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The Amorous Redemption

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: LADIOSA
  • Chapters: 24
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 549
  • 7.5
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WARNING: Mature Content || R18 Please be advised that this story contains mature themes and strong language. "I don't believe in God but I prayed you from Him." - Zerus Craige He's a killer. A gunman. A hired assassin. A cold-blooded young man living on his own created world. He's a devil from the deepest pit of hell. He kills, in exchange for money. Until his gaze was drawn to a woman wearing a black veil and holding a rosary. Fuck!


ZERUS took a look at his wristwatch. He has 5 minutes before he disrupts a well-known senator's happy moment. He wouldn't just get ten million dollars if he killed it with ease. He laughed, obviously underestimating his own abilities. If the motivation was to kill, he couldn't tell how many men and women he had killed. He shows no mercy, particularly when it comes to money.

"3 minutes," he said softly as he adjusted his sniper. He was on a building's rooftop, facing the corrupt senator's company. In reality, he is unconcerned. He not only slaughtered demons, but also innocent people. This was nothing new to him, as he had lost all mercy. He is the bad guy in this story, the murderer and miscreant.




He hits the target square in the chest. He clearly knocked it down, and the crowd was horrified. If he has a pattern, he will kill the target with a single shot right in the heart. After all, the heart is the most evil of all.

He gave a friendly smile. He can't wait to get his hands on his winnings. He removed the sniper and simply exited the building, leaving no trace of his actions. It is as simple as that. It was far too simple for him to do what was asked of him.

He has also amassed a substantial financial fortune. He required them not for himself, but for the children battling cancer. He has foundations to support, and cancer kills more than one child every day. So, why not use his money to save them?

"Are you still alive?" On the other end of the line, Ramona's voice could be heard. His phone is linked to his airpods, allowing him to move around freely.


"Don Rokassowskij is on the prowl for you. It sounds like... cash. "


"Have a good day!"

He didn't respond. Don Rokassowskij is a charitable man from Finland who now lives in the Philippines. It has a lot of charitable support, and people think of the old man as a God.

He laughed and shook. He hung up the phone and went directly to the orphanage. He would only pay visits to orphaned children like himself. He feels relieved when he sees their innocent faces and has no worries about life's problems.

WHEN they saw him, the kids ran up to him and hugged him. He chose to carry the weak one and young.

"How are you kids? Are you making Mother Helen's head hurt, huh?" he inquired softly. More than 30 children surrounded him as he sat on the cement bench. Because he couldn't forget, he had food and toys given to each of them. He hasn't been here in a month.

"We're trying to be nice! Because if we don't, you may stop loving us.

He was amused by Erish's polite response. She was tenderly standing next to him. He would have adopted all of these children a long time ago if he could. He, however, is unable to do so. He doesn't have a permanent address. He was on the move. He's a jerk. He is involved in numerous illegal activities, which endangers their lives.

Erish's bangs were ruined by him. Erish is 11 years old and is looking for foster parents to adopt her. He only wishes for one thing from the children present: that they improve their lives and do not become like him.

"Big brother, don't be the first to leave. Let's play catch-up here first," the child he was carrying said.

He squeezed her cheek while smiling. "It's not possible because... you have asthma..."

"Big brother Fender, catch us!"

He shook his head and decided to play. He stood up, laughing while carrying the sick one, and was ready to play catch—


When Mother Helen called his real name, he was distracted. He immediately smiled and paid his respects to the elderly Sister.

"Mother Helen, it's you."

The children were immediately disappointed but did not complain. They continued to play without him.

"I'm glad you came back here, Fender. Those kids are always asking me to come visit you." Mother Helen smiled. She was carrying a flower pot and was being followed by two white-clad women.

He was taken aback as their gazes locked with the last woman. She had a veil over her head and could only see her face. He was struck by its angelic beauty at first. The more her white outfit complemented her face, the better. The more the girl's beauty shone through. She appears to be a divine being. Her celestial beauty. The allure of beauty almost drove him to grasp. When Mother Helen spoke again, he quickly regained his sight.


