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The night I will never forget, the night when my pride and dignity was ripped off by a man I trusted, a man I called my father. Her eyes part open when I felt hands on my breast. Turning to her side, She was shocked to see her step father on the bed with her. Worst of all, he was just on his briefs. “Dad, what are you doing?” She asked smacking his hands off her breast but he held her hands and got on top of her. She tried to struggle with him but he pinned both her hands above her head. “Dad,c please don’t do this” She pleaded in tears. “Gold sweetheart just be a good girl for daddy” “Dad, please” I tried fighting him off but I only received a resounding slap. He ripped off all my clothings as his hands fondled with my breast and i cried even more. She tried wrestling with him but she was overpowered. Who will save Gold Collins from the clutches of a ruthless master? Read more to find out….

CHAPTER 1: Feels Weird

“Mama come have breakfast” my mum called. Mama is the official pet name mom gave to me which is now my middle name.

“Mom, am late for school already” I said rushing down the stairs.

“That’s because you woke up late”

“Mom I need to leave ASAP”

“Buy some food for yourself at school” mom gave me some money. “Thanks mom”I pecked her cheeks before leaving for school.

That’s my mom, Irene Collins. The perfect gift God blessed me with.  It's been eight years now since she and my dad got separated. Our family was a happy one, until a woman came and stole the love of my father and the worst part, she already had a child for him.

Some weeks later, my dad filled for a divorce. My mom pleaded with him not to destroy our family but he divorced her anyways. The once happy family we had got shattered. I was just ten then but I understood perfectly all that had happened.

My name is Gold Mama Collins. I’m pretty, smart and I’ve got a lush body. A body that most guys want, large curvy hips, big round butts and a medium size perky breast but I’m not really into boys.

Mom says boys are a distraction and I think she’s right. Get a boyfriend and your grade drops.

I sighed and boarded a bus to school. I’m in finals in Secondary school with just few months to graduate. I really can’t wait to get into the University.

School was quite stressful today coupled with the fact that my bestie Esther wasn’t in school.

It gladdened my heart as the final bell was rang. I picked up my books and stuff them in my bag.

“Hey Gold. You look hot” John smiled mischievously smacking his lips. One of the hottest dude in school and he has been trying to get into my pants for months but I’m not giving him that chance.

“Thanks” I smiled and walked out on him. He tried calling me back but I ignored him.

On getting home, I met mom giggling and laughing with a man. This is unusual cause she’s supposed to be at work.

“Good afternoon mom” I greeted and turned to the stranger. He was a middle aged man probably in his late 40’s.

“Mum, what’s going on here? and who is this man?”

“Gold, I'll be getting married” mom giggled showing me her ring. I really don’t know if I should be happy or sad. I’ve always wanted a fatherly figure but now I feel weird.

“To him?” I asked.

“Yeah you’ve got a problem with that”

“Not really”

“Gold this is Kennedy and Kennedy meet my daughter Gold”

“Gold? You’ve got a beautiful name that suits your person. It’s so nice to meet the daughter of the woman I love” he smiled.


I'll be in my room Mum” I gave him a strange glare before walking out of the sitting room.

"I don't think she likes me” I heard him tell mum.

“Just give her time. This is all too new to her”

I sigh and shut the door off my room. I took off my clothes and headed to the bathroom to freshen up.

I put on a white crop top and denim shorts after bathing.

“I’m starving” I mumble rubbing my stomach. I get out of my room and head to kitchen. I saw mom kissing her supposed husband to be, he sights me as I walk into the kitchen.

Something about him seems off but I shrugged it off. What makes mom happy should also make me happy.

I serve myself a plate of jollof rice and a cup of orange juice.

I sat at the three seater dinning table set in the kitchen. I said a short prayer and starting eating. The food was delicious, mom’s food is always the best.

“Mama” I heard mom’s soft voice as she advances into the kitchen. She sits on the chair opposite me.

“Mama what’s wrong? Don’t you want to have a daddy?” she asked.

“I do”I sighed.

“Then why the attitude?”

“Mom it feels weird, I mean I’m used to it just been the both of us now they is gonna be a third party? It’s all too sudden to me” I tell her truthfully.

“I understand how you feel Gold, but trust me Kennedy is a good man and he will make a good father to you” she says and I nod.

“Anything that will make you happy”

“Thanks Mama. By the way you’ll soon have a step brother”

“A step brother too?”

“Yes honey you will get to meet him soon. I know you’ve always wanted a complete family and we are gonna have that soon”

“Thanks mom”I smile at her as I continued with my food.

“You really want to know why I named you ‘Gold’?”I raise my head up to meet her eyes. Of course, I want to know mum so why?”

“Because you are pretty Mama. Gold's are beautiful treasures. Remember this, that no matter the challenges life throws at you.You must not give up but stay strong” she says holding my hands firmly.

“Yes mom”

“Now that’s my Mama. I’ll be in my room”

“Ok mom” I smile as I watched her leave. I finish up my food and cleared the dishes.

Weeks later, mom got married to the man of her dreams. After then, I experienced what a complete and happy family was .My step dad and brother Caleb were really nice to me. I cleared all the doubts I had about him, mom was right after he was a good man and a good father too.

