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About me

All the way from Nigeria, Verily aka Vkid is a writer who puts his art and soul into his stories. He explores situations around (past and present). He's also a singer and songwriter. He is a law student in one of the most amiable universities in Nigeria. Connect with Vkid via Instagram @vkidd_official and Twitter @vkidd_official


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  • Author: V-kidd
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 6
  • 3.0

Inspired by Ed Sheeran " the joker and the queen" feat. Taylor swift, Verily crafts a story that is set in the days of the castles. A young black slave boy Jamar is shipped from his village on the outskirts of Jamaica . He works hard to fend for his family. On one of his workdays,he meets a white peasant girl and falls in love at first sight. Later identified as Melantha, the girl is a bold, smart and beautiful lady who turns out to be an activist, fighting for the slaves and the weak in the land of Azonia. Jamar gets a job as the kingdom's Joker. The sister of the crown prince Samantha falls in love with him. Tied to his crush Melantha,he feels torn apart when she gets picked to be the new Queen and bride of the Prince. Can Samantha bear the cross when she notices that her love isn't reciprocated? Will Jamar forgive himself if Melantha becomes the bride? Melantha doesn't want to be the queen because she loves Jamar, but the crown prince is possessive and vile. Can she handle him? The most feared woman in the kingdom of Azonia is the Queen Dowager. Mother to the prince and wife of the late king. Rumored to have orchestrated the death of her husband and her best friend to keep her secret safe. She is in no time for jokes as she'll do anything to get the perfect lady for her son and establish her dynasty. She would go to the extent of annihilating an entire village for this. Can Jamar and Melantha hold on without being caught? Jamar in his quest for love sails on a journey to overthrow the kingdom by causing an uprising, a war between the slaves and the royalty. Will he succeed? Find out in this epic and tragic tale. You don't want to miss this


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