"Fender, your birthday is September 1st; I hope you can come on that day," she remarked, setting the flower container aside. The stunning

The two sister's also followed.

He smiled as he stroked his chin. He doesn't care about his birthday. In any case, he never celebrated it.

"All right, Mother Helen, I'll give it a shot," he said. His gaze fixed on the woman named Blessy who was still trailing Mother Helen. His hands were clenched.

Is it love at first sight? But no, she's a nun!

He grew serious and sneezed. A nun, or any lady, will not rouse his numb heart. He had no time for himself.

"By the way, Son, allow me to introduce you to Sister, his name is Fender Hearst. This man is one of the orphanage's supporters. The kids here adore him as well," she began, "And Fender, this two are noviciates Sister Blessy and Sister Anita. They're here to help in the meantime."

They smiled at him, and he only nodded in answer; he didn't remain long in the orphanage, either, because Ramona called. Bitch! He handed the child to Mother Helen and said his goodbyes to them. He vowed to come the next day— if he could return alive. Because to the nature of his work, his entire body was already in danger. The sole exception is his head, which is already in the pit.

Sister Blessy, a woman who drew his attention, had a soft face and attractive round and light brown eyes. She has the appearance of an Arabian beauty, with thick, long eyelashes framing her eyes. He shook his head and chastised himself, although she appears to be extremely innocent. When he got back to his car, he felt sorry for himself.

This is not acceptable!


ZERUS was out of breath when he arrived at his penthouse, where his sister Ramona was already sitting on the sofa, sipping wine smirked slightly

"Hello there, brother!"

He ignored her and went to the kitchen to brew coffee. Even if he doubles the house lock and inserts multiple security passes, Ramona can and will still be able to enter. She follows everything she wants. Apart from having a bossy attitude, it is also difficult to handle.

"I'm guessing your head is hot, and you're sloppy at work?"

He laughed. He? He has never handled a sloppy job. All of their clients are pleased with his performance, particularly how he kills.

His brewed coffee was bitter, but he disregarded it, and his life was more bitterer while he was still walking around.

"Declare it. I have a meeting following this." He looked at Ramona. He's already behind it, sipping the wine from the goblet with finesse.

"You need to switch out this wine, bro. It has no taste. This irritates me.”

He wasn't startled when she smashed the goblet against the wall. It didn't affect him at all.

Ramona didn't just smash his cup; she also broke a lot of other items. Even a human skull can be broken with the 7-inch heels she always wears.

"Ramona, come on. I have some business to attend to. ”

She waved and smiled. "Short tempered," she admitted, "but I'm giving you this personally," she remarked as she turned away artistically. She even knocked down the vase he had just brought back from Pakistan. As it fell, it shattered into bits.


She merely gave him a loud laugh before slamming the door shut. That scumbag! He soothed himself by staring at the shattered vase. He picked out a dustbin and tossed the broken vase in it. That's how fragile things are.

No matter how expensive it is, trashcan can see its worth if it breaks.

He began reading over the files Ramona provided after putting the half-million-dollar vase away. The given details, particularly the pricing, are quite appealing to the eye. He accepted it since no one owned him. He is still the only proprietor of his time.

He stood up and threw the folder on the table. He took out his jacket and keys. He shrugged as he looked around the penthouse again. It will be sold next month. He'll relocate closer to the city.

For a brief moment, he caught sight of himself through the windshield of his car. He took off his three earrings from his left ear. It was permissible for Mother Helen and the children to see the real Fender Hearst at the orphanage. However, when he goes or visits in any hospital, he adjusts himself. He was aware that other people who saw him with piercings on his brow and on the side of his nose avoids him. He has tattoo on his back and left hand, he has a large Mandala Tattoo on the side of his neck. His appearance is the epitome of the devil.

