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The Seniorita's Desire

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Emelia Valdez Crawford was just about to turn eighteen when her parents tragically died in a plane crash. She was left alone in a two-storey house, to fend off for herself leading to a lot of mischiefs and wrong decisions in her life. Without parental guidance, she finds herself falling for men over and over; letting them take whatever they want, including her body. She found herself lusting for love, mainly from three men: a colleague who stole her first, a childhood friend who played her and a teacher who tutored her in school. In the end, those three men broke her into pieces letting her crumble all alone. Would her heartache suppress her desire for love or would it inflame a new desire that could either burn or make her feel alive?

Flash Report

I'm Emelia Valdez Crawford, well-known as Emmie. The roller coaster ride of my entire life started when I was seventeen, a few months before my birthday. It was also that year when my parents died in a fatal accident on a plane. May 20, 2018 "Emmie... Emmie." It was a call from her best friend, Oddette. She was busy watering the newly planted plants when she heard her calling."Yes, I'm here in the backyard," she shouted. "Did you watch the news?" she asked. Her face was full of worriedness and fear. Emmie frowned, "What news?" "Alright, come." Oddette held her hand and led her inside the house. They went straight to the living room, and upon arriving in front of the television, she grabbed the remote control; switching the channel. FLASH REPORT236 passengers, including the two pilots, died in an airplane crash at North Cagayan, today. "It was with great shock and horror to receive the news of the plane crash (AR-1429) of North Cagayan Supreme Airline on the 20th day of May 2018, around 5:05 PM in North Cagayan, Mountain of Sierra Nevada.The number of deaths on flight AR-1429 includes the newly wed, and their families that were going to attend the wedding, children-including a newborn baby, and two pilots. According to a news report, the crash was caused by the failure of the plane's tail because of the pilot error in wake turbulence (turbulence that forms behind an airplane as it goes through the air). It is the second deadliest plane crash in history, which occurred on June 25, 1979. The list of passengers that were on the plane is displayed on the screen."Her knees trembled, weakened in a vulnerable state. All of the color in her face turned white thus, her breathing became rapid and uncontrollable. They were invited to attend the wedding of her cousin held on an island. She was supposed to go with them but because of her final exam, she was not able to come. Emmie felt like a melting candle, wobbling in place. She had a hard time keeping herself in a standing position to which she almost collapsed if it weren't for her best friend. Oddette held her tightly in her arms, leading her towards the sofa. Her throat felt dry and sore. What will happen now?Two days had passed since the depressing news of her parent's death arrived. She was idly sitting, alone and sad in her seat while mourning the deceased. She didn't know what to do anymore nor does she have any will at all. All she knew was that she was growing numb with each passing day. Oddette lightly tapped her on the shoulder. Her friend has been there for her, from the moment she saw the news up until they were burying her parents. A month has passed since she became an orphan. She's no longer accompanied by her parents in a two-story house. She was now living alone. Her relatives live in a far place, and out of her own volition, she chose to stay at the same place where she had every bit of memories of her family. Emmie closed her eyes, feeling the remnants of her deceased parents. All she could do now was to stay strong and survive. She doesn't even know much about her parent's family background aside from the fact that she may have a grandmother. She took a deep sigh. Her mother was a housewife while her father was working in a government office as a teller. They live a simple life. Looking at the spacious area of the house, her eyes roamed to stare at the supposed area where her parents would usually stay. She would always see her mother cooking while her father would sit on the couch, watching from the television. A bitter smile crept into her face. The house was a two-story building with two bedrooms. It would have been a waste if the place wasn't used plus she needed someone to share the bills, making her decide to look for a border to occupy the other room. The sunlight from the sun pierced through her bare skin as she felt the temperature rise with each day. It was the start of the summer and a school break when she decided to look for a job to follow up her expenses. Lucky enough, she was part of the Dean's Listers. This made her eligible to receive a scholarship from their school, aside from the allowance she receives from the government officials in their town."Are you ready?" It was Oddette's voice. They were going to look for a job in the city which suited students like them. Upon waiting for her friend's arrival at the gate, she looked at the clear blue sky. They've been friends since they were younger up until they grew up. They also share the same interests and how their houses just stood there, side by side; they were neighbors.When Oddette finally arrived, they hailed a tricycle routed to the main city. It was only half an hour's travel.First, they applied in a fast food restaurant but were rejected out of no more vacancy. They then travelled towards the parking area where they saw a pizza shop. Due to the alluring smell of the food from within the place, Emmie's stomach grumbled. It's been hours since they started job hunting, so naturally they were hungry. Upon deciding to go inside and eat, they noticed a written flyer stuck at the entrance of the shop. It was a job hiring for a service crew. The two of them looked at each other and smiled. The name of the shop displayed its name on the top which spelled Pizza Lover. As Oddette pushed the door open for the two of them to come in, the first thing they noticed was how small it was with a few sets of tables, a counter, and a small kitchen to cook the pizzas.They saw three pairs of customers that were eating; a family with two kids, a couple, and two men sitting in the corner. The guy was wearing blue denim jeans, white Lacoste white t-shirt, and black high cut converse shoes. He calls up her attention with his heart shaped face, pointed nose, thin lips, and thick eyebrows with long eyelashes. She was mesmerized by his beauty. "Hey, did you hear me?" Oddette's voice dragged her out from observing the man sitting in the corner. She rapidly averted her gaze towards him.

I'm Sorry

"I'm sorry, come again?" she asked, trying to hide her embarrassment. She scanned the menu she was holding, distracting her embarrassing stature."After we eat, let's inquire about the vacancy as a service crew. What do you think?" Oddette exclaimed.She lifted up her head and looked at her best friend, "Yes, so we better order now because I heard my stomach rumbling," she said, giggling."Alright," her friend answered.Emmie turned her head to look for a waiter when the man wearing the Lacoste white t-shirt she saw earlier stood next to Oddette. Now she could see the guy from a closer angle. His appearance seemed so alluring with his round black eyes blinking and pinkish lips moving. Not to mention that his t-shirt perfectly fits his sturdy chest that shows his firm muscles. Some of his veins showed up from his hand as he held a piece of paper and pen."Emmie


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