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The Joker and the Queen

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: V-kidd
  • Chapters: 10
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 6
  • 3.0
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Inspired by Ed Sheeran " the joker and the queen" feat. Taylor swift, Verily crafts a story that is set in the days of the castles. A young black slave boy Jamar is shipped from his village on the outskirts of Jamaica . He works hard to fend for his family. On one of his workdays,he meets a white peasant girl and falls in love at first sight. Later identified as Melantha, the girl is a bold, smart and beautiful lady who turns out to be an activist, fighting for the slaves and the weak in the land of Azonia. Jamar gets a job as the kingdom's Joker. The sister of the crown prince Samantha falls in love with him. Tied to his crush Melantha,he feels torn apart when she gets picked to be the new Queen and bride of the Prince. Can Samantha bear the cross when she notices that her love isn't reciprocated? Will Jamar forgive himself if Melantha becomes the bride? Melantha doesn't want to be the queen because she loves Jamar, but the crown prince is possessive and vile. Can she handle him? The most feared woman in the kingdom of Azonia is the Queen Dowager. Mother to the prince and wife of the late king. Rumored to have orchestrated the death of her husband and her best friend to keep her secret safe. She is in no time for jokes as she'll do anything to get the perfect lady for her son and establish her dynasty. She would go to the extent of annihilating an entire village for this. Can Jamar and Melantha hold on without being caught? Jamar in his quest for love sails on a journey to overthrow the kingdom by causing an uprising, a war between the slaves and the royalty. Will he succeed? Find out in this epic and tragic tale. You don't want to miss this

Chapter 1. Azonia

It was wintertime. The snow fell lightly this time. The little kids are seen under the snow playing. Some kids were running in circles.

"Oof"!, the sound of a snowball hit a little kid.

" I hit you, I hit you Deven. You're down ,la la la la la la".

Sandra's voice echoed with a rush of victory. The little boy, probably about the age of eight and the girl was about 12 years old.

" You cheated!", Deven cried out.

"Momma, I don't wanna be down. Sandra cheated, she did".

"I didn't cheat, we simply played the rules of the game". Sandra approaches her little brother and wipes his nose with a handkerchief.

"Kids, food is ready". Mom calls out. "Oh yeah!!". They ran, picked up their toys...and-

"But we haven't finished Mr. Whitebody" (referring to the snowman)

"Don't worry, your dad and I will take care of him. Come on, hurry up". The kids hang their coats as mom puts more wood into the fireplace. She tips the kettle to make tea.

"Where's daddy?" Sandra asks. Mom slightly turns back. "Uhmm he would be home soon. It's past seven. Let me see..."

"Oh oh oh", Dad walks in; half dancing,half walking like Santa Claus. He went to chop some wood in the forest.

"Is that for the Christmas tree?"

Deven's eyes lit up. "Welcome Dad", the children chorus.

"Welcome, welcome welcome, what do we have here?", his eyes focused on the sumptuous meal on the table.

"Yes, it's for the tree"

"Is that roasted turkey and gravy? Hmm I am hungry. Hot potatoes. How did we get so much? ", Dad whispers to mom

" Hi babe", mom pecks him. "Well...I was lucky today, we had good sales and you know...I just decided cook something delicious for Christmas".

"Thank you darling."

The family settles down to eat after a short prayer.

"Dad don't forget the story you promised us", Deven chips in.

" Yes Dad. Deven slept off last night. And Deven ,sorry daddy cannot recap the story".

"I didn't sleep", Deven replies

"Oh yes you did, you slept like a baby".

" No I didn't."

" Yes you did".

"No, I d-"

"Children, children enough!

It's okay. Daddy will recap the story. Ok?", Mom interjects sharply.

The kids blow raspberries at themselves. Dad giggles softly, mom stares at him and blushes.

"What w-why are you staring?", Dad asks in-between smiles. His cheeks flushed red with emotions.

"Stop blushing, you this man."

This time, Mom was already blushing.

"They argue just like us.Remember before we grew up? "

Now both parents were laughing hard. Mom draws dad close and kisses him softly.

