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  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: EL JHAY
  • Chapters: 71
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 311
  • 7.5
  • 💬 3


Alfred Gilberto was a well known Reverend in the city of Los Angeles. His preachings and devotion earned him fame and respect throughout the city. Almost everyone in the city loved him. But unknown to everyone, he was also a ruthless mafia boss, who killed his victims without mercy. The story took a new turn when Theresa, a 22 years old lady became his nun. Theresa worked as a crime officer. Her boss promised to promote her if she caught the organizations that were behind the criminal activities in the city. Theresa suspected Reverend Alfred of those criminal activities but she wasn't sure of her suspicion. So she disguised herself as a poor and homeless lady. She begged Reverend Alfred to accept her and make her a nun in his church. Reverend Alfred accepted and Theresa became his nun. Later on, Theresa discovered two shocking things. The first one was that Reverend Alfred was a Mafia boss. And the second was that, he was also her childhood lover. Theresa was left with two choices. Betray Alfred and get a promotion at work or start a new life with her childhood lover. Do you wanna know what choice she made? Read this novel to find out.

Chapter 1: One Man, Two Lives

It was a beautiful sunday morning in Los Angeles. A day when Christians go to church to praise God.People could be seen walking inside Saint Roman's Catholic church. The church was gigantic in size and beautiful in sight.A statue of Jesus was placed beside the church's entrance. Inside the church were multitudes of people who came to worship God.The church's interior was designed beautifully. Pictures of Jesus Christ and his disciples were hanged all around. The church was wide enough to contain more two thousand people. The church was almost filled up as people from all around Los Angeles attended the Sunday service.Ten men who were altar boys, stood at each sides of the altar. They wore red robes and each of them had a rosary hanged around their neck.There were also twenty ladies who were the choristers. They wore yellow robes with black black berets on their head.The praise and worship session led by the female choristers, ended a minute ago. A man walked up to the altar. His hair was brown and he had full beards. The name of the man was Steven Douglas, Father Alfred's closest friend. He was also a Reverend.He wore a blue attire and a pair of black shoes.He got to the pulpit then he spoke into the microphone."I pray that the Lord will accept our praise and worship in Jesus" he prayed."Amen!" The congregation chorused."Now, I want to call to the altar the one and only Reverend Alfred!" Reverend Douglas announced and the whole church echoed with excited screams of people.Reverend Alfred walked out of a door which was located at the back of the altar. He climbed up the stairs and walked to the pulpit. He held a big bible in his right hand.He wore a white robe with the sign of the cross designed on it. His hair was black and he had a black moustache. A pair of recommended glasses stood at the bridge of his nose. "Ten minutes is the time we have left so hurry up with whatever you're gonna do." Douglas stylishly whispered into Alfred's ear.Then he (Douglas) walked to his seat which was located at the right side of the altar.Alfred smiled at the congregation. Then he preached about love and unity."Glory be unto the most high God for the grace he has given unto us to witness another beautiful Sunday like this. I pray that the Lord will guide us to the right path in Jesus name" Alfred prayed after he finished preaching."Amen!" The congregation chorused."Peace be unto each and everyone of you as you return back to your various abodes" he concluded. Then he climbed down the altar and walked through the door at the back of the altar. Douglas also followed him.The church choristers started singing praises and everyone dropped their tithes and offering inside a huge box. Some dropped cheques while others drooed huge bundles of cash in it.The service ended and everyone started dispersing the church until no one was left.The altar boys and the choirs were the only ones remaining. All the doors in the church were locked. The windows were also closed.The men carried the big box and passed through the door at the back of the altar. The female choristers also followed suite.The door led to an underground building. There were fifteen black jeeps parked in front of the building. An eagle logo was designed on all the Jeeps.They entered inside the building and walks down the hallway till they got to a certain room.They walked inside that room then the men dropped the big box which contained loads of jewelries, bundles of cash and lots of other expensive items.The box was so bog that it required up to six hefty men to lift it up. The box was filled up to the brim. Various weapons were hanged on every wall in the room. Seated in the room was Alfred and Douglas. The both of them had a stick of cigarette in between their lips."Everyone get ready, we will be leaving for the mission in two minutes time" Douglas said as he puffed out rings of smoke from his mouth. Then he removed the fake beard on his chin.A lady walked to Alfred with a laptop in her hands."Boss" she called."Yes?" Father Alfred's tone was deep and menacing. He no longer had a moustache on his face. The moustache on his face was a fake one. He was no longer putting on the