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“You're my possession, Olivia, and nothing can change that.” He hollers. Olivia was betrayed by her family, as a price to pay for her stepfather's debt. A man she had grown up with and considers family. Without little knowledge that her marriage to the ruthless mafia boss is based on a deal made by her sister. Aiden Leandro had to agree to marry Olivia as a means for her stepfather to clear his debt and with no feelings attached to it, he vows to make her suffer for it. In the process, Olivia tries to win his heart, she discovers the truth. A painful truth that pierces her heart. Will she be able to let go of the fact that everything is based on a deal? Will she even forgive the family she loves so much? Or is she willing to get back at them for what they did.

When it all began.

Rays of sunlight heavily permeated the window blind, casting a fiery glow that scorched Kayla’s skin where she was lazily spread out on the bed with her messy hair scattered all over the place.

Groaning, she yanked the duvet off the bed and wrapped it around her head to deter the incandescent sun from blinding her eyes.

The coziness of the room enveloped her, but after struggling for a while, she managed to open her eyes and very quickly, they darted around the room she had slept in.

“Not again!” She groaned, she had a dream that Aiden had asked her to leave and had given her some money to take care of herself. But it was just a dream!

She stood up from the bed and walked into the bathroom to wash her face. Then she took hold of her brush and applied the toothpaste on it.

After some minutes, she walked out of the bathroom, but heard a knock on her door.

She rushed to it and opened the door. Then, she met Max standing by the door with a straight face.

“What is it?” She inquired rudely, without acknowledging the fact that it was morning.

“That must be your good morning. Well, the Capo asked me to fetch you, he is in the dining room.” Max added, and she resisted the urge to roll her eyes.

“I will be right behind you. Let me get changed.” Kayla uttered and shut the door, while Max shook his head before leaving.

Why was he seeking her? Was her dream going to come true? Kayla questioned excitedly and rushed into the bathroom to take a quick bath.

After thirty minutes, she walked out of the room and headed for the dining room. It was a place she was familiar with, unlike the other rooms, and she didn't care if Aiden asked his men to give her a tour or not.

Besides, she doesn't intend to stay there forever. She walked into the dinning room, her shoe clacking on the marble floor, but he didn't spare her a stare.

He was holding a magazine in his hands when she got closer. “Good morning,” she uttered, barely above a whisper, and he spared her a brief look but didn't reply.

“Did you seek my presence?” Kayla voiced out when he acted like she was invisible.

“Yes. You're aware that this is the last day, right. It is a week now and there is no sign of your dad planning on coming or calling me.” Aiden went straight to the point while flicking his eyes through the pages.

Mr Griffin, who is Kayla's father, had borrowed a huge amount of money from the Capo, and gambled with it and couldn't pay it back. Aiden had requested for his daughter as a price until he gets to pay him in a week which he hasn't been heard from.

“It surprised me how the days went as a blur too, but you should please give him a chance. It's not evening yet.” Kayla chipped in while resting her palm on her lap.

“I like things being done my way. You should have known a little thing about me by now, Kayla. I don't listen to people, Never!” He spoke in a rapt tone.

“So…so, what are you going to do now?” She found herself asking in a cracked voice, as the thought of her being indoors for another week was making her feel traumatized.

This wasn't a life she wanted, being indoors because of her father's selfish decision wasn't what she wished for. How can she be the one paying for his sins huh?

“I'm going to renew the contract if he fails to bring my money before 6pm. But now, let me put a call across.” Aiden voiced out. “Noah!” He called, and the door went open.

Noah moved towards him with a cell phone, and he asked him to dial Mr Griffin's number. The phone began to ring, and he picked it up instantly.

Noah moved the phone and kept it on the table in front of Aiden. “What day is it?” He questioned coldly.

“Capo! Goodness! I'm so sorry, I'm still trying to get your money. Please, have mercy.” Griffin said while rushing his words.

“It is a week now, Griffin. You're running out of mercy!” Aiden added in a plain tone, and Kayla felt sweat forming on her forehead.

Her dad hasn't gotten the money? How much did he borrow, huh? And with the look of things, it definitely seems like a huge amount. Oh, heavens!

“I'm sorry!” Griffin whispered, not knowing what to say.

