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The Sex Gods Pornstar

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“How long does it take for you to orgasm?” The first interview question took Kate by surprise. She looked over at her potential boss and blurted. "Excuse me?" "Or are you a virgin?" He asked again. Then ordered her to strip when Kate agreed she wasn't a virgin. ** Kate Migrated from New Orleans to Sin city looking for an acting role after she received an email from the company. Unknowingly to her, the company turned out to be a very popular P*rn company owned by the twins, Alex and Aiden, who were popularly known as the s*x gods. Initially, Kate wanted to reject the job but she became too desperate after she found out her father's condition. One thing Kate never knew is that she'll get tangled in the struggle between the twin brothers, who were fighting to gain her love and own her heart. When the tension between the brothers became too hot, secrets started coming to light. The exact secret that ruined Kate's life years before. Who among the twin brothers is the father of her son?

Chapter 1 To act porn videos?

Kate stepped out the cab and handed the cab driver his paycheck. She feels heat clawing deep inside her at the thought of stepping into the movie industry she got an email from last week.

Kate had migrated from New Orleans to Sin city last week to achieve her dreams as an actress but she feels shy, worried maybe, about the upcoming interview and the audition they might ask her to do.

Her friend's number that she had tried to reach isn’t connecting through out last week and Kate was supposed to squat at her place until her filming job begins to pay. Well, she banks on the fact that she job will definitely pay which was why she lodged in a hotel.

In her hotel room she had memorized all the necessary interview question they might ask her. She had watched how to pass an audition videos on YouTube just to perfect herself.

Now, she assumed she’s ready. Ready to go into this movie industry, answer their interview questions and act as much role given to her as possible so she'll become a celebrity she always wanted to be.

Pulling down her plaid, black skirt, she reached for her white shirt and tugged it down, letting it fall smoothly into her plaid skirt. She twisted her head which makes a bone cracking sound.

Gulping in air, she tries to tamp down her heavily sprinting heart.

“This is it.” She muttered to herself, a smile ghosting her lips. Kate isn’t all that scared of auditioning because that’s what she’s been doing all the while she was in high school. She just graduated from high school two years ago at the age of nineteen. Worked at different pub where she raised money to purchase a phone.

A shabby looking Tecno phone she bought around twenty dollars. With the phone she began to scour the internet for opportunities until one opportunity shines on her. She had applied for the acting role in the company she’s about to head into at night and quickly she received a response from them in the morning.

Migrating from New Orleans to Sin city wasn’t easy. Sin city is bustling with activities, gamblers, prostitutes, mafias and the rest of them. So she found it a bit hard to concentrate on practicing for the interview.

The company sent her an email that the interview will hold today. So Kate doesn’t want to waste the opportunity and prepared on time to reach here because other people who applied will definitely come here too. That means, plenty people will be interviewed today.

She planted her feet on the asphalt leading towards the company’s entrance. However, she quickly surveyed the environment and building. The company looks more like a hotel. An upscale hotel and she smiled, imagining how she’ll be working with such a big company as an actress.

It’s a big, goldmine opportunity. She had read the comments people dropped in the social media account and concluded the company isn’t bad.

She glanced around and saw people roaming around. Very few wore decent dress. Some of the ladies breast are in full view, some wore bralette and G-string. Their bodies littered with piercing and tattoos.

She gaped but doesn’t concern herself with what they are wearing. She’s here for a job. An acting role which made her not to question their scantily clad body.

Doesn’t actress sometimes acts a role where a character is meant to bare her nude?

Of course, it happens. Movies like Spartacus has lots of it, Game of Thrones, you name it. There were many naked women there.

Nothing about their dressing will make her change her mind. To be an actress you’ve to forgo your morals.

Kate walked to the receptionist with a grin plastered on her face. The receptionist just like others is scantily clad.

“Hi, I’m Kate. I applied for acting role here and I got an email that the interview will hold today.” She said calmly.

The receptionist who was hell-bent on what she was writing on a clipboard raised her head and gave Kate a once-over.

The receptionist muttered a laugh which made Kate to stare down at herself.

“Welcome, Kate.” The woman who looks to be in her early thirties said. “Other interviewee have gone up. You’re a minute late.” She said, shocking Kate.

“Well, I was asked to give those who are one minute late a chance. It happens you’re the only one here.” The receptionist continued.

She rounded the counter and comes in front of Kate. This gave Kate the opportunity to peer down the lady’s body. Her pelvis was just covered with the little fabric of her g-string. Her n*ppl*s was also shielded by a thin fabric.

Her other skin are on full view and Kate can’t deny the fact the lady’s body is beautiful.

If she’s not mistaking, almost all the ladies roaming around here are beautiful which makes her assume they only employ those that are beautiful.

If that’s the case, she’s on the lucky side.

The lady shooed her to the elevator, but before they settled inside a man stepped into the elevator, mistakenly the tiny hook on his bag grazed Kate’s skirt and it tore. Enraged, Kate snapped.

