man sitting on a swivel chair. The cold from the high-temperature air-conditioned room also made Sofia's entire body shudder, especially since she was wearing a dress that featured all parts of her shoulders that were smooth and pure white.

Sari's footsteps stopped in front of a man who was sitting in a work chair. The man turned the chair he was sitting on to see the figure of a young woman whom Sari had brought to him.

“This is a woman named Sofia.”

"Oh. So, this is Budi's son? Beautiful, too.” A grin from a sharp-angled smile was etched on the face of the old man who was holding an e-cigarette.

Sofia was even more frightened when she saw the figure of the old man in front of her. She squeezed strongly Sari clothes with trembling hands.

What Sofia was thinking at the moment was about her matchmaking with the old man in front of her. She did not expect that her stepmother would be so determined to give herself up to a skinny and Black old fart.

“The debt is only 200 million. But, I will give you more than the amount of debt that you owe me, for the beauty of your daughter that you will give me.”

“W-what?"Sofia's eyes widened as soon as she heard the old man's words. "Handed over?” he murmured in his heart. “Am I really going to be sold? No. There's no way you're gonna sell me that much.” Sofia glanced at Sari with teary eyes.

“Thank you, sir.”

“The wedding will take place tomorrow at 4pm. I don't want you and your daughter here until it's too late. If you arrive five minutes late, then our agreement will be void and all debts are never paid off until any time.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Now you can go. I was already quite satisfied after seeing the figure of Princess from Budi.”

Sari immediately pulled Sofia's hand to get out of the room.

But, Sofia was so eager to say her rejection to the old man about the marriage that she did not want at all. However, his mouth was so hard for him to open, even just a little. Suddenly, his mouth closed by itself.

Tears immediately flowed all over his face. Her body was crumpled because the mini dress she was wearing made her feel uncomfortable.

Sari only let go of Sofia's hand after they came out of the hotel.

“Come on, let's get something to eat. You must be hungry, right?”

"Sofia does not want to eat.”

“Why? Are you mad at mom?”

Sofia did not answer Sari's question. He went straight to the core question that had been rumbling in his heart ever since.

“Why did you sell me to that b*st*rd?”

“Who sold you? Isn't that what your father owes you? So, it's clear that it was your father who sold you, not me.”

“But, Mom shouldn't have done this to me!”

“If not in this way, then in what other way can we be freed from all the debts of your father that he left to die!? In fact, your salary for 10 years of work alone may not be able to pay off all the debts, because the old man deliberately gave interest on your father's debt every day.”

“Then, what about Sofia's fate after marrying the old man later? Sofia's scared, mom...”

“Mom doesn't care. What makes your life like this is not your mother, but your father. Because when he was alive, he made a deal with the old man to bail you out if he couldn't pay all his debts.”

“The father can get into debt a lot because he has to fulfill all the wishes of the mother who is too consumptive. Before you got married, my father and I were fine. We lived in simplicity after the departure of my mother. But, since you are married to your mother, you have to work hard for the wishes of your mother and sister who always want to live luxuriously. Supposedly, it was not I who was sacrificed to marry that man, but Anya's sister. Because he is the one who deserves to be reassured, not me!!!”


Sari immediately slapped Sofia's face so tight she was angry because she kept being cornered by her stepson.

“Just be careful if you dare to escape before your wedding, then I will not hesitate to kill you!”


Chapter 2

It feels Sofia just want to kill himself, by jumping his body from the top of the tall building he was stepping on at this time. But, when he was about to free his body, suddenly he heard a whisper from his deceased mother who was gone.

In her current hallucinations, her mother tells her to stay in her present and future life. When she heard the voice, her intention to commit suicide was finally undone


“I accept the marriage and marriage of Sofia Savanna bint almarhum Budi Sutanto with the dowry in cash.”


The wedding finally really happened, how broken Sofia's heart was after she was proposed to by an old man she didn't like at all. To imagine being touched by that old man alone would have made her cry profusely, especially if she was actually going to be touched all over her body to the core of her crown tonight as well. Sofia couldn't take it anymore.

But, her body and her life had already been paid dearly by


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