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Sold For Millions To The Mafia

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After witnessing her father's death and being forcefully taken away from her family and sold into prostitution at age 17, Bella never had seen or hoped for a better life outside what she was, let alone find love, but fate had betrayed her once more, giving her an enemy in disguise of a lover. She found love in the arms of Leonard, a saviour who rekindled her hope. Reuniting with her long-lost mother was a flicker of light in her darkness. But just as the tides turned, tragedy's shadow loomed. Her friends met the same chilling fate that had stolen her father and family, igniting a firestorm of fury within her. With vengeance in her heart, she set out to track down Drago, the one responsible. But what she discovered shook the very core of her existence. Betrayed, used, and burdened with the weight of disrespecting the memory of her father and lost friend, Bella stood at the precipice of an unthinkable choice. Could love and revenge coexist, or had Bella been pushed to the brink of darkness beyond return? Will her love for Leonard overthrow her quest for revenge?

Chapter 1, The Appointment

Bella Charles woke up to the sharp ring of the alarm on her bedside stool, eyes wide open, she lay, still sweating profusely with eyes full of tears, she must have been crying in her sleep. She realized she was holding onto her bed sheets too tightly,

"Freaking nightmares'' she murmured.

This occurring nightmare she'd had for ten long years was still so unsettling, only it wasn't just a nightmare it had actually happened. At seventeen she had witnessed her father being murdered in front of her, he lay there on the ground in a pool of his own blood, a bullet in his head, that left his head in a little split that showed a little bit of brain, blood running down his face and his eyes still open looking at her so lifeless and hopeless as she was being dragged away. Bella sat up, brought her knees to her chest and hugged herself, the memory fresh and hurting like it had happened yesterday.

"I miss you Pa, and I miss Mum and my sister so much. I will make sure he gets his karma twice as much"

she let the tears fall, it was her therapy, and crying her heart out helped her function properly. She brought out her diary beneath her pillow and opened the last few pages where the word 'Drago' was written repeatedly all over the pages. She stared at it for a while.

"Die, die, die, you freaking son of the devil" she cursed, hitting the page of the book with her hand.

"Burn in hell devil" she cursed under her breath, swearing her day for revenge would come. She closed the book and stood from the bed to get ready for her appointment for the evening.

The cold evening breeze only reminded Bella of her life as she knocked on the door of the house of her client, she wore a black fur jacket to keep out the cold as well as cover up her unnecessarily revealing outfit. The door opened and a huge man with a bald head appeared before her.

"How can I help you?" He asked. It was her first time with this client but she had seen a picture of him so she knew it wasn't this huge man, he was a lanky looking man in his early forties popularly known as the transporter.

"This is one funny-looking fellow," she said under her breath.

" I'm here to see Hugo," she said with a smile, then walked in when the man left the doorway.

Bella walked in observing the house calmly, it wasn't as big inside as it looked outside, and there were men all over about six of them sat in the living room, some smoked, some counted sealed packages into a bigger bag.

"Go upstairs," the man who answered the door said.

"Ohh okay thank you"Bella said turning to him she nodded her thanks before going up the stairs where she found additional four men moving around with guns.

One of them pointed to the last room.

"the last room," he said as he pointed in the direction.

"Thank you" Bella responded then followed. Knocking twice she let herself in. It was a big messy master's bedroom, with clothes and plates cluttered around.

"What a mess, how do people live in such a pigsty?" She murmured to herself, she saw the stacked-up package in the open dresser, and halfway across the room, she heard the spattering water of the shower and Hugo's humming.

"Ohh in the shower now, nice!" she whispered, seizing the opportunity she ran to the desk at the end of the room, she frantically looked around before searching the tables, then the drawers, she finally found it, the log book.

She flipped hurriedly to the middle and she found it, 11 pm tomorrow, Manhattan port, code: 55517, title: cold gold. She heard the shower go off and she hurriedly placed the book back in the drawer, ripping it a little.

"Sh*t! Sh*t careful Bella Charles!" She cursed under her breath then closed the drawer as quietly as she could, she hurriedly walked to one of the two single chairs in front of the bed cursing as her heels made more noise than she thought they could, she sat down, dropped her small handbag on the table in front of her then crossed her legs trying to look calm and composed, and forty seconds later Hugo came into the room naked with a towel on his wet hair.

"Santa Maria!" He exclaimed, jumping a little at the unexpected sight of her.

"I take it you were really expecting me" Bella said sarcastically with a smile, eyeing him head to toe letting her eyes linger on his groin.

