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Twins for my Alpha Ex-bodyguard

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For Cannon, a retired Marine now turned bodyguard, booze, his job and women have always been his Holy Trinity. When he receives a job to protect the Mayor's daughter, all hell breaks loose because the raven haired beau isn't just a brat but unlike a woman he has ever seen before. In the Marines, the code 'Once a Marine, always a Marine' is instilled in every man. Cannon knows he cannot have that perfect picture family with the Mayor's daughter so he does what any other guy should do. He pushes her away and abandons her when she needs him the most. Four years later, Cannon comes across the woman he abandoned carrying a three year old boy that looks like him in every aspect. Now he not only wants the white picket fence every man dreams of, he wants his sons and he wants her no matter how impossible it will be considering she is married to another man.

Chapter 1


JESUS CHRIST. When my boss at B & A told me that my client was a f*ck*ng mess, the last thing I expected was to find a strung-out junkie dancing completely naked at a music festival for something called 'five seconds of summer'.

“How's the view Cannon? Pretty chic, huh? Bet you are missing the Marines right about now, aren't you?”

F*ck*ng Jason spoke over the comms nearly making me deaf with his p*ssy *ss voice. At least I wasn't him though, two weeks with the naked broad in front of me and he had run like a scared puppy to our boss asking for a new client. I didn't drop clients, heck I was best at what I did because I was resilient in everything, I put my effort to and no naked *ss would change that.

"You might be a p*ssy, but am not. Cut the f*ck*ng line while I take care of your client”, I growled adjusting the ear piece in my ear.

“I admire your bravery, Cannon but you are going to need a whole lot more to deal with her. She's a loose cannon", and he chuckled intending to make sure I got the pun before he got off the line.

I glared at the raven-haired beau naked as a baby's *ss while she flaunted her curves at her coke-inhaling groupies. Jason was right, she was trouble. She smelled like trouble but trouble never made me falter anytime in life.

Being a marine meant running towards trouble rather than running away from it. Being a Force Recon in the Marines made me do sh*t no man should have ever witnessed so a naked twenty-something brunette didn't scare me at all.

On the contrary, I’d enjoy spanking that heart-shaped *ss and showing her who was in control. There was no way she would ruin the new leather seats of my escalade with that sweaty *ss. With as much stealth as possible, I made my way through the hurdle of the punk asses jumping like bewitched goths at a rock n roll festival.

Two strides and I was behind her checking out the line at her back that led to her jiggling *ss and those toned legs that ran all day. Removing my jacket, I grunted placing it around her shoulders as the warm ghastly breeze girdled my body.

“What? What do you think you are doing?”

And the drama began. F*ck me!

Turning around, her doe eyes on me she held on my jacket staring at me like I was one of her f*ck*ng enemies.

I took a close look at her and the pictures that prick Jason sent did her no justice. With freckles on her nose, her black hair voluminous, her lips luscious like any woman's her age (though calling her woman was a bit of stretch. Women didn't behave like she did), her face looked like one of those models from Victoria's secret. The ones I’d f*ck for the night and still find them in my bed wanting a second round.

Her brows creased and realized she was too high to see squat let alone stand on her two feet. One of her groupies, a lanky guy that looked like the perfect poster child for malnutrition and AIDS ads, stood in front of her in a silly attempt of trying to protect her.

If I wanted, heck I wanted to, I would punch that f*ck*ng face in but I didn't. The last thing I wanted was to attract attention at a place like this. Rule number one of being a bodyguard was, staying away from the lime light. Attracting attention meant endangering the client. And the f*ck*ng client was our top priority.

"Tough luck, muscle puff. You are not her type”, he said, his stinky *ss f*ck cocktail breath clouding my senses.

"Who said I want to be her type? Perhaps the lady has a mouth to speak for herself doesn't she?’ I challenged the coke-on-legs trying to act like a f*ck*ng hero.

"What a dumbass!’ he beleaguered and the little restraint I had evaporated like steam into air.

Unholstering my 9mm, I pointed the gun at his temple,

“You f*ck*ng speak to me like that and I’ll cut your throat with my pocket knife before pushing one bullet through your skull. Now, step aside! " I barked and he moved, shaking his legs as if at any moment he'd sh*t his pants.

“I-I don't know you. D-did Carlos send you?” she asked and for a moment I would have bought her sorry *ss f*ck voice but I didn't.

The brunette in front of me had cracked five top bodyguards from B & A. Five of which included my mates from the marines. Jason being among them.

