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The unwanted son in law

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40 years old Laura Larson, a successful businesswoman as well as a Billionaire CEO of multiple companies in the country had suffered countless marriage fails which led to the death of every man she ever married to die within a year of marriage . A beautiful woman with an iron fist, given the nickname black widow, because, all the wealthy men she married died mysteriously and she ended up taking the fortune adding to her reputation. Faced with hardships, and enemies threatening to lay their hands on her wealth, Laura is forced to make a life-changing decision. REMARRY, marry a man who would help her protect her fortune. However what happens when she crosses paths with an all-arrogant 25 years old young man? Handsome, determined, ambitious, and well educated, however, without a job. Warning ⚠️ strictly 18+, mature language, and illicit contents

CHAPTER 1 A violent man

The restaurant was nearly filled. The tables were nicely arranged. The atmosphere was pleasantly delightful. People dine in groups and couples. The soft classical music playing in the background gave a serene feeling

Most star five restaurants had that uniqueness. From the food. To the setup and the service

Glancing around. Nathan knew such high places didn't suit him. Fancy things did not bother him. He spotted a court at a far corner having a quiet meal. It was nearing the end of the week.

“So Mr. Dawson…such a clean record you have here” a familiar voice jerked him back to reality. Turning back to look at the two old men sitting with him. Nathan gave a half smile. His fingers circled the crystal stem filled with wine and raised it to his lips.

“Isn't it…what are you looking for?” Nathan said, his voice deep and relaxed. A proud smile crept at the corners of his lips, knowing Carter and his friend Harris were shrewd old men. Carter was the chairman of a well-known construction company

The best in the country. His friend recommended him, and now he was meeting the two most important men

“What are you saying Carter…this young man has a bright future… I see why you were recommended” the chubby one with silver hair said. Nathan smirked, tilting his head to look at Harris; he was like Carter's shadow. The two men appeared in magazines and TV interviews together. No matter what

He d*mn knew when to cross them. The fact that they asked him to see them, had Nathan thinking

“You've impressed me, young man… I must say…with your intelligence we would earn billions,” Carter said, raising the glass in the air. Of course, Nathan knew he wasn't an ordinary man.

“Such good qualifications…we have a good spot for you boy,'' Carter said, placing the glass of whiskey back on the table. For one thing, this seemed too easy for Nathan. At last, he found people who understood success is presented to them.

“So.when can I start…or do you need more of my qualifications?” Nathan asked, placing that glass on the table. He chose not to drink anything, the two men exchanged glances. Mr. Carter shrugged which made Nathan suspicious

“Nathan… I mean…formalities aside…what are you willing to do…to have this job?” Harris said leaning close. The three men were seated at a table far from the rest.

Nathan's eyes narrowed not sure the kind of answer the men wanted

“What he means is…the position we have pays a lot of money”Carter hesitantly said, paused, and took a sip of his wine.

“Get to the point, “Nathan said coldly, his eyes narrowing suspiciously, he didn't like where this was going.

“Let's cut to the chess Nathan…we all know nothing is given for free” Carter said, looking at him Nathan knew finally the men were out of their shells

“You have two…beautiful sisters,” Harris chimed in. His voice was calm, as if he weren't a pig of a man. Nathan watched with shrewd eyes. He was familiar with powerful old men like Carter and Harris,

“What do they have to do with this?” Nathan's voice carried anger. Although he tried his best to calm himself. He preferred not to cause a scene

“Such beautiful girls…what are they doing…suffering,” Carter said, and by now Nathan was seeing red. His hands clenched tightly to his sides. The need to shove the food down someone's throat with his fist kicked in

“Forget the job…let Carter marry one of your sisters…then the other should be…my mistress,” Harris said smirking at Nathan without realizing the monster they provoked

“Say that again” a whisper left his mouth, and his jaw clenched. His face contorted with rage.

“You heard us…a job for your sisters” Carter didn't even finish his words when a bottle of wine smashed on the floor. The pieces scattered. The liquid splashed all over the place. Such that people sitting around were alerted

“Are you drunk or just stupid old men” Nathan lost it

“Just admit are a worthless brother…a man without a penny in his pockets,” Carter said as if provoking him

“Shut up,” Nathan said under his breath,

“You can't take care of your sick mother…soon your sisters will be getting naked for men”

“Who knows maybe they are already getting naked…” Carter didn't even finish his words when Nathan's fist slammed on the table, earning stares from those around

“Keep your d*mn mouths shut!” Nathan's growl was something that anyone feared. He was calm when treated right and a raging monster if someone dared to mention his sisters in a filthy way

“Who do you think you are…a peasant asking us for help”

“Who told you I would give you a job without you paying a price?” Carter spat out bitterly. His eyes held anger, however those were his last words because in one swift. Nathan grabbed him by the neck

“D*mn you and your job… I'll kill you myself!” Nathan's voice echoed throughout the room, his hands circled Carter's fat neck, tightening his grip

“Let him go!” an uproar rose when Carter was tossed across the floor. People scattered getting up from their seats when a fight broke

“You dare think about my sisters in such a horrible way!” Nathan kicked and threw angry blows at Carter. Grabbing him by the collar and throwing him on the table.

Security men rushed in to stop the fight. However, no one dared to get close to him.

“Dirty pig!”

“Let him go…security!” Harris tried to get involved, however, that was a mistake. Nathan's anger was something the people around them feared.

Everyone watched in anticipation, fearing getting any closer. The two men were tossed around on tables like rags. Bottles breaking on their heads. It was rare to see such violence in a five-star restaurant.

“Stop him!” the manager came running upon hearing the situation. His most important customers were getting beaten by a brown-haired man

“Call the police now” he gave orders while keeping his distance. The scenery was frightening. So bloody that he couldn't watch anymore. The two old men were bleeding badly.

“He'll kill them” voices rose in the room.

“The…the next time you f*ck*d *p old men…try to think about my sisters… I'll bury you alive”Nathan snarled, his chest rising and falling steadily as he dusted his hands drenched in blood from filthy men. Seeing how the two old men were lying unconscious.

He wanted to beat them blue and black until their bones turned to powder, however, his fun was cut short when police sirens were heard approaching

“Just great”Nathan muttered knowing trouble came running

“Arrest him…”the police holding guns. Nathan turned around with his hands behind his head

“It's you again,” one of the policemen said in disbelief pointing a gun at Nathan. But of course

“Hello again officer, “Nathan said, his lips curled upwards in a mocking smirk, and he was in handcuffs

"You…are going to spend a long cold night in jail”the policeman who always appeared whenever the gentleman caused a scene said, dragging Nathan away and out of the restaurant, again charged with violent behavior and disturbing public peace. Nothing new.

~Take note: the female lead is 40 years old, and the male lead is 25 years old

CHAPTER 2 Bought his house?

A blue and white car stopped outside a house. The door opened forcefully. Of course, it was another day. The sun shone brightly. The blue sky was dotted with fluffy white clouds that drifted lazily in the gentle breeze.

Specks of dust seemed to dance in the shaft of afternoon sunlight that slanted through the window.

Nathan got out of the police car and adjusted his jacket

“Look here Bobby”Nathan said leaning down the car window and peeking inside to look at the cop, who dared lay his hands on him

“Before you say any shitty thing…quit wasting your time getting into fights,” the policeman said, cutting Nathan off. With a scoff, Nathan smirked

“Whatever Bobby…next time stay the hell out of my business” he hated it when people interfered in his affairs. Especially the cops

“For the last time, it's James… Carl James” the policeman snapped feeling irritated and Nathan chuckle helplessly.

“Stay out of my affairs Carl…we don't want you losing a bon


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