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Unfortunate Encounter With A Mafia Boss

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*******Disaster She cursed the day she met him. ************************ Laura Benson is a young girl that was drowning in debt left behind by her runaway father and she tried her best to get the loan shark off her back and to earn quick money that was why she started a dime-a-cent business. They got information about people and supply their client with the information they got, her job had been going well without no hiccups but she made a mistake she accepted his picture and had an encounter with him. That was the beginning of her misery and within a blink of an eye, her perfect life was gone. Logan Craig is a cold ruthless mafia that was respected and feared in society. He had a bunch of trust issues after losing his parent in cold blood in a massacre that happened overnight but she came like a breeze carrying a lot of things to doubt. He knew she was fake after seeing that half smile so, he take it upon himself to discipline her. No one messes with Logan and goes scot-free. Excerpt "Look very well Laura, "the man called raising the shivering girl with her eyes closed. "Why are you doing this," the girl asked almost puking at the sight in front of her. "Aren't you following me to see this much," the man says with a sinister smile making him look eviler. "You are a monster Logan," the girl declared. "Don't say that baby you are still in for the more interesting ride," ****** The cover is not mine credit to the original owner.

Chapter 1 A-JOB-A-CENT

A/N: Hi guys if you are opportuned to pick the story up please bear with me because the story is a slow-burn romance and don't mind my characters clumsiness they always have a lot to say.. Have a nice read.

The afternoon sun bathed the building in its warmth.

Specks of dust seem to dance in the shaft of the afternoon sunlight.

Despite the charring sun burning into the city's building a girl was seen hopping on a tree like a koala and her expression looked serious.

The girl.was dressed in all-black attire, a black cap, black boots, a black top, and pants. She hopped on the tree with the camera in her hands and looked toward the group of people laughing outside a warehouse she smirk seeing that familiar face she was looking for and the shutter sound of her camera filling the air as she started clicking images of the guy.

The shutter sound of the camera clicking could be heard and the girl make sure she take a shot of the man at every angle.

The girl isn't a reporter not an investigative journalist covering a crime syndicate case but she is just Laura, Laura Benson.

She was there taking pictures of a guy she had not to had an encounter with but just met with a photo of him and here she was taking more of his pictures.

"He sure has good manners," Sandra murmured chewing on the gum in her mouth and she raised her camera again to take another shot.

"Yeah please make my job easy," Laura exclaimed happily when the blond guy turn his head and she was able to capture his face more clearly.

"Wow that's a quite good shot," Laura mumbled excitedly looking at the images she just took with her camera but her good moment was ruined by a voice behind her.

"What are you doing over there young lady," a security man yelled looking at the mysterious girl sitting comfortably on the branches of the tree the voice of the man startled her messing with her balance on the tree, and before she could register what was going on she lost her footings on the branch.

Just like how the leaf flutters with the wave of air Laura fell from the tree to the ground.

"Ouch," she let out a loud shriek full of agony and with the way she landed terribly on the ground she might have broken her back.

The people in front of the warehouse and the security guard that let out an alarm widened their eyes in shock looking at the girl that had just fallen from the tree and they all s*ck*d in their breath.

Laura twisted her body in pain but her brain suddenly freeze when she remembers something.

"My camera," she screamed looking around frantically for that shiny black object the people around that were still in shock about the fall went back into another state of shock looking at the woman that was acting like a mad woman looking around the littered fall leaves.

"Ahhh thank God," Laura's crooked voice sounded sighting her camera at the other side of the tree where she fell too and she dragged her sore body to pick it up.

She dusted the camera and held it like a baby with absolute care and nothing but care in the world.

That was her baby if it die, she die.

"You there, "the voice of the earlier security man jolted Laura out of her reverie and when she looked around she noticed people looking at her at that time the only thing that came to her mind is to RUN.

Laura took to her heels dragging her sore body and the security man that was walking to her side in worry stood transfixed about where he was staying.

"Why is she running? Didn't she just fall from that tree?" the man wondered looking at the running Laura with the speed of a cheetah and he just shakes his head. "It's good to be young".

"Wow that was quick," Laura says panting and her breath uneven as she looked behind to see if anyone was following her.

She just had a narrow escape because no matter the situation she can't be caught, and her job doesn't permit that.

It was their rule, to appear and disappear like the wind, not get caught.

"A job is done, then I think it's time I report to work," Laura says flipping her black jet hair that was glowing under the illuminated sunlight.

She walked through the busy street of the city and bounced her hair but she noticed that people cast her different glances which she wondered why.

"What is their problem," Laura wondered looking at the passer that was giving her a skeptical look.

