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Mitsuki's world is turned upside down after a chance encounter with a mysterious man. Suddenly, she finds herself trapped in a situation she never could have imagined. With fear and confusion clouding her thoughts, Mitsuki is forced to confront the darkest depths of herself as she fights for survival. As she faces her fears and searches for a way out, can Mitsuki find the courage to overcome the challenges she faces, or will she succumb to the depths of despair and defeat? Her life hangs in the balance as she embarks on a gripping journey of survival and self-discovery.

Chapter 1

Mitsuki’s Pov

The sun is up, and I woke up like normal. I got up and did my morning things as usual. I’m planning to go out today. I haven’t seen the outside world for months.

“Hunter, you have to behave, okay? I’ll be back.” I said to my dog, staring at me while wagging his tail. I knelt down and kissed him. Then I went outside and took a taxi.

Finally, I arrived at my destination. There are so many people here, I decided to visit The National Gallery. I love everything about art. It's so magical, but it's not magic. I have to capture this moment. I took my phone from my bag and started taking pictures and videos.

"Amazing," I whispered to myself.

I kept looking around. I stopped when I saw a man in a corner. I wanted to ignore him, but I couldn't do it because I'm into those genres of books myself. That really caught my attention. Besides, I feel like my inner self is telling me to approach him, so I did.

I walked in the direction of the man and approached him. I observed him for a bit and it seems he didn't notice my presence yet. "Ahem." I was fascinated by his beautiful dark brown eyes. The man was shocked, so I gave him a little smile. I started talking and I can tell that he was also fascinated by me. I feel like an idiot though, because he didn't say anything and just kept staring at me. I am regretting my decision! I was about to leave, but then he finally talked.

"Hi," the man said. It caught me a little off guard when I heard his voice. The man started talking, and that made me smile. I sat beside him and we talked for a while. This is so insane. I am literally talking to a stranger. I have never done this in my entire life.

This is the first time that I approached someone..! I've been searching for quite a long time for a person who shares similar interests with me and this man. We both have a lot of similarities, maybe because we are suicidal? Haha. Well, I’m not really sure if he’s also a suicidal but he’s reading a suicidal book.. This is weird, crazy, and hilarious. I might be dreaming.

"Would you like to borrow my book, then?"

"The complete guide to a perfect suicide." I read the title. He nodded and chuckled.

"Are you sure?" I asked, Is it okay for him to lend his book to a stranger?

"Of Course! You can have it if you want to. I have a lot of books anyway."

"Right now, I can see the sparks in your eyes, haha."

"Haha. I couldn't help it!" He was about to say something, but my phone rang up.

"Ah!" I looked at him.


"I think I should go now!" I said and smiled. I wanted to talk to him for a bit. But I have to go home. Ah! I should ask his name! IDIOT.

"Is that so?" Wait? Did I hear it wrong? Just right now, I heard his tone change. He spoke in a low voice, and it made a chill run up and down my spine.

"Oh, is it a goodbye, then?" Maybe I am hallucinating.

"I think so too," I laughed awkwardly.

"Alright then, it was nice talking to you!"

"Yeah, Same here! Thank You." I said goodbye to him one last time. I was ready to leave, but he grabbed my wrist! The sudden physical contact startled me. He smiled. He walked closer. I could hear my heartbeat.!

"I'm about to kidnap you," He whispered in my ears in a low and bone chilling voice.

"I suggest you not to resist or do anything funny, or else you might not be able to see daylight."

My heart started racing. He looked at me with a mischievous smile. I knew that I had to find some way to get away quickly, I know!! .. but right now…. I couldn't move. My whole body was cold, sweat dripped on my forehead and face, I felt sick, my mind went blank. And then suddenly, he let go of my wrist. He smiled at me so tenderly, he then held my hands and told me to follow him.

"I- I think I would like to decline!" I said in a raspy voice and gulped. He looked at me with an angry face. I couldn't hide the frightened look in my eyes anymore. This man might really kill me. He looks like a different person than before. All I can see is he's a monster…

"Hm. I don't want to do this, you know, but you leave me no choice." He leans towards me, holding a handkerchief.

"Now~ now~ you must be really shocked. How about a rest?" That was the last thing I have heard. My eyes felt heavy, and I didn't know what happened next.

3rd Person's Pov

The man had an evil look on his face. He caught the woman in his arms and made a fake scream.


"Are you okay?!"

Some people notice their presence now and run towards them to help.

"What happened here?"

"S-she suddenly collapsed," the man answered in a quavering tone. He furrowed his eyebrows as he got worried about the woman’s situation.

"Let's call the ambulance!" Some boy in his 20s spoke as he took his phone and was about to start the call, but the brunette man didn't like the idea. The man thinks it's funny but not very pleasant.

"Sir! I- I appreciate the help, but I think it's better if I just go to the nearest hospital." The man said, still concerned.

"Yes! Go, you should hurry!" The lady in a black dress spoke, everyone there agreed to her, nodding their heads and telling him to go. The brunette's eyes lit and his lips curved in a malicious pleasure.

"Hurry and go!" The man carries the woman in a bridal style and thanks them. After that, he walks until they are outside the Gallery.

"Ha..! What a load of b*llsh*t." The brunette said in a grating voice, then he started the engine and drove.

Chapter 2

Flint’s Pov

Two days have passed, but this woman has not regained consciousness since then. Should I do something about it? Hm, I Am very worried. I look at the figure lying on my bed. I stare at her for a bit and suddenly an idea pops up in my mind!

"What if I spill hot water on you? Ah! That would wake you up, no doubt about it." I burst out into such a boisterous laughter, then let out a sigh.

"I wouldn't want to ruin that pretty face of yours, do I?" I sat beside her, combing her hair as I hummed.

"Hm?" I caressed her cheeks. I didn't notice the beauty marks before. I moved closer to take a better look, my face just inches away from hers.

"What a beauty." I caressed her face, my eyes glued to her. This is the first time I've seen such beauty.

"I was not planning to hunt that time, you know, but you just suddenly came to me and made a scene." I paused for a moment


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