“Yippe finally Gold. We are out of Secondary school” my bestie Esther giggled and its so good to be finally out of it with good grades too.

“I know right. I really can’t wait to get into University”

“I heard they are a lot of cute dudes in college” that’s Esther for you, boy freak and also crazy but I like her a lot.

“You really never change”

“Life no get part two oo, so you better chop life or life go chop you. Spot that guy over there, he's cute right?” Gold just looked at her surprised.

“I can’t stop thinking about him”.

“Seriously? Esther!” I did the sign of the cross.

“Gracious lord. talk to you later” she laughed away. Gold kept staring at her as she advertised herself over the dude.

I smiled when I sighted my family.

“Mum” I hugged her. “thought you won't be able to make it ”

“Why not baby I’ll come. Besides, I’m very proud of you Mama” mum told me.

“To celebrate this, how about a family dinner to the best restaurant in town” my step dad asked.

“If its food. I’m so in for it” Caleb replied happily.

“You're nothing but a foodie” I laughed pulling his ears.

"Gold stop it” he pouted and I giggle. I like Caleb a lot, and I’m so happy to have him as my brother. He’s actually in University but he shuffles from home to school .

“Whats wrong with you Honey?” Kennedy inquired when mum stumbled a bit but she rested her hand on the head.

“I can't tell… I just have this migraine and my eyes…”she collapsed instantly but dad held her

and prevented her from falling.

“ Irene !”


People were staring at us but I didn't pay attention. I only want my mum to be fine because she’s my world.

Sitting outside the ward mom was taken to, I cried my eyes out. Caleb tried consoling me while dad was pacing around confused as we awaited the doctor.

“Doctor what happened to my mother,?”I rushed at him as he came out of the ward.

“How is my wife Doctor?”

“Not good. She's suffering from hemorrhagic stroke therefore, there is need to perform a brain surgery on her immediately to prevent the cerebral bleeding else, we will loose her”

“Doctor, please proceed with the surgery immediately provided she will be fine ”

“But, her rate of survival is slim”

“So you mean my mom may not survive even after the surgery?”

“I’m afraid so” he said sadly.

“I want to see my mom”

“You can see her. A nurse will bring the necessary surgery papers for you to sign. Surgery will commence in ten minutes”

I rushed into the room and my heart bled when I saw mom. She was on a ventilator machine and two nurses were busy adjusting her drip and taking records of her heartbeat.

“Mom” I cried grabbing her hands and she opened her eyes gradually.

“Don’t cry for me Gold. I need you to be courageous. Don’t ever let your problems bring you down and don’t let people see your tears” her voice was muffled because of the oxygen mask.

“Mom I can’t live without you”

“Of course you can Mama I don’t think I can make it”

“Don’t say a thing like that Irene. You can’t just leave us like that we need you” dad yelled a bit in tears.

“Ken, you are a good man and I wish we had more time together Please take care of Gold for me”

“Caleb be a good boy ok?” mom said to Caleb who was in tears.

“You will survive this mum, because you will not die she smiled faintly.

“Mr Kennedy please sign these papers” the nurse said dad and signed the papers.

I watched my mom being wheeled into the theatre room but she never came out alive. I felt like my whole world crumbled and I felt my heart shatter into a thousand pieces.

After the burial, my biological dad refused custody of me since my mom was no more. My step dad and brother treated me like family and let me stay with them.

I thought I could be happy as Kennedy and Caleb continued being nice to me but course of my life changed in one night.

The night I will never forget, the night when my pride and dignity was ripped off by a man I trusted, a man I called my father.

My eyes part open when I felt hands on my breast. Turning to my side, I was shocked to see my step father on the bed with me. Worst of all, he was just on his briefs.

“Dad what are you doing?” I asked smacking his hands off my breast but he held my hands and got on top of me. I tried to struggle with him but he pinned both my hands above my head.

“Dad please don’t do this” She pleaded in tears.

“Gold sweetheart just be a good girl for daddy”

“Dad please” I tried fighting him off  but I only received a resounding slap. He ripped off all my clothings as his hands fondled with my breast and i cried even more.

She tried wrestling with him but he was overpowered her.

“This is going to be fun ”he groaned.

CHAPTER 2:Like Your Father

It’s a brand new day and I’m so excited that I get to leave this misery of a house tomorrow.

I will ensure Kennedy and his son rot in prison and to think I really thought Caleb was unique but he turned out to be just like his father. It pains, to behold the people you care about turned around suddenly into your most awful nightmares.

I hissed as I applied cold compress to the bruises that beast inflicted on my face. I had to clean up the untidiness they both left in the sitting room. I didn’t want Kennedy to arrive and begin ranting like a mad man that he is. After tomorrow, all these ill treatment will be over but I wonder if I will ever have a usual life once more. I got a bucket of water and added detergent powder to it and started to wipe off their sperm on the floor.

“Hey Gold “I heard Caleb's voice behind me. Does he really think things can go back to the way they used to be after what he and his father did?

“Gold I’m remorseful; I shouldn’t have done t


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