“You just tore my dress, Mister?” She slurred the honorifics. The man turned and scowls and huffed before looking away, typing away with his phone.

“You can’t even say sorry?” She snapped again but the man turn and spared she and the receptionist a glance. The receptionist glares at Kate and signaled for her to shut up but Kate is too enraged. This is practically a new dress she managed to get yesterday and he just tore it.

“She’s a newbie, sir.” The receptionist said, practically drooling over the man.

Kate still believes the man owes her an apology but she doesn’t understand why the receptionist is clarifying who she is to the arrogant man.

The man on the other hand is hurrying to meet up with the role he needs to play.

The air was still thick with tension as Kate burns the arrogant man’s back with her eyes, waiting for a ‘sorry' from him but the receptionist gestures for her to shut her mouth. Before they reach the seventh floor, the man walked away without apologizing.

He owes me an apology. A big one. She muttered inwardly and mentally mark his face. Oh, she’s definitely going to get back at him. Kate remarked.

When they reached the seventh floor, they stepped out of the elevator and Kate’s heart is now a mixture of anger and tension for the interview. The hallway is lit by the sunlight streaming in. Doors are on both sides which Kate assumes to be offices.

Curious Kate asks, sounding angry, “Who was that man?”

Looking over at Kate, she responded. “Aiden. One of the s*x gods.” The receptionist gritted out and Kate frowned hearing the name s*x gods.

“Let me tell you one thing, don’t ever dream of acting a scene with them. Trust me, lots of ladies comes here because of that. And…” she turns to face Kate.

“What you did out there…it might limit your chances of passing the interview.” The woman says with venom in her voice.

That has Kate’s heart sprinting against the wall of her chest. She needs this job badly.

“Bette hope he's not going to handle the interviewees.” The receptionist scowled and started walking away.

Now, Kate’s worried. That meant, the man she almost vented on is the company’s CEO. Hell, she literally spat venom to the CEO.

As they walked she carefully avoided clacking her feet on the marble floor. Kate heard moans filing out of the offices into the hallway and she wonders what those sounds are.

Her curiosity peaked.

“Calm down. Okay.” She whispered under her breath.

They approached the last double door down the hallway and moved inside. Finally, she sees other applicants sitting on the seats. The receptionist waveed her to take her seat and she did so silently.

“Hi.” Kate sent a cable of greetings to the girls around her. The guys are at the opposite side.

The door that leads to the main office opens and someone walks outside, sobbing.

Kate wondered why. But no one asked the girl why she was crying. All prayed to pass the interview. Kate brought out her phone and began to read the interview questions and answers again. What she saw made her agitated again.

Now, she doesn’t know how successful hers might be after what happened. People trooped in and comes out. Some comes out with grim looking faces, some with smiles, others with tears.

It all made her more scared.

What’s the possibility she’ll pass this interview? She wonders. It takes about an hour for her turn to reach. Kate stands up and adjust her dress.

Then she begins to hurtle into the office.

On pushing the door open, she was greeted by a large office adorned with glass desk, floor-length windows with the city vistas streaming in. White walls and pictures of naked men and women littered across the wall.

Behind the large glass desk is a man fitted in a black dress shirt with the top of his buttons undone. His dark hair, scruffy.

He looks just like the man she met at the elevator the only difference is their hair color.

They are…twins? Kate wonders as the man gestured for her to sit.

His lips is up in a sensual grin as he surveillance her. Kate became highly conscious of her body and dress shirt that have just torn.

She’s never been to an office before but the pictures she’s seeing on the wall isn’t what a normal office should have.

These are literally naked people.

Kate quickly recognized how handsome the man is. Just like the one she met in the elevator. The arrogant son of a b*tch. If they are twins that means, this dude right here will also be arrogant.

Worried, Kate shoved the thoughts away and studied the man.

He looked to be in his mid or early thirties. He looked rich and smells like one too.

“Hi, I'm Kate.” She introduced.

The man dim his eyes at her and asked.

“How old are you?”

His voice is deep, husky, sensual.

Kate clasped her hands together in order to mellow her sprinting heart.

“Twenty one years, sir.” She choked out, eyeing him warily.

The man leaned closer to the desk and dropped his eyes around her breasts. He looked pleased to see that size of breast on a twenty one year old girl.

You can barely tell she’s at that age.

He shook his head, approvingly. Kate banks on the fact he's happy with what he’s seeing or thinking. Whatever it is. All she wanted is an acting role.

“I'm Alex. One of the CEO's of the company.” Alex says.

Yay! So practically, she almost insulted her CEO.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Alex.” Kate mutters with a light laugh. Alex seems drawn to her laughter or pearly white teeth because his eyes narrowed when she did both.

“Hmmm. White teeth. S*xy smile.” He crooned inwardly. “Why do you want this job?”

What!? Of all questions this is what he started with?

