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Miya, a twenty- four-year-old lady trying to survive while searching for the man who had killed her parents when she was just six. “Please tell your boss not to smile at me” Miya facepalmed “Why?” “How can someone be this handsome? God is being partial here. How can He mold his son this beautiful and me”, pointing at herself “his daughter like a chicken” Maxwell used all the strength in him to swallow his laughter? He wasn't very knowledgeable about this girl, but he knew two things; one, she was a prostitute, calling herself daughter of God was just funny. Two, she was the beautiful one, calling herself chicken was another thing to laugh about. She was an angel, gorgeous. He paused when he realized what he was thinking. … “I love you” Maxwell confessed “Are you crazy?! Do you know I'm a prostitute?” Miya screamed but quickly lowered her voice around the last part of her speech “You are not anymore. I promise I'll pay for everyday you spend with me” Maxwell replied, causing Miya to frown at him “Even if I don't have s*x with you?” “Even if you don't have s*x with me” “How much? How much do you plan to pay me if I choose to stay with you every day" Miya raised a brow “Any amount you want” “How rich are you?” She wondered, she didn't know she said it out loud, but he replied anyway “Very”


“Noooooo….”Miya swiftly opened her eyes with force as her heart was beating so fast, she was on the bed. She was sweating all over and her breath was uneven. She was having the same nightmare again. She placed her hand on her chest to calm her racing heart.She sat up and found herself in a strange room, this was definitely not her room. She looked around the room, it wasn't familiar until her eyes landed on the man beside her on the bed sleeping peacefully. She sighed, she was with a client and was having a nightmare. The man was still sleeping, so she stood up from the bed, picked up her purse before entering the bathroom.She stared at herself in the mirror and splashed water on her face. She looked closely in the mirror and found some marks on her shoulders, she frowned. She never liked it when she was being marked by her clients, she didn't belong to them. They should keep their biting and nibbling to themselves. It doesn't help her business. If some other emotional client sees this, he would just leave and that would ruin her business, her name, and reputation. She'll ignore this particular client because his pay was perfect, she could tell that he had a good time, and she promised to give him that because of his money. Who releases money just like that? This man was so rich, and he flaunted it to her, that he even asked her to write the actual amount she wanted, giving her a blank check.Last night…Miya was at the club drinking for a while before she went to meet Jackie at home. Jackie is a working-class lady but has promised her girl's night tonight since she would have a two-day break from work. Miya was so happy about the whole idea because she can't remember the last time she had a good time with Jackie. Her work was so hectic that she came home really late. Miya had already planned how the two days would go. Each time together, they'll cherish them because they don't know when a day like this will come again.“Hot”“Excuse me?” Miya noticed it was the same guy who had been staring at her since she got into the club, 'when did he get so close?' she asked herself. She just wanted to have one or two glasses before going straight home to Jackie. They had planned a ladies night together, and she was really looking forward to it. She can't remember the last time she had such a moment with her best friend. As she thought, all they were going to do tonight.“A penny for your thought” the guy spoke, and she snapped out of her daze. She frowns“My thoughts are not for a penny, pay well, and I might just tell you” she smiled beautifulThe guy chuckled “that was just an expression you know that right?”Miya sip on her drink, “Oh, really? I had no idea” she giggled.“Can I join you?” he asked“As long as you're paying, I don't mind” he chuckled again, “you look like someone who doesn't like to spend money but likes to receive”She shook her head “No, actually I love to spend, spend people money” she giggled and continued as she looked at the drink in her glass “I spend a lot too. In Fact, I don't make friends with people that don't like to spend on me” she flashed him a seductive smile, 'if you know what I mean' she added in her mind.He smiled at her, “I like your honesty, how about I pay for your drink?” “Do what pleases you” she replied“Can I have your contact number?” He asked.“You're rude,” she spoke as she stood up. Her phone number, that was a massive No.He saw she was about to leave, and he stood up as well, “Wait, I just wanted to be friends with you”“What do you really want?” She raised her brows at himHe scratched the back of his head, she took that as a sign, he wanted more. She hated guys that couldn't speak up, wasting her time.“Are you rich?”