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Andrea Serrano is a thirty two year old doctor who besides her career,her life is a complete mess. A major heartbreak whereby her fiance left her two days to their wedding leaving her devastated and hopeless about life and being happy ever again turned her life upside down and made her into the complete opposite of who she was ten years ago. She settles for this mess she calls a life, changes men almost as much as she changes clothes and s*x became something she lives on instead of food. She does all this to avoid attachments since her last encounter in a relationship left wounds she didn't think would ever heal and neither does she want to reopen them. That however is put to a test the moment her ex fiance comes back to town and things aren't really as simple as turning her back against him. Revenge is the first thought that comes to her head the moment she realizes that she is going to be around him for quite a while but is Nicholas Chambers,the Irish model with mariner blue eyes, round like orbs make it easy for her? One look at him is enough for one to get lost in their deepness and even after all these years, she is not immune which is something she desperately wants. How hard can it get?

Chapter 1

Without saying a word,they moved at the same time,lips smacking against each other with want more than passion. For her this wasn't a session of love making, she just couldn't wait to feel him inside her,release the burden she was feeling weighing down on her shoulders and leave just like she was used to. The moment he started kissing her neck, scaling it as carefully and passionately as he could, she almost groaned with frustration. She didn't have time for this and not only that, she also didn't do passionate because the moment too many emotions were involved, attachments were most likely to follow and that was when she drew the line. She was past that and no way in hell would she go back there.

"Okay, stop, stop,stop for a second,"she said panting and pushed him away which resulted to a confused look in his face.

"What is it, am I going too fast? I mean,you are incredible, your body is really incredible and I just couldn't keep my hands to myself," he replied grinning foolishly as he stared at her half open chest.

"Not fast enough!" She replied almost in a command. Keith's mouth turned and formed a perfect 'oh' but even so didn't make a move. What sort of guy had she clammed herself with? She tore her blouse down to the last button exposing a generous amount of cleavage, just enough to motivate him to want to find out what stood behind her bra. She noticed him swallow hard and eyes turn darker with complete desire. She unclasped her bra and let her perfect C cups bounce on her chest and maintaining eye contact, she added,"I want you to f*ck me."

"Oh wow,uh..." She moved forward and slid her hand down to his pants, trailing her it upwards along his inner thigh, stopping at his strong bulge. Her body went wild with anticipation and she could literally feel her own wetness between her thighs. She bit her lower lip to prevent a moan from escaping but pushed her body against his enormous bulge,still not breaking contact. "Yes,yes,I can do that."

"Yes you can," she managed a smile before she proceeded to take off her skirt as Keith quickly unbuckled his belt,slid out of his trousers and stood there,his manhood protruding right up ahead waiting for her.

Within a flash, she was in his arms,her legs cradling his waist,mouth fighting against his but that wasn't really what she was focusing on. Her center was already groaning with want and so, sliding slightly on his hips, she located the head of his p*n*s and slid it right inside her then moaned with delight as it's whole length filled her. She closed her eyes and whimpered softly as he took over, pumping in and out of her rhythmically. It was sweet and she understood that he was just being a gentleman- literally but she needed much more than this. For a second she wondered what he would think of her for being too forward but why did it matter anyway? She would be gone by morning and probably never see him again.

"More please,"she begged.

She didn't know how they got to a couch until her back landed on the soft material. He stopped for a second and looked at her.

"Are you sure about this?" he asked.

*Oh dear God!* Her mind screamed. Why would she ask for more if she wasn't sure. Instead of replying, she sat up, pushed him back so that he was now the one lying on the couch on his back and followed him suit, lowering her body and center back, positioning his d*ck back inside her. She held him down by placing her hand against his chest then started rocking her hips, sliding in and out. Each thrust hit harder and better in her core and even without realizing it,the next minute she was moaning loudly, throwing her head back as the friction brought her closer and closer to her orgasm. Her n*ppl*s ached to be touched but since she had Keith under her unable to do anything, she grabbed one and pinched it, twirling her fingers around it, sending shock waves through her. At some point, she lost the power and that was when Keith took over, thrusting in and out of her harder and deeper as he held her by her hips, hitting her g-spot in a way no one else had. She didn't have time to think about it but tonight she had landed the right man for the job.

"Oh yeah,f*ck yeah!" she moaned,not even trying to hold back her pleasure and the moment she felt her vagina walls contract and couldn't hold it any longer, she threw her head back with surrender and let him take charge, pumping through her faster and faster until her orgasm took over and with one last cry,let go letting the waves take over her body,soft whimpers escaping her as she fell off his body.

The moment he went to take her into his arms, she pushed him away and edged further away on the couch.

"Nope,no hugging,"she stated simply. Keith eyed her in surprise and edged back. Luckily he didn't take offense to what she said otherwise he wouldn't be smiling comfortably.

"You are good though, right?"

She nodded,"Yeah, I'm good. Just not good at dealing with sentiments. That's okay, right?"

"Well,you are definitely not what you seemed to be like when I approached you. You are a wild one but yeah it's totally okay." He stood up, walked to a coffee table fully naked where he poured himself a glass of water. Her eyes were fixed on his not too tight arse and found herself biting her lip again. Why was she losing control that easily tonight? She never took the time to admire any other guy's body but this one somehow made her question her mind ten times more.


She snapped out of her thoughts and looked up,"No,thank you." She stood up and started looking for her handbag.

Keith observed her keenly before he finally asked,"You are not leaving,are you?"

Chapter 2

The next morning, Andrea turned in her sleep and stretched her arms on the bed only for her hand to land on a briskly stubble. She opened her eyes in horror, coming to her senses and stumbled out of bed almost tripping over the covers that were still wrapped around her legs. She stopped at the door, holding on to the frame, only to realize that she was completely naked and had no idea where her clothes were.

"Fuck!"she cursed loudly then kicked herself for it the moment the guy sprawled out in bed stirred. Luckily he didn't open his eyes. She sighed with relief then focused, retracing her steps in her mind from when they had stepped into the apartment to when they had gone into the bedroom. "Downstairs." she murmured almost in a whisper then open the door slowly,closed it silently once she was on the other side then literally run all the way to the sitting room and hoping as hell that she wasn't about to run into a girlfriend or wife she didn'


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