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Ruling Mafia's Heart

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"Well, Myra,” he whispers, his voice low and seductive, "being late comes with consequences because I hate when somebody makes me wait." "What kind of consequences?" | asked, my heart pounding. Zayn's gaze intensified as he looked into my eyes. "The consequence, Cupcake," he huskily murmured, "that I'm going to have to punish you." ••• Myra Oberoi, a symbol of sweetness and kindness, held a heart of gold despite her troubled past. Zayn Hunt, the merciless Mafia King, had a reputation for crushing anyone who dared to cross him. He was a cold-hearted king, while she was a kind-hearted conqueror. He was a dangerous flame, and she was as fragile as water. Yet, their hearts entwined, and she ruled the heart of the Mafia who ruled the world. Her father tortured her throughout her life, and she thought Zayn was no saint. Yet, against all odds, he filled her life with happiness and love. However, fate played a cruel game, tearing them apart and leaving them to face a heartbreaking separation. What does fate have in store for these two souls? Will they ever find their way back to each other?

Chapter 1 The Russian Mafia

Zayn’s P.O.V.

“King, I think we should back out now. I don’t think it’s safe to go inside. We’ve lost 90% of our men. I’m pretty sure that we have some rats in our group, and we need to figure that out first.” I clenched my fists, suppressing the urge to kill Marco upon listening to his words. If he were not my right hand, he would be dead by now.

“King—” He halted, catching sight of my face, now reddened by anger. He gulped down his saliva and apologised, taking a step back.


I knew he served as my second-in-command, but it didn’t grant anyone the privilege of giving me suggestions.

No one could tell the Russian Mafia how to execute their tasks. No one.

“I’m being generous towards you, Marco, to keep you alive.” I glared at him. “And always remember that I’m the King of Russia who never backs out of his mission. I’ll make it happen once I decide something.” I declared in a stern voice, leaving no room for argument. He just nodded, looking down, feeling scared and ashamed.

I roamed my eyes and noticed my other men were all afraid, their eyes fixed on the floor.

They knew very well what problems they would invite by pissing me off.

I wouldn’t hesitate a little in killing them for uttering even the slightest nonsense during our mission.

“Zayn, relax.” I closed my eyes and exhaled a deep breath as Kabir approached and gave a pat on my back.

Kabir was more than family. He wasn’t just one of my trusted men; he was much more than that. Only he had the privilege of addressing me by name.

I nodded at him, and he moved back.

“Well, Zayn. As we all know, we won’t back out at any cost. Then tell us how we are supposed to enter inside because now we have only six men with us except for the three of us,” Kabir asked, leaning against the wall, putting his gun inside his back pocket.

“We will stick together. I don’t think now we can split because, in that process, our chances of winning are way too low. So let’s stick together and make a circle so that we can aim in all directions.” As I instructed, everyone immediately nodded their heads in obedience, taking guns in both hands, all ready to complete the mission.

This mission was way too important for me. I couldn’t let that *ssh*l* win.

The American mafia was doing female trafficking under my nose. I couldn’t let that happen. And also, some rats were helping him do that. Just for two days, I had been out of Russia, and they executed this plan.

F*ck*n’ assholes. I wouldn’t let them succeed. Never!

The Russian mafia had its dignity; this was not something my father would have been proud of. I could never have let this happen in Russia until my last breath. Women and child trafficking was a sin for me, and every other mafia knew about it, yet the American mafia tried to go against my will and morals. He had to pay for this.

We all barged inside the warehouse and shot continuously without letting them know what the f*ck was happening. Soon, I saw that many of their men had died because of the sudden attack.

Well, they might have thought that we backed out, as there had been no movement from our side for an hour.


We were all hiding in the basement, which I got to know from one of my men, who was the best at digging out information about any warehouse from his sources.

The two men immediately came out in front of me as we were about to step on the stairs to go upstairs. They pointed their guns at my head, making my men stop their actions. I could see the satisfied smirk on their faces as my men took some steps back.

“Keep that on the ground, so-called king.” The man who had pointed the gun at my head ordered, eyeing my gun.

“We are so lucky that we have got to see the Russian Mafia with our own eyes.” Another man laughed, mocking me.

