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The Mafia Boss Love Trap

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Seorin
  • Chapters: 195
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 410
  • 7.5
  • 💬 4


Paula Daniela feels she has been abandoned by her family. She returns to revenge her past on her father, Gustavo Ignazio. During her mission, she has to fight Raul Ignazio, the adopted son of Gustavo Ignazio who now leads the organisation after his father's death. Raul Ignazio never thought that he would be the sole heir to the fortune of his adoptive father, Gustavo Ignazio, a mafia boss who owned the largest banned organisation in Italy. Raul had a dilemma. He's a lawyer but he has to be the leader of an organisation where everything he does is against his principles. Not only that, Raul and Paula are involved in a complicated love triangle. Paula secretly has a romance with a detective named Sergio Issaco to destroy the organisation led by Raul. Will Paula succeed in getting her revenge on Raul or vice versa? She must give up and surrender to her love.

The Lady Mafia

Paula went to visit a mafia boss in a five-star hotel room. They promised to meet according to the agreement. Paula, who is a businesswoman, promised something to the mafia boss. If the mafia boss did what she told him to do, then she would sleep with him.

"So, how is it? Can you do it for me?" Paula asked with a serious face. She looked at the man sharply. So that the man would obey her orders.

"Sure. Getting rid of someone in your life is very easy for me. Tell me, who should I get rid of?" said the mafia boss named Mateo.

"Gustavo Ignazio," Paula whispered with a sighing tone of voice.

"Who is that man to you?" The mafia boss wanted to know.

"You don't need to know who he is and what he has to do with me. Your job is to kill him, right?" Paula refused to talk about her relationship with the man he mentioned earlier.

"You're right, dear. It's just that the man is the most influential mafia boss in our beloved country. He's very respected and honoured, isn't he?"

Paula seduced Mateo with all her seduction. She is now sitting on his lap.

"I don't care about his royal status. All I want is the news of his death."

Mateo smiled at the woman whose appearance was very seductive. Paula puffed out her chest in front of Mateo. That made Mateo even more unable to control himself.

Paula was s*xy as hell. She was wearing a white blouse with the buttons open so that her cleavage could be seen poking out. The miniskirt she wore also provoked Mateo's desire.

"So, how are you going to pay me?" teased Mateo as he winked at Paula's chest.

"I'll sleep with you. How? I'm paying you a lot of money, right?" challenged Paula.

"Yeah, I'd like that. Okay. I agree," Mateo said.

Paula and Mateo agreed. Mateo would immediately carry out the execution of Gustavo Ignazio, according to Paula's orders.

"Do it quickly! Because I must seize his power," Paula urged.

"It doesn't matter to me. I'll do it quickly. It's just that ...." Mateo's sentence stopped for a moment. He remembered something. A name he hated, for the rest of his life.

"What is it?" Paula wanted to know.

"Raul Ignazio is also very dangerous," Mateo informed her.

"Raul Ignazio? Who is that man?" Paula was stunned to hear his name. Mateo showed Paula a picture of his nemesis.

"He is the adopted son of Gustavo Ignazio. He's a lawyer," Mateo introduced him to Paula.

Paula was still looking at Raul Ignazio's face in a photo that Mateo had given her. She was stunned at Raul's good looks.

"I don't like you looking at him for too long. It hurts my feelings, honey." Mateo kissed Paula's lips so softly and passionately.

Paula's hand, which was still holding the photo, finally slipped from her grasp. Because she was busy returning Mateo's peck.

"I want you to do your job well," Paula reminded Mateo again.

"I'll make sure you hear the good news soon," Mateo assured her.

Paula was pleased as punch. Her wish to get rid of Gustavo Ignazio would soon be realised thanks to Mateo's help. As payment, she was willing to take off all her clothes and get naked in front of Mateo.

"Oh my God! What a beautiful body you have, babe," Mateo praises as he swallows his saliva whole.


