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The Mafia King And His Obsession

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Lexi Rose is a young woman who leaves her home at a tender age, driven by the desire to achieve great success in the bustling city, she embarks on a journey to seek all that life has to offer. Longing for the love and fulfilment she lacked as a child, she navigates through life in search of the one thing she feels is missing - the perfect partner by her side. Lucas Lucero, a merciless Mafia Boss, possesses an allure capable of driving any woman to experience unparalleled pleasure. Though he exudes elegance, his reputation precedes him and serves as a warning- he will break anyone who crosses him. Yet, despite his unwavering determination to live a life entangled in danger, fate brings him face-to-face with Lexi. Lucas, a man who thrives pursuing the forbidden, instantly becomes captivated by her presence. However, Lexi is unlike any other woman Lucas has encountered before; she battles with her own demons which adds an element of wildness and unpredictability to her life. Driven to have his own perfect partner by his side, Lucas sets out to tame Lexi’s wild nature. But can Lucas and Lexi survive a tumultuous romance that promises constant ups and downs? Can he truly accept the demons that lie deep within Lexi, love her unconditionally and embrace the depths of her heart?

Chapter 1 Determination To Conquer

Everyone has the determination to conquer.

Me, looking over the masses at my feet, I would love to say that my path has finally reached that point. All my dreams and ambitions have led me up to here…So…

Breathe… Breathe Lexi… Just Breathe…

I am about to make the biggest decision, take that step that will change my life.

My best friend, Savanah, is by my side, ready to climb that mountain. From being a model, an actor, or an artist, we have been together taking this ride, and tonight will be no different.

But there is one slight problem.

We have been discovered. There is the deep voice of a man rumbling from behind over our shoulders, "You ladies are not supposed to be in here."

Our evening of living on the edge has just come to an abrupt end. So I am about to lose sight of my prize. Not that he would ever give me the light of day, for I am surely not the type of girl that he keeps on his arm. However, I was looking forward to the hunt and ultimately conquering that mountain.

So as we are just about to be removed, kicking and screaming, there is a deep husky voice next to me that sends nothing but tingles slowly up my spine. Not able to resist, I only but turn my head an inch to the right…

Lucas Lucero.

The scent of softwood and a hint of spice attacks my senses; in less than a second, my eyes find his soft hazel ones rendering me completely speechless. Carved to absolute perfection, here next to me is my mountain, and god from where I am standing, I would have loved to conquer.

And as he speaks, those supple lips draw me even more towards the danger, "What are you young ladies doing up here, and might I say again?"

Now, who has lost the ability the most between Savanah and me, is yet to establish, so after mumbling like a complete idiot, I find the only three words this absent mind can find at the moment, "You, of course."

Well, I need to remind myself that I need a swift slap later.

But then, the rumble that comes from his sweet lips as he bursts out in nothing but laughter sets a great unease that makes me clench my thighs. "You are a brave little girl."

Oh no, he did not just call me that, so I immediately react, "What makes you think I am a girl?" I stare him down for a brief moment, his tight designer jeans, with a black button-up shirt. My, god, this man…he is the perfect sin.

After staring at him for a second far too long, I shake my head, and then I continue, "Are my boobs too small? Maybe my dress is too long? Or wait, it must be the hair?"

"Oh," he growls as he hisses, "Baby doll, those boobs are mighty fine in those inches of satin that are wrapped around your body."

"Ah," I take a lock of hair and twirl it around my finger, "It must be the hair?"

He leans in closer; his lips are lying softly against the tip of my ear, leaving me with the feeling of his warm breath running down the sensitive parts of my neck; I can feel him smile as he whispers, "Baby doll, I prefer them blonde, and you are the perfect shade."

I swallow rather uncomfortably, not because I cannot speak, but his goddamn hands are grazing my *ss. There is a roughness, yet a smoothness as he cups me, and just as I am about to die, he slides his finger over my thighs. His hands are melting into my skin the deeper he drives his fingers into my skin.

A deep moan escapes his lips while I feel him move inch by inch closer to my now quivering body, and in mere seconds, I feel him grinding into me, but god, it is not the grinding, but the power behind it that renders me breathless.

My breathing becomes short and rapid as he lays one single soft kiss against the nape of my neck, "Do you taste as good as you feel?"

Now, I would love to whisper so many sweet nothings in his ear, but I am not a woman that is about to sound desperate, and I am the one who wishes to do the conquering. So, with a cheeky smile, I lean my head back against his chest, "Now that is something that you will never find out."

With that, I have to peel myself away from his hot, melting body, not wasting a single moment in taking a full hand of those rippled abs. Then I spin around, and I am faced with this god of a man; if he only knows how hard I want to lose myself into every bit that is him. But I am not such an easy woman, especially not like the ones that he keeps on his arm.

So as I stare into those sparkling eyes, I run my hand through a perfect head of messy chocolate brown hair; standing on my tiptoes, I lean forward to give him a tiny little peck on his cheek. Yet, he reacts faster than I can move, and in an instant…we touch.


Sweet whiskey is what he tastes like.

Then he looks down into my deep blue eyes, "Sweet cotton candy."

"Well," I chuckle at him, "What a perfect match."

With that, he takes my *ss full in his hands and presses the growing bulge in his pants against my thigh. I hear him groan from deep in his chest, then he steps back and leaves my body cold. And while he stands there with nothing but a smirk on his face, doing one rather uncomfortable adjusting, I give him one final once over.

Savannah, with her own wicked smile, laces her fingers in my hand while we are escorted out of the private lounge.

From behind me, he calls out at me, "See you around, baby doll."

I turn around and slowly torment him as I bite into my lip. As I turn back around, I wiggle my *ss in my dress, and I can hear him curse under his breath, "For f*ck sakes. Dammit."

Satisfied and rather annoyed that I have only but send myself into a raging desire, Savanah and I head out of the club. When we finally get into the car, she turns to me for a brief moment, "So? Is Lucas Lucero worth it?"

"Oh, Savanah."

Now it was worth every minute that I was caught, tomorrow will come, and then I will do it again; I am set to conquer the big Mr. Lucas Lucero.

Chapter 2 One Second

Last night was long and agonizing; somehow, I thought that I would be the one leaving Lucas Lucero with a sleepless night, but yet I proved myself wrong and was in for tortured dreams where he laid only but naked, completely out of my reach.

But we will be changing that tonight.

Tonight I will be going solo for Savanah has some gig downtown and will only make it way past midnight.

So after giving myself a once over in the tall mirror hanging on the far sidewall, I adjust the tiny crop top, and with a few wiggles in the hot pants, I am ready to slip on a pair of deep red stilettos. It is the perfect contrast to finish my seductive image off, and I have on good authority that Lucas has a weakness for a woman wearing red.

After straightening my hair for what is the fifth time now, I make my way out of the apartment and will have to settle for my beast to get me where I want to go tonight.

I feel the roar of the engine vibrate between my legs as it sends se


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