"Not bad at all" she said, her eyes still feasting on the sight of his groin, she smiled at him when she finally raised her eyes to him.

"How long have you been here?" He asked walking to the dressing room unbothered by her bold stare.

"I just got here," she answered, getting up to remove her fur jacket.

A few minutes later he came out of the dresser wearing just trousers, he walked to the home theatre and turned it on, a song Bella wasn't familiar with came on, and he increased the volume a little higher, then went ahead to pour himself a half glass of Bombay sapphire that stood on the drawer beside his bed before coming to sit on the second chair opposite her.

"Come," he said, sounding more like a calm command as he took sips from the glass. Bella stood and walked to him swinging her hips seductively, he placed his hands in between her thighs, then moved upward till he got to her genital then he pinched her.

"Ouchhh, careful there" Bella warned trying to maintain her smile

"Did Lorenzo tell you how I like it huh? My taste is huuhh very peculiar" he said sniffing in between her legs through her short dress before looking up at her with a smile.

Bella didn't like the play out so far but she managed to smile back at him, it reminded her of 'Wild House' the birthplace of horror for her, where she had serviced men with so-called peculiar tastes, men who often abused women or like women abusing them for pleasure.

"Dance! Baby dance" Hugo ordered much to Bella's irritation. She did, swinging her hips side to side, twisting and whining her body the way she knew how, she giggled when she saw the sight pleased him.

"I hope this ends sooner or I will lose my mind, f*ck!" She murmured to herself. He waved his hand signalling for her to take off her clothes, and she did, gently, one shoulder strap after another then let it fall to the floor, exposing her bare plum breast to his eyes, still dancing as she reached for her panties and slid out of it.

"Beautiful!" He exclaimed, laughing as he looked at her head to toe. He stood, going over the home theatre, he increased the volume some more, and Bella began to fear for herself.

He approached her with a smiling face, grabbed her left breast and began to suckle on it violently. Bella managed a terrified laugh but didn't expect what came next.

A slap landed on the left side of her face without warning, blinding her left eye temporarily and sending a deafening ring to her ears, she fell to the ground a terrified scoff escaping her lips and surprised eyes looked up at him. Hugo pulled her back up, grabbing her *ss, kissing her neck and breast hurriedly like an animal starved of food, he grabbed the back of her head and then landed another slap on the same side as before. Bella screamed, swearing…

"Sh*t! F*ck! What the hell Hugo!" She cursed but the man wasn't moved by her reaction.

"This man is going to render me deaf as well as blind at this rate," she thought to herself.

"Should I fight him? No, I do not stand a chance, this is his territory, he could kill me" she contemplated in her head.

"I shouldn't have come, shouldn't have volunteered," she thought to herself, she had come because Hugo was transporting Drago's package and she wanted to be a helping hand in sabotaging the packages, she'd insisted she would take on this mission, she knew they were worth millions of dollars and it will be a painful loss for Drago.

Hugo pulled her again this time he took her to the bed and then shoved her onto it so her body was on the bed while she knelt on the floor.

"So beautiful," he said rubbing on her buttocks, he then bent over and kissed it before sending a hard smack onto it. This time Bella cried out in pain.

"Please stop" she begged knowing she couldn't escape him, not with his men lined up outside the door.

"Ohh I like it when you beg, you know what I like, nasty girl," he said, smacking her even more.

"Enough please" Bella pleaded, she felt his sweat drip on her back before he flipped her over onto her back and began to choke her.

Bella couldn't understand what was happening, had she been caught spying? Why was he trying to kill her?

She tapped violently at his hand, struggling as she twisted and turned beneath him fighting to push him off of her, she felt herself choke and her vision gradually began to blur, she felt another resounding hit to the head and everything went blank.

Chapter 2, Back To The Start

Bella sat in front of the mirror assessing the injury done to her face, it stung whenever she tried to apply powder to conceal it.

"Monsters and psychopaths now walk freely like it's normal huh?" she said to her reflection.

"Ouch! Fuck, fuck, fuck son of a bitch" she cursed trying to apply her makeup. Hugo was a monster, he was a necrophilia, knocking her out and having sex with her motionless body; she had barely managed to return home that morning after waking up in so much pain.

"How could he do this horrible thing to this pretty face, what a piece of shit."

She felt weak and in pain so she sat there feeling terrible and violated.

"I would have played dead if he wanted me to, he didn't have to knock me senseless, I should report him for this" she kept talking to herself.

"I ought to kill Lorenzo too for this"

Her father would turn in his grave seeing the kind of life she&


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