The next day, Paula was all smiles after sealing her deal with Mateo that night. She had been planning it for a long time. She was eager to eliminate the man called Gustavo Ignazio. There was a grudge she had been holding onto for years. This time, he would succeed in avenging it.

"I can't wait. Soon I'll have control of your entire estate, all your business access, and your favourite adopted son. Raul Ignazio." Paula smiled. Then she laughed. It was as if victory was already clearly in front of her eyes.

An hour later, Paula went somewhere. She visited her mother's grave. She made a promise in front of her mother's grave. That she would repay Gustavo Ignazio for destroying her mother and making her die.

"Mum, he will pay for all his crimes against you in the past. Just wait a little longer, Mum. Let God punish that man," Paula said with tears in her eyes. She recalled sweet memories with her mum, when she was just five years old.

"Paula!" Someone called her name. It sounded like a woman's voice.

Paula turned her body around. Then, she disguised her identity by wearing sunglasses and a veil to cover her hair.

'Paulina?' Paula was surprised to see her twin sister standing in front of her at this moment.

"Is it really you? Don't you live in Canada?" Paulina was amazed at her sister's presence. "Or are you back home and going to settle here?" she asked enthusiastically.

"You've got the wrong person. I am not the person you are referring to. Excuse me," Paula said rather sternly. She walked away, leaving Paulina stunned.

"Sh*t! Don't let her recognise me!" muttered Paula. She continued on her way.

Before Paula got into her car, she called Mateo impatiently. Not long after, Mateo answered his phone.

"Honey, what's wrong?" asked Mateo on the other line.

"What are you doing now, fool? When are you going to carry out the execution?" Paula scolded in a rather high tone.

"Today. Be patient for a little while longer, darling," Mateo said reasonably.

"My patience has run out. I can't let that man keep hanging around me. You know what I mean?" Paula scolded Mateo. Until finally, Mateo changed his plans abruptly.

"I'll do it today," Mateo said.

"That's great! The sooner the better." Paula had run out of patience. She kept cursing Mateo on the phone, urging him to execute Gustavo immediately.

"If you can't do it for me, I'll kill you. You know who I am, right?" threatened Paula.

"All right, babe. I'll do everything for you." Mateo obeyed Paula's orders.

A few minutes later...

Mateo immediately launched his attack on Gustavo Ignazio. After Paula informed him of the old man's whereabouts, Mateo travelled there with his men. Today there would be a very dangerous battle and bloodshed.

Mateo intercepted the car in which Gustavo was travelling with his daughter. A group of men got out of the van and attacked him blindly, without mercy. 

"Take them!" Mateo ordered his men. After successfully disabling the men escorting Gustavo and his daughter.

Now, Gustavo and his daughter were in Mateo's hands. Soon, they would be the targets that would make his biggest rival, Raul Ignazio, surrender to him.

"It's time for that b*st*rd to give up on me. I'll prove who's the greatest in this world," Mateo said with great confidence.

They left the scene of the attack. Gustavo and his daughter were now taken to a strange place. They were being held hostage for the time being. While waiting for Raul's return from Canada.

"Raul Ignazio, you're finished now!"

The Mafia's Outburst of Rage

Raul received a phone call as he entered a luxury car in a hurry. He had just arrived at the airport on his return from the Canadian city of Toronto. 

"Give it up, you bastard!" the caller said from the other line.

Raul was silent with a vengeful look in his eyes. He was holding back his anger as the caller, the great enemy of the Ignazio family, was threatening him right now. He looked out the window of the car in the back seat, the streets were still quiet in Rome, Italy at around 6am.

"Raul Ignazio, now your father's fate is in my hands. Should I kill him right now?" he threatened again.

"Don't mess with me, you bastard!" Raul threatened the caller back.

"Then, in five minutes you'll have to surrender yourself to me. That way, I'll let this dear old man of yours go. Isn't this quite an attractive offer for you?" offered the man on the phone.

"Surrender you say?" Raul


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