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The Heir We Breathe

The Heir We Breathe

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She often felt alone… until she met him. When they met he was batter and bruised. But she saved him. And Together they must overcome the challenges that their different backgrounds force them to have, and come together as one. They only have each other in one realm, and a whole kingdom in another. But through great challenge… comes sweet sweet love and happiness. But for how long will that happiness last before the shadows of their past come to ruin the picture perfect, fairy tale life they’ve created. Come along of the journey of Dahlia and Malik as they build they’re life through all the trials and tribulations.

Chapter 1

She threw on her dark outfit that consisted of black tights, a black shirt, a dark gray circle scarf, and fingerless gloves. She grabbed her satchel as she ran out of her room, and down to the palace herbs & potions room.  She began finding what she needed and scooping it into her mortar and pestle and grinding it to a powder. She went over to the far wall to search for the coconut rum she needed for her tincture, she found it and gave the mixture a heavy pour, and continued to grind when she heard a couple of sets of fast and heavy footsteps coming down the corridor. She quickly grabbed the needed bottle, poured the contents into the bottle, and slipped out of the window just as the door whipped open and entered was a guard and the palace’s medicine maker. She heard a commotion as she slipped away from the palace grounds. She began to run when she reached the forest of Efe, twigs snapped beneath her boots as she ran, she ran until she reached the other end of the forest. On the other end of the forest alluded to be a field, but if you began to step into the field you would have reverberated back into the forest. Almost like it was ejecting you. But not Yejidae, for some reason she could walk through as easily as you could walk through a normal field. She stepped through the field and came out through a wall and was greeted by the boy she had come to call her best friend. Khamani. Yejidae met khamani when she first stepped over the veil when she was only eleven years old, Khamani was the first person she healed, and instead of leaving as soon as he was healed, for some reason, he stuck to her side like glue while she was over the veil.

“Peace be you brotha khamani! How be you this fine evening?” said yejidae

“Aw not so formal princess! This is the otha realm no need for all your niceties!”.

This had become their routine over the years, and khamani found it hilarious. They mocked the pomp nobles in her kingdom.  They began to make their way to their base in an apartment above an abandoned computer shop. They slipped through the loose wood boards over the back entrance. They climbed the stairs and then flipped open the cover to the keypad they installed when they first found this place.


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