He styled his hair. He improved his appearance. He was also wearing glasses and a jacket. He appeared to be an angel in disguise. Seeing that he appeared to be in good health, he went to a nearby hospital where he knew some young children were expecting him to pay them a visit.

He began by paying a visit to a young girl named Caren. A child who is battling a Spinal Cord Tumor disease. When she saw him, her innocent face immediately lit up. The Nurse acknowledged his presence with a smile.

"Dear Mr. Hearst, good evening. ”

She smiled and greeted the elderly nurse politely. "How's Caren doing?"

"She missed you. She's always been asking when you're going to come here."

Zerus went straight to the young Caren who was just lying in the hospital bed, and he just smiled and didn't respond to what the nurses said.

"Hello, sweetcake!"


"Fender is really busy, sweety, but I have a surprise for you!" he said as he stroked her hair and kissed her on the hair. Caren face lit up as she accepted the beautiful doll that was still wrapped. "Her name is Caren, too. Say hello to her, sweety," he gently said. he was relieved that it responded to every medication the hospital gave.

"She resembles me!"

"Yes, she looks exactly like you. So you should get better, huh?" He nodded and hugged her tenderly, watching her until she fell asleep. He only left when he was certain she was asleep and the child's mother arrived.

He also went around to other children and talked to them, and Fender only left when he was satisfied that every child's spark was happy. And for a brief moment, he forgot about his true situation.

When he got into his car, the wind blew him away; he felt sorry for the children, and though he did not pray, he secretly hoped. that they would be healed, because these children are still too young to suffer and be in pain inside the hospital.

His cellphone suddenly rang, and he saw Ramona had called, but he chose not to answer. He removed his glasses and returned his earrings, as well as fixing his hair and putting on a cap, and he looked like a bad boy once more. He grinned and glanced at the wristwatch he was wearing.

He had a target tonight, and he needed to knock it down by 12 a.m. at the victim's house, so he quickly pulled the car into the wide road. When he first killed an innocent life, his conscience hardly put him to sleep, until he got used to it. To him, human life is like a fruit — it falls when it is ripe.

He turned on the car stereo and let the lively music wash over him. When he heard Imagine Dragon, he smiled and felt slightly relieved to the songs.

He came to a halt when he saw two children scrambling for a piece of food outside an open fast food restaurant. He glanced at his watch for a moment, he still had time, and he immediately parked in front and waved at the two children, secretly sighed at their miserable appearance.

"Why?" polite inquiry of the child he believes is older.

"Why are you squabbling over a piece of fried chicken?" Even though he knew the answer, he had the right to ask, so he bowed. He shifted his gaze slightly, so that his gaze met the two children's.

A child immediately bites his lower lip and begins to cry. "W-we're starving... I apologize."

He simply smiled and ruffled the child's hair. "So you don't have to fight anymore. We'll eat inside. Wake up those with you, please." He cast a glance at the three children, who were clearly fainting from hunger, who were lying on the road.

The two's eyes immediately lit up, and they didn't ask any more questions. The two cheerfully awoke their companions and quickly they approached him.

As they walked in, everyone turned to look at them. The other customer complained right away, but he ignored them. The main thing is to feed the growing stomachs of street children, even if the money he has comes from bad work.


He felt no pity after killing the victim that night. He sighed briefly before turning away. He grinned foolishly and dashed for the car. As he pulled over, he gazed at the home for a time, as if nothing had happened.

He'll have to go through the orphanage tomorrow. Not to see the children, but to see the beauty that Sister Blessy possessed. He couldn't tell how it made him feel for the woman who serves God, assuming there is one. Because there is no God for him. That is a big lie that has been implanted in every human brain. He does, however, respect the beliefs of those around him.

When he observed the woman's beauty that morning, he smiled. It enjoyed playing with the children in the large yard and had a golden heart, as evidenced by her smile.

He fists were clenched. He isn't aware of it. He took a deep breath and returned his gaze to the woman he remembered as Blessy. He felt bad about it and knew it would become an impediment on his path one day.

So he d


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