The veins in Aiden's neck throbbed, and he looked at Kayla before voicing out. “Are you bringing my money today or not?”

“I. I. I haven't gotten it. I need more days, no one is willing to lend me some money-”

“Dad! How could you do this to me? You said in a week's time!” Kayla yelled over the phone, while interrupting her dad.

Aiden didn't say a word as he relaxed back on his chair.

“Today is your only chance. Now to 6pm, Mr Griffin. I hope you know why you're still alive.” Aiden declared in a husky voice and ended the call.

Noah picked the phone from the table and tried to leave, but Griffin began to call, and he paused to inform Aiden.

“He is still calling, should I bring the phone to-”

“End the call! I'm done talking.” Aiden replied and dropped the magazine on the table.

Kayla felt her body go numb. No! No! She can't spend another day there. “You can leave.” He commanded, and she reluctantly stood up and headed for her room.



The time kept moving swiftly, and it was just ten minutes to 6pm. Her dad hasn't called, nor did he pick her call.

She sat on the floor with a pale face. “Kayla! Dinner is ready.” She heard Max yelled outside the wall of her door and she sighed. Max and Noah were Aiden's right hand men.

She wasn't hungry, she couldn't eat anything earlier either. Her stomach rumbled and she decided to ignore it.

The moment the wall clock was ringing at 6pm, she sprang on her feet and walked out of the room.

Kayla moved to the dining room and walked past Noah like he was invisible.

“I have something to offer. Since all this was based on a deal, let's make it real.” She spilled out while rushing her words, and Aiden raised his head to look at her.

“You can leave, Leah.” He whispered to the elderly woman serving his meal. She was the cook in the house, but left once it was 7pm.

She bowed slightly before walking out of the room. “Sit!” Aiden ordered, and Kayla pulled the chair backwards and sat on it.

“What do you have to offer?” Aiden asked and opened the tray in front of him while the aroma filled the whole place.

“I would rather not stay here anymore. This isn't my kind of life where I have to be kept like a prisoner. I know it all started from my dad's stupidity, but why would I carry the cross, huh?” She questioned and stared keenly at him.

“Your father literally signed the contract, pleading with me to keep you for just a week and he was going to give me back my money by then. Why are you making it a big deal?” He questioned harshly and she took a deep breath.

“My dad won't be bringing the money anytime soon, but I can offer someone in exchange for myself. She is a nice lady and beautiful.” Kayla whispered and he scoffed.

“And who could that be?” Aiden asked nonchalantly.

“My sister! Olivia is her name, she is so naive and won't argue. “ Kayla added and scanned his face.

Aiden held a blank expression and paused for a minute. “This is a deal. Can you please agree to it? And I will make her stay in my place.” Kayla added with eagerness.

“Where is she right now? And mind you, this will be the end of the deal. Once she steps in here, she has officially become mine.” He informed and Kayla nodded with a smile.

Aiden didn't care whether the other person was going to agree or not. But he was done showing mercy to the Griffins, once the next person comes, she will have to pay the price completely.

“She is in Canada, but I have my way. And I will also leave the country and never return.” Kayla voiced out.

“When should I expect her? And you can't leave the country until she is here.” Aiden declared.

“Deal. I will make her come in two days. She has always been a faithful daughter. You won't regret this deal, now is my turn to play the game.” Kayla said with a smirk and stood up.

A replacement.

Aiden had put a call across Griffin last night, and he was supposed to be at his place that morning by 10am.

Aiden stood in front of his mirror while admiring himself and staring keenly at his reflection. He heard a knock on his door and asked the person to come in.

Max walked swiftly and dropped two of Aiden's lighter on the table, “Good morning, boss.” He whispered and crossed his hand behind his back. “I also have news of Ethan's arrival. He came back last night, and one of the men saw him at the Creek casino.” Max informed Aiden and he paused for a second.

“Ethan?” He called and Max nodded.

“Why is he back? I thought he traveled intending to not return ever again.” Aiden whispered, and his veins throbbed in his neck.

Ethan was the son of his father's best friend. The same man his father had built the mafia family together with before he died, but right from the beginning, Ethan never liked the business line, and so he left the country


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