Well, no one in the Mafia community knew who ran the Russian Mafia or who was the Russian Mafia. Not even my name. They just addressed me as King Or Russian Mafia King. I kept my identity hidden in the Mafia world.

They just knew my way of dealing with things; that’s it.

They had not seen me, and those who had seen me were not in this world—alive. In front of the outside world, I was the leading businessman of Russia, or should I say, the entire world.

Not everyone who worked for me was aware of my existence. Only a few people knew about me and were so trustworthy and loyal, willing to guard my secret with their lives.

Well, credit went to Kabir, who meticulously chose and trained individuals for my team. After five stages of testing, two years of preparation, and thorough background checks, he assembled our crew.

He chose who should be in our team and who should not. There were two teams—one basic and one moderate. The moderate ones were those who stayed by my side and even in my house, while others stayed in my warehouses.

“Are you deaf? Keep that down.” I heard the high-pitched voice of that idiot, and my blood boiled, but I controlled my urge to break the f*ck*r’s mouth.

He was unaware of whom he was messing with.

After exhaling a deep breath, I left my gun on the ground as they eyed it, and I could see them having a victorious smirk.


“Boss will feel so proud of us.” One of them laughed, still pointing his gun at me.

“Rest of you, keep your guns down; otherwise, we will kill your so-called king.” One of them warned, smirking at me. My men looked at me for the command. I blinked my eyes twice, and they got what I was trying to convey.

After taking another step back, they bent down slowly to keep the gun on the ground. I let out a laugh and immediately pulled the other gun from my waistband and shot one of them between his eyes before he could even understand what was happening.

“So-called King?” I smirked and raised my eyebrows, mocking the other man of the American Mafia, who got scared seeing that.

His hand shook as he aimed at me, but in a quick move, I twisted his arm behind his back. A forceful kick to his groin sent him crashing to the floor.

I turned towards Kabir, who gave me a nod before shooting that man right in the back of his head.

We all got to the top floor, and I started looking for any sign of information.

Suddenly, a scream echoed from the last room down the hallway. We rushed there, and after opening the door, I felt like the ground vanished beneath me.

A naked little girl around age 13 or 14 was getting drugged. As soon as the drug was injected, I saw her collapse to the floor.

My blood boiled seeing all of this because, in that room, twelve to fifteen naked girls were lying unconscious on the floor.

Suddenly, all I felt was an immense rage inside my body. This wasn’t just female trafficking, they were minors.

How dare they? It was my kingdom! I was the Russian mafia; how dare they try to do something like that under my nose? I would kill them.

Without giving them a chance to think about what was happening, I quickly shot the leader of the American Mafia, who looked baffled and didn’t expect me to still be there.

My men were equally swift, taking out some of their opponents. Unfortunately, one of our men got hit in the chest. He was about to collapse, but I caught him. He was alive and breathing.

I signalled to my other man to take him to our warehouse. He nodded and carried the injured man away.

“No, Marco. Don’t shoot them. You know that there’s a different punishment for rats in my mafia,” I halted Marco as he was about to shoot the two men who had betrayed us. That traitor!

It was the first time someone had betrayed us. I didn’t know how it happened, but Kabir didn’t select them. One of my bodyguards, who had died while saving me, recommended them. They were his sons, and out of respect for his service, I appointed them. It was a harsh reminder that in the Mafia, emotions would always betray you ruthlessly.

“I’ll teach them a lesson, one where they’ll plead for mercy,” I spoke with an evil smile, and I could see their fear causing their legs to tremble.

That was what I enjoyed the most—the terror-stricken expressions people gave me. It gave me immense pleasure.



That’s what I felt, hearing their agonising voices.

That was the punishment for the rats in my world. I didn’t like to waste anything; they became useless to me the moment the thought of betraying me crossed their minds. However, they could still serve the meals for my dogs.

“This video looks way too cruel, Zayn.” Kabir said, glancing at Marco, who was recording the scene happening right before our eyes.

“Make sure this video is sent to every member involved in the Mafia. This video will serve as a lesson to those who think about backstabbing me, and it will also give other Mafia members a slight idea of why they should never think of messing with the King and his dignity.” I replied, gazing at my beloved dogs, who were enjoying their meals.