"Ewwww", the kids chorus together. "Must you always have to do it in front of us?", Sandra frowns a little.

"Kids, I want you to know something and that is...the only legacy I can leave to you is the understanding that I love God, I love your mother and I love you both. When you grow up, you will understand that no chain that no chain can bind True love."

Deven is partly covering his eyes and Sandra brings it down. "Listen to daddy", Sandra adds.

They blow raspberries again

"Eat up eat up. We have a big story coming up". Dad says.

" Is it going to be adventure, or or-"

"Or romance..."Sandra quickly adds fluttering her eyes a comical manner with her hands together.

" First off, I'm going to recap yesterday's story and the lessons drawn from it. Then we move to tonight's story. So eat up. Deven don't eat too much so you don't fall asleep. Take less water to avoid wetting your bed. Ok? "

"Ok sir. "




"It's storytime!!", Deven jumps up and down

"Daddy carry me". He stretches the upper part of his body.

"Alright alright sit down. Gently be careful. Mom come and join us, dad calls out. I'm coming, hold on for me."

Sandra bursts into laughter as dad refuses to carry Deven.

They all sit down

"Let me quickly recap last night's storyline. We talked about a boy named Pinocchio, who was a wooden doll. His maker, the woodworker Geppetto sees a falling star, he wishes that the puppet he just finished, Pinocchio could become a real boy. In the night, the Blue Fairy grants Geppetto's wish and asks Jiminy Cricket to serve as the wooden boy's conscience. But the naive and trusting Pinocchio falls into the clutches of the wicked Honest John, who leads him astray to the sinful Pleasure Island. After all of the poor decisions that he makes throughout the story, Pinocchio eventually learns his lesson. He does the right thing by saving his father and earns the chance to be a real boy! From this, we learn that no matter how many mistakes you make, it is never too late to do the right thing."

He sips his tea and drops the mug gently on the table

" Now, kids that was about Pinocchio. Today's story is going to be sad. Unlike Pinocchio's happy ending, this one will stir you up from within. You will learn lessons about life and you will shape your character right".

"Today story is called...."

Daven start hitting the floor and screaming "drumrolls drumrolls!"

"Shut up Dev!". No need for that, just listen. Sandra frowns and interjects.

Daddy clears his throat and sighs.

"Wait for me!"

Mummy hurries and sits down.

"I don't want to miss this one"

Dad continues

"I call this story THE JOKER AND THE QUEEN."

" Wait, like Ed Sheeran's'the joker and the queen song?" Sandra quizzes. "Or like Joker the movie?"

"Who's a joker? Someone who cracks jokes?" Deven quizzes.

"Yes you are right". Dad adds "And I bet you know who a queen is."

"Yeah, like the Queen of England." Sandra says, excited .

"Or like Cinderella." Deven chips in.

"Cinderella is a Disney princess, not a queen." Sandra says

"But she'd later become one. Right Dad?" He turns to Dad

"Kids stop the arguing and listen! If you argue one more time, I'll make your Dad send you to bed. And no story..ok?!", Mom interrupts

"Yes mom" ,they chorus

Dad winks at mom and continues.....

Chapter 2. The Fireplace 🔥

I'll be telling you the story of two people; Jamar and Melantha. Jamar, an African from a little village on the countryside of Jamaica. And Melantha, a young, beautiful dame who lived in a peaceful town on the outskirts of a mighty kingdom called Azonia.

"Azonia" "Melantha" "Jamal", Deven says with a pretentious mien of astonishment.

"It's Jamar not Jamal", Sandra cuts in. "Pay attention", she whispers.

Dad clears his throat

"Jamar's Village was conquered by the Soldiers of Azonia during one of their many battles. Jamar, alongside his family were taken captives to work as slaves in Azonia. Azonia is in Europe, Jamaica is in Africa. So, it was a terrible journey on the sea. Many people died, they were shipped like sardines. Fed only once a day with boiled corn and some fish.

Many were sick, many were cold, many infants died... Some men wanted to create a rebellion against their slav


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