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The Erotic Pen

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Yukides
  • Chapters: 180
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 10.4K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 14


"Pornography isn't a crime. It's a necessity." 23 year old p*rn script writer Ravine Renaldi is chased down by Aaron Skiez, a budding human arts film director. One day Aaron discovers the woman he hooked up with was Ravine herself, the woman he admires to no end. She creates a deal wherein 3 months of their sexual relationship shall decide if she will write a script for him or not. In the meantime, many of Ravine's friends fall in love with each other as well. Ravine finally realizes that second chances can be given and not every man is abusive. Please enter my group for official notices about my books <3

Prologue: The erotic writer

"Clap her harder!" The group of men look at the body of hers bouncing at every thrust of his.

It was yet another extraordinary film by young Aaron Skiez. The art director occasionally directed movies that enticed men in a different level. Upon the encouragement, the man begins banging her even harder, the room growing hot and fuzzy with smell of s*x.

Theme: Gang bang in the snooker game hall.

"Cut! That was great." Hiding the boner under his pants, Aaron wipes the sweat from his forehead and smiles at the actress who was assisted to stand up by one of the actors. It was not very common in the industry, to treat each other well.

She doesn't forget to tiredly say, "Thank you" to the nice man.

Although, he should have expected something else when he was about to go home. To his girlfriend. He was glad he completed the film before the said time.

Aaron opens the door with the keys jiggling upon his arrival. The door squeaks open, but his heart pinches when loud noises come from his bedroom.

"What the—" dropping all his belongings on the immediate floor, he rushes up to see his girlfriend riding atop a tan man, all with her vigor. He didn't know what to do.

As much as his heart wanted to confront her and slap some sense into her, his feet wasn't coordinating with his brain. The sight itself was shocking to the man. He couldn't even utter a word out. Never in a million years did he think his sweet and loving girlfriend would do such a thing to him.

Firstly, he didn't even want to believe that it was his own betraying girlfriend.

He runs away from the place. Only did the gasp and steps of a person running out stopped the two passion birds from their activity.

He runs, he runs. He doesn't know where he's going.

He stumbles upon a motel, a nice red themed attraction for the heartbroken.

"Two vodka shots please." He hides his tears under the glass of beer he's holding as he orders. The tears won't stop and he was frustrated beyond imagination. He squints his eyes and looks beyond the sweaty bodies grinding on each other.

He sees cabins.



Ugh, my head is spinning. I'm not walking in a straight line but that's quite alright. I just grabbed the entire bottle and paid him extra for what this aged alcohol deserves. My buttons were loosened by some who wanted to flatten me on their beds, but something interests me more.

I stumble on all four cabins, pink highlighted ribbons falling down from the ceiling, acting like the curtain. Three of the men inside the cabins individually were doing women down their throats, but one of them is not.

In fact, she was not a male.

"Oh, sorry. All cabins are being used." I say, the woman looking through translucent glasses to confirm. Well, I'd sit here even if she shooed me away. She was interesting to me. Particularly because she was seriously working on some stuff. Papers scattered on the liquor filled table and laptop on her thick thighs.

"What's a study beauty sitting here for?" I ask, she adjusts her spectacles.

"Shouldn't bother you." Oof. Her crazy silky accent is making me hard again. I almost moan in pleasure, but I'm caught in my loud thoughts. "Do you find me attractive?" She doesn't even lift her head up. I'm not the perfect person to answer her, but I scoot over and smell her neck. Is she the s*x God I always dreamt about? I could see her cleavage and it was completely full, unlike my half-breasted girlfriend.

"I do, angel." I smuttily whisper in her ear. Oh, I want to lick her, but I was conscious enough to seek her permission, even through indirect cues if possible. I begin biting my lips and check out every inch of her body.

She's the perfect natural beauty and I can say she has no implants. I thought God stopped manufacturing such masterpieces, but I'm proved wrong today.

I jump when her soft, delicate hand starts rubbing my growing length through my jeans. Oh, there it goes. Feeling relaxed from all the atrociousness I've seen for today, I let her have her way with me.

Soon, her nakedness was bouncing on my body and I've perfected every one of her spots. She tightens around me after awhile and I lose it.

"Don't worry. I'm on control pills." Says she. This has to be the best day of my life and the best orgasm I've had in a century.

Groaning, holding her thick waist, I empty myself in her small pu**y. It was juicy at this point and her panting on my chest like a small puppy reminded me of all the p*rn films I've directed.

I should've asked her permission to record us.

If we did, we would have made millions.

Stranger danger

As a man, I've never once wavered but this one time, my whole body shudders as a low growl forms in my chest. She climbs up to take my soft Cock out of her hole as it makes a pop sound. I've never been so addicted to the sounds and pops ever before.

I smirk at the two men, with bottles in their hands and their stances too leisure. They were stroking themselves, hands in their pants. As i said, this would have been the greatest porn film I would have ever directed in my life. Shall i recreate this scene with my actors?

I probably shouldn't.

I'll be selfish this time and not show the world this peak of my life. My sweaty body is looked down upon her accentuated gaze. Even with the scepatcles on her nose, she looked absolutely stunning and a hint of adorableness seen. She is absolutely beautiful. I want to touch her cute yet sexy face.

But, I remember something. No more falling in love. I've had enough of everything, deliberately.


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