“Okay.” Kabir nodded.

“Are the girls alright? Any updates?” I inquired after some time.

“Yes, they’re all doing fine, but they’re still unconscious,” Kabir responded.

We were still standing behind the mansion where my dogs were eating, but the traitors’ voices were now silent. It seemed like they were dead, gone for good.

“They’re all minors, Kabir. Make sure all their needs are met. Send them to our NGO,” I instructed, looking over some emails. Besides my involvement in the Mafia, I was a well-known billionaire with hotels around the world.

“Sure.” Kabir agreed, gazing at me.

“What? Do you have something to say?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.

“You’re a Mafia leader. You know that, right?” He stated, giving me a small smile, and I just stood there in silence.

“No matter how hard you try to be cruel, the good actions you take define who you are, Zayn. The King.” He passed me a smile.

“I need to relax because I’m tired. I’m heading to the mansion. If anything is needed, call me.” I instructed, completely ignoring his earlier words.

“Okay, King.” He replied, still smiling as I shook my head and turned around.


A tired sigh escaped my lips as soon as I stepped inside my mansion.

Yes, a mansion. I couldn’t call it home because it was anything but not that.

“Good evening, King.”

“Good evening, King.”

“Good evening, King.”

I kept walking, ignoring the voices of my servants who were wishing me. I wasn’t in the mood to reply to them, not at this moment.

“This is what I am. Dark and lifeless. Just like this room,” I murmured under my breath, gazing at my room as I entered. Like my life, everything was in shades of black–the walls, the curtains.

I sighed and entered my bathroom. I undressed before stepping into the shower. After turning on the water, I adjusted it to a warm temperature.

My tense body immediately relaxed when warm water hit my skin. I took the shower gel on my loofah and rubbed it on my skin, feeling more relaxed.

After a refreshing shower, I wrapped a towel around my waist and left the room, only to find a girl wearing lingerie waiting for me on my bed.

My brows furrowed, seeing her. I was about to reprimand her for entering my room without permission, but I halted as I noticed the note placed on her chest.

Glaring at her, I took the note while she moaned, giving me a seductive look.

‘It was a long, tiring day, man. We deserve some relaxation. Marco and I have already had our fun downstairs in our respective rooms. So, you should also unwind. Your beloved, Kabir!’

“He can’t be serious.” I muttered in disbelief as I read the note. Then I looked at the girl, who was eyeing me with intense desire, oozing with lust.

“What are you staring at? You know why you’re here, right? Then do your job.” I instructed in a stern tone, settling onto the sofa.

The girl initially trembled after hearing my powerful voice, but her eyes darkened as soon as I dropped my towel.

I smirked at her expression. Well, why wouldn’t she like it? Six-pack abs, along with my muscular body adorned with tattoos, were undoubtedly a major turn-on for most.

Giving a seductive smile, she crawled towards me. I raised an eyebrow as she took hold of me and licked me.

“F*ck you, we’re not here for your pleasure.” I snapped at her, impatient.

After taking her hair in a harsh grip, I pushed myself forcefully into her mouth. I groaned as she gave me a blowjob. This continued for about half an hour until she rode me, making me close my eyes.

Well, I wouldn’t deny it. Kabir was right; s*x brings relaxation and helps to forget things for a few minutes.

Chapter 2 Her Kindness

Myra's P.O.V.

“I’m sorry, sir.” I murmured, my voice hardly heard as I lowered my gaze to the floor.

“Your apology will not change the fact that you caused us a loss, Myra.” The manager of the hotel, where I worked in the housekeeping department, growled through gritted teeth. His voice echoed through the room, causing me to tremble in fear.

My heart raced, and I trembled in fear as memories of past traumas flashed through my mind.

“Just because you have been one of our punctual employees, we forgive you. However, you must repay the amount.” He continued in a serious tone.

His every word sent shivers down my spine, returning me to a time when voices like his had struck me with terror.

I nodded, trembling, unable to find the words to respond. I stood there, paralyzed by fear as he glared at me.

“Now clean up the mess you made, and the rest of you, is there a movie playing? Get lost.” He barked, and I jumped, hearing the loud voice, which made


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