Ha. Simple it is.

She adjusted further into the seat, wanting to gain her composure.

“Because I’ve the qualities actresses have. I can speak fluently. I can act spontaneous roles. I can lure people’s attention. The list goes on.” She uttered.

Alex beamed at her. Of all the people that has been here, Kate is the only one that showed confidently she’s equal to task.

Giving an approved chuckle, he asked. “How long does it take for you to orgasm?”

At that question, Kate’s eyes went wide in shock.

“Excuse me!?” The words left her lips.

“How long does it take for you to orgasm?” Alex pose the question again.

Kate felt a blush creeping up her cheeks. This is a question she least expected.

“Or are you a virgin?” Alex asked again.

Kate bristles and utters, “No.” She’s not a virgin anymore. However, she can’t recall having orgasm before. To avoid losing her job, she answers. “Fifteen minutes.”

Alex cocks his brow, amused. He leans back, his head and said. “Stand up.” He orders and she did.

Her heart is spiking again. What in actual hell is going on? She wondered.

Her eyes pinned on Alex as he moved his lips. “Strip!” It’s a strict order.

“What?” She ask, surprise flickering on her face.

“Strip.” The monosyllabic order came again.

Kate acts on reflex as Alex's stern order blasted through her ears. She reached for the buttons of her shirt and began to strip.

She took off her shirt, her breast and torso full in Alex’s view. He remains unmoved but never strayed his eyes from her.

When the shirt comes undone, she looked at him and he cocked his brow, questioningly.

He gestures for her to continue and Kate shyly reach the zipper of her skirt and pulled it down.

Her underwear ain’t the same color which made her flush more. She watched Alex as he watched her.

“Proceed.” He said again.

Slowly, annoyingly, she unclasped her bra. Her creamy, smooth breast spilled into Alex’s view. Kate endeavored to cover her breast and nipple but Alex commanded.

“Leave it!” She gasped but adheres to his orders. “Continue.” He said.

She doesn’t want to do this but she has to. If that’s what it'll take for her to become an actress. She pulled her panties down her lower thighs and ankles then stepped out of it.

Now, she’s in front of a handsome stranger, naked. The man doesn’t give a reaction but he stared.

“Lie on the desk.”

She knitted her brows together, still not getting the hint of the commands.

Either way, she clambered the table and this time Alex stood up and pulled her legs apart. Her pink p*ssy full in his view.

She didn’t shave her private parts, but Alex doesn’t mind.

He pulled her closer to him and dips his head. He saw waters plastered on her c*nt, dripping onto the table.

No matter how perverse this was, Kate felt so highly aroused. She has never been like that before. To think she’s naked in front of her employer. A very handsome man with almond eyes. It all had her jolting as her c*nt dampened.

“Good. Shows you'll be a good pornstar.” Alex says to Kate’s surprise.


He glared at her, annoyed she’s asking such stupid question.

“That’s your role here.”

“To act p*rn videos?” Kate questioned and Alex nodded.

“For a start we pay two hundred dollar per day. Until your acting skills improves we improve you pay.” He clarified.

Kate wanted to reject this but remembering why she moved to Sin City, she resigned.

Seeing that she’s willing to take the job, Alex trailed his finger on her cl*t and she jerked. He nods in approval that Kate's body reacts well.

He then roll his fingers down and stuff it into her hole. She jerked and moaned. Her eyes closed.

Alex leaned forward and latch his hand on her breast while the other one fingered her p*ssy. She suppressed a moan and Alex counted the time.

Kate kept moaning and jerking until she came. To Alex’s satisfaction, Kate came at exactly fifteen minutes.

“Get up.” He said.

Kate stood up and began to dress up. Her face red, body shivering.

By the time she finished dressing, Alex had brought out the contract form and kept it on her side of the table.

“When you get home. Read the content and sign if you’re willing to abide by the rules.” He said and she nods.

As Kate was about to leave the room, Alex says behind her.

“Welcome to Brazzers P*rn Industry.”

Chapter 2 Shh, let me feel this

“Turn around.” Aiden’s deep voice blared in the room filled with camera men and other crew members.

His whole naked body is sweating and his long, thick cock covered with rubber jerks as he flipped the girl lying underneath around.

“Okay, Aiden. You seem energized today.” The lady at the receiving end of his thrust said and turned to lie face down on the mattress.

When she positioned just the way Aiden wanted, he pulled her hips up and palms his cock and drove into her again.

The girl jerked and a moan escaped her mouth. Aiden began to thrust, plunder deep into her.“Fuck, Lisa. Your pussy is so fucking wet.”

Aiden said as he fucks her cunt, Lisa’s inner walls clenched around Aiden’s cock, making him grunt.He slapped her ass cheeks and muttered in a sensual voice.

“You clench my cock too much, fuck.”He continued to drive into her, harsh thrust and sex scents filled the room. The camera men continued cap


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