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Savage Love

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Aurelio Giovanni is the second in command of THE DARK BULLS, one of the biggest •••• Aurelio Giovanni is the second in command of THE DARK BULLS, one of the biggest mafia empire in Los Angeles, he's the underboss He ruthless, to him "second chance" doesn't exist in his vocabulary Just like air, one never knows his next move. He can be as calm as a gentle breeze but the next minute, a raging hurricane mafia empire in Los Angeles, he's the underboss He ruthless, to him "second chance" doesn't exist in his vocabulary Just like air, one never knows his next move. He can be as calm as a gentle breeze but the next minute, a raging hurricane What happens when he sets eye on 22 years old Amour who's just curious to discover the world around her? How did both of them meet? What happens when Aurelio claims Amour as his possession?

Chapter 1



"B*tch! F**king stop right there!!" 

Her eyes widened when she felt them approaching so she began running faster and deeper into the forest. Her loud panting and the rustling of the dry leaves as she stepped on them was what was heard as she ran

Thick and tall trees with bushes was what surrounded her, she had no idea of where she was heading to but what was in her mind was to escape from those men.

"I can't go back to them, he'll kíll me once he finds out I escaped!" She thought.

"Arh!!" A frightened cry escaped her lips when the men shot her but it didn't touch her. Instead the bullet flew to a tree.

Tears escaped her eyes as she kept running more and more. If someone told her that she will wake up to a day like this, then she'll call the person a liar.

It all started like a joke and now just with a blink of an eye she's in a mess with no way out.



A bright smile was on Amour's face as she walked out of her small house with her carriage.

She's an ice cream vendor. She makes and sells ice cream for a living. Amour depends on nobody, since day one she only depends on herself for food and other.

"Good morning madam Margo!" Amour waved at a woman who was her neighbor

"Oh Amour! How are you?" She asked with her hand on her waist, supporting her protruding belly

"I'm fine.. I can see the baby is growing healthy, please stay safe. Don't worry I'll pass over and help you out with laundry" Amour said

"Awwn you're such a sweetheart" The woman smiled.

Amour smiled widely "Have a nice day!" She waved before leaving with her carriage.

22 years Amour Lopez is known to be the kindest soul in her neighborhood. She helps whoever is in need and that makes her loved by everyone.

Though she isn't really the prettiest girl there can be, but her character just makes her inner beauty radiate

Immediately Amour got to the spot she sells, kids immediately swoon around her to buy ice cream from her before they head to school

She served the kids one after the other, unknown to her that a black car suddenly parked at the opposite side of the road she sells.

"Why did you ask me to stop? Didn't you hear that the clan was waiting for us, looks like someone stole money... Huge money" A man who was sitting on the driver's seat said.

He held a cold look on his face as he gazed at the man beside him who was smoking.

The man beside him brought his cigarette to his lips and puffed out smoke before his lips curved in a slight smirk with his gaze not leaving Amour

He stared at Amour for a short while before looking front.

"Nothing, let's go" He muttered and Viper looked at him for a short while before looking front

The window rolled up and the car drove off instantly.

Just in 20 minutes, Amour finished selling out her ice cream. 

"What is happening?" Amour wondered, blinking her eyes as she watched 6 cars pass at the same time in front of her

Even some men dressed in black were seen patrolling the area, asking questions to people.


👥 What could be their reason for coming down to our town

👥 I heard that someone stole from Godfather so they're looking for the thief

Amour gasped at what she heard. The Dark Bulls is a very big mafia clan established beside their town.

They bought the law so the police is on their side, nobody the gravity of their crime they'll still go free.

Rumors has it that the young ladies who disappear from their small town are actually taken there where they are forced to work as harlots.

Cold chills immediately ran through Amour and she immediately began packing her stuffs to leave. The last thing she'll ever want is to run into them.

She began packing her things hurriedly when her gaze to went to a big black bag beside her stand.

"It wasn't here before" She thought and crouched down then opened the bag.

Her eyes widened when she saw the bag was loaded with heavy bundles of money.

"What is it doing here? Why is it with me?" She thought and immediately froze when she heard a voice behind her

"We're looking for something so we need to search your bag" A female voice said.

Amour immediately began trembling. Could this be the money they're looking for? Why is it with her? Who kept it here?

"I... I..."

"Boss lady! That's the bag we're looking for!" One of the mobster said, looking at Amour

"What!!" The owner of the female voice (Cheetah) pushed Amour aside and opened the bag. Truthfully, the money was there.

"She's the thief!" Cheetah smirked and faced Amour

"The bag isn't mine! I swear, I don't know how I ended up with the bag! I just saw it laying over there and-"

Cheetah didn't waste time to punch Amour on her face and she went down.

"You even have the guts to lie!" Cheetah sneered and kicked her tummy twice.

"Argh!" Amour held her tummy, rolling down on the floor

The people around just looked at the scene before them with wide eyes.

👥 She's the thief!

👥 I can't believe it.. Amour of all people

👥 What do you think they'll do to her?

👥 I can just imagine the worse

Amour slowly sat up from the ground.

I didn't steal it, I-"

"Shut up!" Cheetah kicked her face with her leather boots and Amour to spit out blood as she fell on the ground again

She began feeling dizzy and the next thing she knew, her eyes automatically shut down

"Take her... Let's get her to Aurelio" Cheetah said, carrying the bag.

The men carried Amour and entered a van before driving off immediately.

Chapter 2


Inside the suite's room, smoke was what filled the air of the room. When the smoke dissipated, the figure of a tall man seated on a couch was seen

He had his leg crossed gallantly on top of the other as he smoked, occasionally puffing out smoke from his mouth.

The aura surrounding him was as deadly as he is. With inky black hair, thin eyes, pointy nose, tall and muscular figure, this man was a perfect definition of a Greek God.

The whole of his right arm was covered with tattoos, making him look even more dangerous.

A knock came up on his door

"Come in" His voice resonated.

The door to his room opened and Viper walked in with the usual cold look on his face.

"Aurelio, the mission you gave Cheetah was successful. The thief has been caught, turns out to be a girl" Viper said, walking to Aurelio.

Viper is Aurelio's closest ally. He's the coldest in th


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