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"Stellar Dreams: Whirlwind of Time"

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Before her reincarnation, Ruan Xin met Xiao Chen at a drinking party, where she, deceived and trembling, felt completely out of place. After the event, someone tried to take her away, but Xiao Chen drove them off and turned to her with a gentle tone, asking, "Where do you live? I'll take you home." In her rebirth, Ruan Xin said to Xiao Chen, "Xiao Chen, it's dark out. Can you take me home?" Xiao Chen responded harshly, "Get lost!" Ruan Xin realized the big shot had two different faces. 1. The male lead actually always had only one face but pretended, leading the female lead to misunderstand. 2. A tsundere, sensitive, and self-deprecating big shot paired with a soft, adorable healing little beauty. 3. A pure, sweet love story set in a fictional background for pure entertainment. Tags: Healing, School Beauty, Moe, Rebirth, Love Grows with Time.

Chapter 1 "Go back to junior high school."

The cacophony of cicadas buzzed in my ears, the whirring of the fan above, and suddenly, a deafening wake-up call echoed through the air—a resonating chime.

"Ruan Xin, Ruan Xin, our nap is over, let's hurry to the convenience store for drinks before they're all snatched up!"

Ruan Xin, amidst the sparse murmurings around her, had just opened her eyes when a girl in a black-and-white school uniform, with two ponytails, grabbed her arm, pulling her out of the classroom and into a sprint.

Upon reaching the store's entrance, the girl attempted to drag Ruan Xin into the crowded space filled with classmates. Startled, Ruan Xin quickly let go of her hand, waving, "I'm not thirsty, you go ahead!"

"Alright, I'll buy one for you later." The girl said as she rushed inside.

After a vigorous run, with the warm breeze blowing, Ruan Xin was now fully awake. The surroundings were unfamiliar, clad in an unattractive black-and-white school uniform, standing by a small store at the edge of a coal-gray field, waiting. It was a stark contrast to the previous memory of standing at the entrance of a luxurious restaurant in a deep gray suit, waiting for Xiao Chen to drive her home.

"Ruan Xin, I got it! No one could beat me, haha!" The voice rang in her ears, and memories of this girl, Tong Jia, her desk mate, flooded her mind. A lively, slightly chubby girl from a humble background.

"I'll tell you, this drink is amazing. Really, my mom bought me a bottle before, and unexpectedly, our store started selling it a few days ago. They really understand my heart. Ruan Xin, try it!" Tong Jia looked at Ruan Xin with hopeful eyes.

"It's sweet and delicious. Thanks, Tong Jia!" Unable to resist her desk mate's eager eyes, Ruan Xin took the bottle, tasted a bit, and handed it back.

"Well, you didn't even check who picked it. It's because we have a good relationship. I wouldn't give it to anyone else!" Tong Jia held Ruan Xin's hand, soda in the other, walking towards the classroom.

As Ruan Xin and Tong Jia returned to the classroom and sat down, a male classmate from the back leaned forward, "Tong Jia, bringing your little sidekick to buy drinks again!"

"Zhao Xiaohu, can you shut your foul mouth? Ruan Xin isn't my sidekick. We're desk mates, good friends. Don't sow discord!" Tong Jia retorted.

"Who's sowing discord? Don't talk nonsense..."

Amidst Tong Jia and Zhao Xiaohu's banter, memories continued to resurface...

Ruan Xin is now a first-year junior high student with parents working in a factory, including a twin brother, Ruan Hao, in the neighboring class. Her family composition is different from her previous memories, with an additional brother. Perplexed, she pondered.

"Are you still interested in your drink bottle?" A pleasant yet emotionless voice interrupted Ruan Xin's contemplation.

"Sorry, this... Xiao Chen." Ruan Xin looked up and suddenly saw someone very similar to Xiao Chen. Unable to contain her surprise, she shouted.

Xiao Chen remained unfazed.

"Ruan Xin, what's wrong?" Tong Jia, hearing Ruan Xin call out Xiao Chen's name, turned around, catching her staring at the classmate, Xiao Chen.

Upon hearing Tong Jia's inquiry and seeing the perplexed looks of classmates, Ruan Xin realized. Her face gradually turned red...

"I'm fine, Jia Jia. It's just that this classmate wanted the drink bottle!" Ruan Xin pointed to the bottle on the table.

"Xiao Chen, there's some left. I'll give it to you after I finish drinking." Tong Jia said.

"Okay!" Xiao Chen responded to Tong Jia's words and went to the back of the classroom, leaving Ruan Xin with a slender figure.

"Why bother with him, Tong Jia? He's not a likable guy. Doesn't say a few sweet words!" Zhao Xiaohu, you better watch what you say, or I'll make you unrecognizable to your parents."

"You dare, Tong Jia, let me tell you..."

*Ding ding ding*

The bell rang, everyone returned to their seats. Ruan Xin turned her head to the back and saw Xiao Chen sitting in the last row, leaning against the wall.

Xiao Chen, five years older than Ruan Xin, had become a legend by the time she graduated from college. Separated parents since childhood, living with his uncle's family, adopted not out of pity but to exploit his father's compensation money. Despite hardships, Xiao Chen excelled academically, gaining admission to a prestigious high school.

Unexpectedly, instead of attending university, he left the place he'd lived for over a decade. When asked about regrets, he mentioned missing the chance to study during the appropriate age, also missing her growth.

"She's someone you like?" The host asked, eyes gazing curiously at Xiao Chen.

"Yeah, she's my little white in my heart."

Many details about Xiao Chen were learned through friends' discussions, TV interviews, or magazine articles. Always composed and articulate in public, portraying an image of a resilient, positive, helpful person.

Now, unbelievably, I'm classmates with Xiao Chen. We're attending junior high together!

Chapter 2 "The boss is very timid."

The melodious voice of the Chinese teacher's lecture continued uninterrupted, yet Ruan Xin's thoughts were entirely elsewhere. Recalling the sight of Xiao Chen just moments ago, he appeared completely different from the business tycoon stored in her memory, except for a face that still bore a striking resemblance.

Before her rebirth, Ruan Xin had been deceived into accompanying someone for drinks. In the midst of the social gathering, she encountered the living Xiao Chen, who had graced the covers of television and magazines. Their first meeting took place in this ambiguous setting.

Xiao Chen, dressed in a dark gray suit with an open collar, adorned with a valuable jet-black wristwatch, maintained a warm smile on his face. Engaging in conversations with those around him, he occasionally burst into laughter, creating an approachable atmosphere. Ruan Xin, seated directly across from him, discreetly stole glances several times.



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