"I'm your new security detail and we have to leave. Now", I demanded and that smart mouth of hers opened up staggering as she tried to speak.

“Daddy sent another bodyguard to control me? How f*ck*ng original!"

Her lips curled in a cynical smile and I holstered my gun back at my waistband. Bold and calculating ways to get rid of me, her eyes gazed at me.

“You can go, now. I don't need a crazy babysitter pulling guns on my friends"

I was far from being a babysitter. I would shut that mouth of hers and f*ck*ng make her obedient. She was a spoilt *ss and of course I’d expected her to put a little show in retaliation but this? This was a whole level of sad and disappointing.

"It was not a question; it was an order. Either we go peacefully or I’ll have to carry your naked *ss out of here”

Her nose scrunched up, new lines formed on her forehead and she pointed an accusing finger in my direction,

"Just who do you- "

Oh, f*ck my life!

Doing something I never thought I would do in my entire life; I grabbed a naked and screaming mayor's daughter over my shoulders making my way to the parking.

"You are a b*st*rd”, she screeched slamming the dashboard hard with her little hands. That must have hurt but I didn't give a sh*t as long as there were no bullet holes in her body let alone a scratch on her.

“You won't say anything? Back there you seemed to have plenty to say”

She gazed at me again and I fixed my eyes on the road trying to get her home as soon as possible. And once I took her home and ensured she was safe, I would hop at Cougar's, dunk down a bottle of Jack before calling it a night with an arm candy sucking me off at my place.

“Fine, don't speak let's all stay quiet till thy kingdom comes”, she commented reclining in her seat as my leather jacket rode up her thigh giving me a sneak peek of the skin on her inner thighs.

“Why were you naked?" I asked regretting it the very minute I did.

“Why do you get naked?’ she retaliated and I should have bought that as a sign. She was telling me to mind my own business and like the f*ck*ng doofus I was, I answered her.

"Because my d*ck can't stay in my pants when I’m horny. Now, why were you naked at the festival?"

She gazed at my junk, then at my face before saying,

"For attention. I did it for attention, okay?"

Jesus, how old was she? Eighteen? Stripping in front of a billion of people for attention was f*ck*ng stupid and immature and-

“Go ahead. Judge me like you know me”

"What you did was dumb"

“You pulled a gun on my friend, who's dumb now?"

“Still, you”

“You motherfucking dumb as sh*t *ss-“

Oh, for the love of God.

I upped the pace, driving the escalade like a mad man while I heard her squirm next to me.

“Stop! Oh my god you are going to get us killed. Stop! I said stop, you *ssh*l*!”

And I stopped, my blood boiling at her nonsense.

“The name's Cannon. Not *ssh*l*, not m*th*rf*ck*r, not dumb but Cannon. Disrespect me one more time and I’ll show you what attention looks like”

Half an hour later, I was pressing the call button to the elevator that led to her penthouse on the twentieth floor. The same silence followed and I bathed in it. Conversing with clients had never been my MO because clients like the one standing next to me, treated people like us like garbage.

Once the elevator doors parted, I grabbed her arm walking down the hall that led to her penthouse.

“Key card?” I asked and she shrugged her shoulders stating the obvious.

“The only thing on me is your jacket”

I scrubbed a hand over my face my gaze at the door. Then I noticed it, the slight space between the door handle and the door.

“Did you leave your door open?”

“Why would I do that?”

Sh*t! Before I could pull my gun out, my phone buzzed and I picked it up.

“We`ve got a problem”

Double sh*t!

Chapter 2


MY HEAD HURT as I tried opening my heavy eyelids. The light coming from the light white curtains nearly blinded me as I hugged the comforter tighter. Only, my comforter wasn`t grey but white, it didn`t smell of musk or spice but lavender. I sat up regretting that very decision when my right hand hurt.

My eyes popped out of their sockets as I stared at the metallic cuffs cuffing me to the king-sized bed. This was definitely not my room and I was definitely not in my bed.

Yesterday`s nightly escapades came to mind and I groaned at the headache that came along with it. I was drunk, I was dancing…I was naked.

“No, no!” I cried pushing the covers from my body with my left hand.

I had clothes on! Shit, Nix! Shit! Shit!

I really did it this time. Scared out of my wits, I pressed my legs together a surge of relief washing over me that I didn`t feel sore or penetrated. I believe the correct word was, raped.

Wriggling my wri


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