Inside the city traffic, a man with a stoic face was seen staring impatiently at his wristwatch and he hissed in frustration as the watch every second that ticks man who seemed like his right-hand man gulped in fear at his irritated boss that was getting impatient by every second.

More than impatient, he was even more enraged.

He looked outside the car window and his sight caught someone walking and bouncing excitedly with her hair clustered in fall leaves and only one thought crossed his mind.

What was that is she a teenager???

"What a crazy woman," he says retracting his eyes from her like a plague at that time the traffic light changed to green and the car moved but the man still decided to look out the window again to see if he will catch a glimpse of that crazy woman but she was gone.

"What was that, "the man mumbled fascinated by his craziness

Laura jogged in excitement with her camera around her neck like a necklace as she makes her way into a coffee shop.

"Hi Gladys," Laura greeted a lady in her late 20s wearing an apron.

"How are ....," Gladys was saying but her words got caught in her throat when she sees the state of the girl that just entered the coffee shop.

"Oh my God girl are you competing in her Halloween party what's with the costume," Gladys exclaimed and Laura wondered why she reacted that way.

"What are you saying Gladys," Laura asked raising her eyebrow and giving Sandra a skeptical look.

Laura already knows Gladys as a drama queen so she didn't give her words much thought as she strides into the inner room that you won't know was there in the coffee shop.

"Hi boss," Laura greeted a man buried in whatever he was doing and he raised his head revealing a man in his late 40s with rimmed glasses making him look strict.

The man is Gary, he is the owner of the coffee shop but Laura is not a waiter so why is she calling him boss?

The truth is Gary is running a business that has to do with a confidentiality agreement. Their business is to get their clients any information they want about the people they need, whether it's about their relationship, their business deals, their relatives, and many more but the main highlight of the business is they can also stand as a fill-in and matchmaker but you are going to know about that later.

The business is called a job a dime. All you just have to do is pay and your job would be done with swiftness.

They can do anything for money so far it's not against the law.

Gary was the man that introduced Laura to her a job a dime job she had been into and he also always supply her with clients and just like now she was there to report to him.

"What did you get yourself into this time to be soaked in leaves," Gary says strictly and Laura widened her eyes in shock.

Leaves? She thought and she quickly took her hands to her head and there it was a leaf stuck in her hair that also explain the side glances the people were giving her and also Gladys's outburst.

She started removing the leaves and she closed her eyes in embarrassment because of her clumsiness.

"Where is the information," Gary asked and Laura quickly came forward and gave him the camera and a notepad.

"He likes sunbathing, weird," Gary mutters going through the notes and Laura closed her eyes in embarrassment at how she had to stalk someone when sunbathing.

She just handed the information she acquired after stalking the blond man and she was reporting it to her boss.

Their client was a female that has a secret crush on a blond man and she said them to get her information on the man since the pay was cool

"He sure has weird hobbies," Gary says dropping the notes on his table and bringing a check, and, sending it over to Laura.

Laura quickly accepted the envelope her face covered with excitement. She could finally clear some of her bills.

"Thanks, boss but I gotta run before momma calls, "Laura says almost out of the office but Gary's voice halted her steps.

"Laura I don't know if you can take this job," Gary says with a deliberating tone and Laura cocked her eyebrow at him.

Laura was confused because Gary knew her family situation and he knows she would appreciate any job she could get, isn't that why she started working for a job a cent?

"Are you kidding Gary, you know how desperate I needed money,".

"Ok then I will brief you on it," Gary says going through his files.

"How much is the pay," Laura as a money grumpier inquired and that was also the main reason she take up some of her jobs.

"$2,000," Gary answered and Laura gazed at him in shock.


"Are we killing someone?"Laura asked in a hushed voice..........

A/N: Hi guys if you are opportuned to pick the novel up please don't drop it I am sure you are going to love it. Please let's support the novel guys,I promise to update daily.


Laura gaped at Gary in shock, is their business now dealing with crimes? Why will Gary accept a business deal that could endanger their lives, different thoughts flew over Laura's head and she decided to say something.

Their job principles are simple don't get caught and don't do crimes so, is Gary going against their principles this time? Laura wondered.

"Gary, are you trying to get involved in crime now,?"Laura inquired not believing Gary is capable of that.

"If that's it then I am off I am barely hanging in this job despite my mother's warning and now you are trying to get crime involved then I am out," Laura says all in one breath and Gary sighed loudly.

Laura's mother was against the job she was doing especially when she met her one day as a chief mourner at a funeral she knew her daughter was overdoing it.

"Can you please stop panicking and let me say something," Gary reprimanded and Laur


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