“Something like that”, he flashed her a smile“How rich?” She asked, staring right at him“I'll give you a blank cheque to fill in whatever”.“Let's go”And he meant it. He gave her a blank cheque to fill any amount she wanted, and she even filled it before she began to pleasure him.Miya, who was now seated in the restroom, brought out her phone to check the time. Her eyes widened when she saw the missed calls and messages from her best friend Jackie, she swallowed. Jackie would kill her, roast her and give her body parts to vultures. She opened the messages'Miya, I'm home. Where are you? Why aren't you picking up my calls?''Miya, I'm still waiting for you. Come home now'.'Don't bother coming to this house it clocks 12:00 am''Don't step your feet into this house again. Find yourself a new home because there is no place for you here ever again'.D*mn! How the hell did I sleep off? She dialed the angry lady's number, but she didn't pick upShe kept trying and trying, but Jackie didn't pick up her calls. “Ah, she must be furious. Miya, you messed up big time”She freshened up before stepping out of the bathroom. The man was still sleeping“Tsk tsk, I must have worn him out last night”.Miya walked out of the hotel room with her shoes in one hand and her bag in the other. She walked shamelessly out of the hotel, ignoring the people staring at her.…“Come on Jackie, open up” Miya pleaded for the one hundredth time“Go away Miya” Jackie replied with a sob, her voice was low. Miya was heartbroken, she didn't mean to ignore the girl, she just had to make money.“I'm so sorry, Jackie, I forgot.”“You forgot?!” How dare she forget?“No, I mean I slept off” Miya sighed, she wasn't supposed to mention that she had forgotten! This girl wouldn't like to hear that.“You slept off… where? Isn't this your house? How did you sleep off or else you go out! You told me last night was for me alone, yet you went out!” Jackie is a very busy 26 years old lady. She doesn't have time for herself because she spends her entire life at work. So, when her boss gave her a two-day break, she couldn't think of anyone else to spend it with, if not her bestie. She doesn't know when this opportunity will come again. She has planned to quit her job because it was too much for her, but the pay was perfect, and her boss just keeps increasing her salary whenever she talks about quitting. So, how can she refuse? Just like yesterday when she spoke to him about quitting, but again he increased it and even gave her a two-day break.“I'm so sorry, it's just that the pay was perfect, I didn't want to miss it-”“But you can miss spending time with me?!”Miya rolled her eyes, 'it's not like you'll pay me for the time I spend with you' Of Course that was stated in her mind“I'm truly sorry Jackie, I'll give my whole time to you today, I promise” “This is not the first time you've said this and failed” Jackie scoffed“I promise this time, starting from right now, I'm all yours”“Really?” Jackie asked.“Really” Miya replied“Really? Really?”“Really? Really?” Miya replied as her patience was growing thin.“Really? Really? Ren-”“Oh come on!” Jackie bursts out laughing as she opens the door for Miya. Miya quickly stepped in and frowned when she saw Jackie still laughing at her“Weren't you crying a while ago?”“Didn't you say you were pressed a while ago?” Jackie asked back.“Why can't I see any tears? Or red, puffy eyes since you've been crying all night?” Miya threw another question at her. Jackie didn't have plans of replying to any, as she asked again.“Why aren't you in the bathroom already?”“Did you just trick me, making me feel guilty?” Miya asked, turning red in anger.“Did you just trick me to open the door for you?” Jackie asked back as she placed one hand on her hip.Miya threw her purse on the couch as she chased after Jackie with her heel, as they both giggled and ran around the house.Miya and Jackie spent the whole day together as they went shopping and eating out. When it was late, they both went back home to watch a movie on Netflix while eating junk, drinking, and telling stories in-between.

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“What do you mean the check bounced” Miya growled“Ma'am, there's no need to yell. What I am saying is, it is either the owner of this check does not have this amount of money in his account currently or the account does not exist” the woman behind the desk replied.“So what can I do? Should I come later on?” Miya asked in hope.“Ma'am, the signature, and name don't match. I think you have to take it back to whoever gave it to you for proper checking before coming here” the lady said. She was running out of patience already.“Are you saying this whole check is fake?” Miya's frown deepened.“Something like that, ma'am, I'll ask you to move from the queue first. I'm truly sorry, you can come back again when all is settled. I promise to attend to you then” she smiled at Miya “No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, No!” 'This can not be happening to me! That guy tricked me?' Miya


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