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The Devil's Obsession

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She hoped for a savior, but she found the devil. He is Saint. But he is no saint. He leaned in closer, his hot breath fanning my face as he looked down at me. "I think you are mistaken about something, little one. You belong to me. You were mine from the moment you clung to me desperately begging for help. But you weren't saved by some hero, a knight in shining armor. No darling, I'm the devil and you are mine".

Chapter 1

Staggering, I lean against the wall next to me, my heart beating violently in my chest as I struggled to catch my breath.No, I can't stop here. I can not let him catch me here.No matter what happens I have to escape from him this night.I glance behind me as their voices gets louder. Breathing heavily, I start running once more, running into an alley.My feet throbbed in pain with each step I took further, threatening to give up on me any minute from now. But I don't stop, I can't afford the luxury of stopping to rest my feet right now. I had to make sure I escape from that man this night.If I don't he would surely kill me."There she is. Get her!!!" I hear one of them yell behind me, and I gasp.No, no, no. They can't catch me. He would kill me.Picking up my pace, I turn a corner hoping to loose them along the way.My leg wobbles as I run further and before I know it, I'm loosing balance about to make contact with the floor.No, no. Not now. Not now. I push my hands out, breaking my fall.I wince in pain when I make contact with the hard floor, biting my lip to stop myself from crying out in pain."She has to be here somewhere. Find her!" I hear him scream close by and I blanch.I need to… I need to escape somehow. Find a place to hide. I need to make sure he doesn't see me, or he would certainly kill me this time.I need to…I search around with my eyes looking for where to hide.I stay on the ground, hoping I wasn't visible and he wouldn't come this way.Spotting a dumpster few meters away from where I lay, I pulled myself to it, hiding beside it.I hold my breath when I hear their footsteps running past."She couldn't have gone far. Make sure you find her or else!!" He barks at them.I cover my mouth with my hands to prevent myself from making any noise when his shoes enters my field of vision. My hands trembling.."I know you are here somewhere little red. When I get you. You would regret a lot of things. Your punishment would be less if you just come out now" He tells me with a surprisingly calm voice but I don't buy it.I bring my knees closer to my chest, trying to make myself less visible than I was already."Dammit!! Come out now!!" He yells punching the wall and I flinch closing my eyes.Memories of when I was in the place of the wall floods my mind but I shake my head, trying to clear the thoughts."Little red. When I get you. You would regret your entire existence and beg for mercy. But I wouldn't be kind enough to show any mercy then." He says before he turns away and walks off.I listen closely to him walking off as his footsteps gets further and further away.When I was certain he was gone, I finally released the breath I was holding. Rubbing my chest to stop my fast beating heart, I look up at the moon. It's rays shinning brightly down at me. Luckily it was covered by the clouds earlier, if not He would have caught me for sure.Taking a deep breath, I get up and turn around about to start running but I stop in shock. My eyes shaking in fear as I stared back at the man that ruined my life.Gasping, I fall back making contact with the body of the dumpster."There you are." He says, his lips curling in a menacing way."Stay… stay.. stay away." I stuttered, trying to go backwards but I'm prevented by the dumpster."Red. Red." He tuts shaking his head at me.He never called me by name, he only called me Red because my hair was red."How stupid of you to think you could actually escape from me. Bold move, I must say. But quite stupid." He stares down at me, giving me a look that made me feel stupid.I gasp when he roughly fists my hair, yanking my head backwards. I held back my scream, preventing myself from showing any form of being in pain. He hates it when you show weakness."By the time I'm done with you darling. You'd be back to the obedient little girl you were." He promises instilling a renewed sense of terror within me.I can't… I can't let him take me back home. I have to do something. I have to escape.Something glints by my side and using my peripheral vision, I see a bottle laying close to me.Stretching my hands I reach for the bottle, grabbing the bottle by the neck, I use it to hit his head."D*mn. You little…!!" He screams, holding his head and staggering backwards.I see blood flowing from his wound but I don't stay to watch him. Forcing myself up, I run back the way I came choosing another turn.Hopefully I don't run into one of his men."Find her!!!! I don't care what you do bring her to me!!!" I hear him scream and my heart beat increases in fear.I need to find someone to help me, can I find anyone here.I hear voices a distance away and I feel a little shimmer of hope.Following the voice, I turn a corner and I see them.Maybe they can help me, maybe they can….Bang.I come to a halt when a gunshot rings out and someone falls to the floor.His shooter stares at him without any emotion as he struggles for breath before finally breathing his last.I was frozen in fear as I watched him stare at the already dead man, his hand laying by his side with his gun.If he sees me he might kill me, but if HE sees me he would definitely kill me.What should I do? What should I do?? What should I do???"She must be somewhere, find here!" I hear one of HIS men coming from behind and I take a decision. Putting one leg forward, his eyes immediately snaps to me the moment I do that, but I don't stop.I can't afford to stop now.Using the little bit of strength I had, l ran towards him.One of the men next to him raises his gun to shoot me, but he stops the man.When I get to them my leg gives way beneath me and I fall before him, holding his legs to prevent myself from hitting the floors."Please save me" I begged, looking up at him with desperation in my eyes.He stares down at me with cold eyes, his expression giving nothing away.

Chapter 2

(Micini's POV)

My grip on his trousers tightens, his expression stoic as he stares down at me and I have no idea what he must be thinking."I beg you, save me from that man." I cry placing my head on his legs."Little red.. Come out, come out wherever you are. Come out dang it!!" He roars from somewhere behind us and I gasp, crawling forward trying to put as much distance between us.He turns around and stares at me as I move backwards in fear, my back making contact with a wall and preventing me from going further."If he finds, he would surely kill me this time. I can't let him find me. Please help me!" I beg him, tears flowing freely from my eyes now.He cocks his head, staring at me before he walks off with his men behind me.No don't leave, please don't leave.When he gets out of sight, my sobs gets louder and I cry my heart out.He'd kill me when he finds me, I should just come


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