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*******Disaster She cursed the day she met him. ************************ Laura Benson is a young girl that was drowning in debt left behind by her runaway father and she tried her best to get the loan shark off her back and to earn quick money that was why she started a dime-a-cent business. They got information about people and supply their client with the information they got, her job had been going well without no hiccups but she made a mistake she accepted his picture and had an encounter with him. That was the beginning of her misery and within a blink of an eye, her perfect life was gone. Logan Craig is a cold ruthless mafia that was respected and feared in society. He had a bunch of trust issues after losing his parent in cold blood in a massacre that happened overnight but she came like a breeze carrying a lot of things to doubt. He knew she was fake after seeing that half smile so, he take it upon himself to discipline her. No one messes with Logan and goes scot-free. Excerpt "Look very well Laura, "the man called raising the shivering girl with her eyes closed. "Why are you doing this," the girl asked almost puking at the sight in front of her. "Aren't you following me to see this much," the man says with a sinister smile making him look eviler. "You are a monster Logan," the girl declared. "Don't say that baby you are still in for the more interesting ride," ****** The cover is not mine credit to the original owner.


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