eyeglasses. All those were just for disguise.Alfred looked handsome with thick brows and a straight nose. "I have gotten the location of the bullion van" the lady said. She was the a computer scientist and an expert and that. She always wore a pair of eyeglasses due to shortsightedness."Good job Stacy" Alfred complimented the lady whose name was Stacy."Thanks boss" Stacy replied with a smile. "Alright then, let's get moving" Alfred said. Then he looked around like he was looking for something or someone."Where is Viper?" He asked."Here I am" a feminine voice replied as a lady walked in. She wore a black jacket and black trousers with a dark shade on her face.She walked to Alfred and placed a kiss on his cheek. "Hey Douglas" she waved at Douglas who simply nodded."I hope you all remember the plan?" Douglas asked and everyone in the room nodded except Alfred and the last named Viper.Alfred stood up from his seat. He was now wearing black suit and a pair of black shoes. A golden eagle pendant was hanged around his neck.He looked more younger and handsome. His broad shoulders and muscular chests were evident in the suit he wore.Douglas also wore the same black suit with the golden eagle pendant hanged around his neck.Everyone in the room had wore that pendant on their neck. The men who posed as altar boys were now dressed up in black armless jackets and black ripped out jeans.They had tattoos on their arms and cheats. In their hands were dangerous ammunitions and weapons.The ladies who also posed as female choristers were also dressed up in black jacket and jeans. They were look fearless and dangerous."Let's move out" Alfred commanded. He looked dangerous and scary. He had two pistols in his hands and a stick of cigarette in between his lips.He was no longer the soft hearted reverend, he was now a ruthless mafia boss.They all walked out of the building. Alfred, Douglas and Viper got inside a jeep while the others took the remaining jeeps. Alfted sat in the backseat beside Viper while Douglas sat in the front seat with the driver.They all had earbuds fixed in their ears so that tgey could be able to communicate with each other.The jeeps came alive as the drivers turned on the iignition then they drove through a tunnel which led to the main road. The fifteen jeeps drove speedily on the road, making other car drivers park their cars at one side of the road."The bullion van is thirty blocks away from our point. It's on a highway with seven military vehicles guarding it. There are also eighteen soldiers in total" Stacy informed.Everyone heard her through their earbuds.The jeeps drove to the highway and they sighted the bullion van at a far distance.Douglas position his missle launcher through the window of the jeep. Then he fired a missle at a security vehicle."Bull's eye" Douglas said as the vehicle exploded.The remaining military vehicles stopped when they heard the explosion. The soldiers rushed out of their vehicles with their guns.The soldiers saw the fleets of Jeeps heading towards their direction at an high speed then they started shooting.But all the Jeeps had bulletproof systems installed in them by Stacy. The soldiers kept shooting at the Jeeps but it didn't make a single scratch on the Jeeps. "Kill them all" Alfred commanded through his earbud.All his men started shooting down the soldiers through their window. The soldiers dropped dead on the ground as Alfred's men shot them all.In a minute, the whole soldiers were lying dead on the ground. It remained only the bullion van.The bullion van drove at high speed as Alfred and his men chased after it.Alfred's driver increased the Jeep's speed to the highest and they caught up with bullion van. Then they overtook the bullion van.The bullion van tried to reverse but Alfred's men blocked it with their jeeps.One of Alfred's men dragged out the bullion van's driver. Alfred sat on top of the Jeep with Douglas and Stacy at his right and left sides."Please don't kill me, spare my life and I swear, I will not to mention anything to anyone till I die!" The driver begged as he knelt down. Tears streamed down his face as he begged.Alfred removed a pack of cigarette from his pocket. He took one from the pack and placed it between his lips. Then Viper lit the cigarette for him with a lighter.Alfred puffed out smoke from his mouth after taking a long drag from the cigarette.He took out his pistol and walked to the driver. He pointed the gun at the driver's head."I beg you, please don't kill me!" The driver cried but Alfred's face was void of emotions."May your soul rest in perfect peace" Alfred said.A loud sound of gunshot was heard afterwards.

Chapter 2: Something Smells Fishy

"We're done boss" Alfred's men said after they were done loading all the money from the bullion van into three Jeeps."Let's move" Alfred said as he threw his cigarette on the driver's dead body.Everyone returned back to their Jeeps then they hit the road. Alfred's jeep drove at the front while the remaining Jeeps drove behind."Boss, I just detected a security checkpoint up ahead" Stacy informed Alfred."Everyone, whine up the glasses of your jeeps" Alfred ordered.All the fifteen jeeps whined up their tinted glasses. They drove towards the checkpoint.Three soldier men were standing at the checkpoint with heavily loaded weapons in their hands."Stop the vehicle" one of the soldiers commanded as Alfred and his men got to the checkpoint. A blockade was placed at the checkpoint.The men walked to Alfred's Jeep which was at the front


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