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Revenge of Ana Mystica

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Ana is a thoughtful and responsible wife. Even though her husband's parents were against to their marriage, this was not the reason for their breakup. Because they were both fighting for their love. They had a fortunate marriage and dream to have a happy family, but their dream would be destroyed because of a mistake. The mistake that led to the tragedy and bloody revenge.

Chapter 1

With tears in my eyes, I faced the man who would be my partner for life.

“I love you, my husband,”

“I love you even more…”

And we were met with applause from our loved ones. While some may not approve of our marriage and there have been many obstacles and people involved, we have overcome them all.

I know his parents are against us; they do not want me because I am an orphan, and they believe I am only after Mateo's money, but that is not true.

I did not marry Mateo for his wealth; I married him because I love him and believe he is the man I deserve.

“What is happening? Are you out of your mind, Mateo?”

I simply bowed my head, unable to meet Mrs. Caridad Villalobos’ gaze, the mother of the man I love.

“I know plenty of women who would be more suitable for you! Just don’t be with that woman if she doesn’t have a family!” She yelled at Mateo, and I bowed even lower.

She is right. I come from an orphanage, and I am unsure if I have any family left.

“No! I love her! We are getting married!” Matthew yelled angrily at his mother, holding my hand tightly.

“Mateo! Get her out of here!”

“No, Mom! Stop!”

“Chloe! She is the one for you!”

Chloe Cain? How is my friend involved in this discussion? Is there something I should know?

Mrs. Caridad turned to me, a smirk on her face as I raised my head.

“Oh? Don’t you know—”

“Please, Mom, stop!”

“No, I am going to tell her!” Mrs. Caridad then turned to face me. “Chloe is my son’s ex-girlfriend,”

My eyes widened as she smirked at me.

H-how? Why didn’t he tell me about this? Is he deceiving me?

“Please, let me explain?”

My love for Mateo overcame my doubts.

I am sure he has a reason for not telling me before. So, because of their past, they feel uncomfortable when they see each other.

“We were in high school. Chloe was the most attractive girl in our class. I had a crush on her, and we fell in love. We were together for 6 years,” he said as we hugged in bed.

I held him tightly, unable to say anything, afraid that they still had feelings for each other. Because I am certain he is the man Chloe was talking about in her stories to me.

Maybe there is nothing wrong with trusting them both; perhaps it has been a long time, and I am the one with Mateo now.

Despite the many obstacles, we have managed to maintain our relationship. We don’t mind as long as we love each other. However, there will be times when we need to face tests to determine the strength of our relationship.

“I don’t think you are suitable for my son.”

I simply bowed and clenched my fists.


I regret meeting her without Mateo’s knowledge.

“5 million for you to leave my son,”

I took a deep breath and crumpled the check.

“Are you really going to insist on us breaking up, Mrs. Caridad?”

I could sense her surprise.

“W-what? What did you just say?”

I gave her a bitter smile before looking up at her.

“Do you believe that money is the only reason I love Mateo?” I asked as she stared at me.

“What? Isn’t it true? You are only interested in him because he is our heir!” she yelled at me.

I picked up the check she had given me. Her eyes widened.

“What are you going to do?”

I smiled at her and slowly ripped the check in front of her.

“I don’t need your money! I love him, and your money will never be enough to pay for my feelings for Mateo!” I screamed at her and ran away.

It sickens me that she is the mother of someone I care about. I kept running until I couldn’t anymore. And I never thought she would use their money just to make me leave Mateo.

I love him, and I will never leave him. Not only that, but I will fight for the love we share.


As we stood in the middle of the road, I looked sadly at Mateo in front of me.

“You met my mother.”

I smiled and shook my head. “You found out that I met her,” I said with a smile.

“Yes, I also heard that you insulted my mother.”

I bowed my head and shook my head. Didn’t your mother tell you that she offered me money to leave you?

“Why did you do that?”

Because I love you, that’s why.

“Why can’t I do it? Why don’t you ask her?” I asked, a bitter smile on my face.

He grabbed me around the waist, his touch familiar. I know when he is suppressing his anger.

“Ana, please. Please talk to me!” he yelled angrily at me.

I turned away from him and took a deep breath. “I’m tired, babe,” I said.

“What did I say? I will find a way for them to accept you, okay? You don’t have to insult Mom!” He shook me. I bit my lip so hard that tears streamed down my face.


He was taken aback and looked at me intently.

“Why can’t I? Please explain why! Just because she’s your mother?” I took a deep breath and wiped away my tears. “Mateo, she insulted me! She offered me a large sum of money just to keep you away! To make me abandon you! I didn’t love you just for the money!” I yelled and slapped him, while he just stared at me.

I stepped back, creating distance between us.

“I'm tired. Currently, I would rather not see your face.” I said as I turned my back on him. As I walked away, I clutched my chest and sobbed.

I love him, but we both need time to rest. 'I will rest, but I will never abandon you, my love.'

He visited my apartment several times, but it took me almost a month to avoid him. I heard that he is always with Chloe. Even though I am avoiding him, I still have faith in him because I know he will never betray my trust.

He proved his love for me when he apologized, and because I loved him and couldn’t bear to be without Mateo, we got married, even though his family still disapproved.

We fought for our love, and even though Mrs. Caridad insulted me multiple times, as if I were used to it, Mateo never let me down.

We have been married for a few years now. Every day, we are happy together, and he makes me feel loved. But sometimes, we make mistakes.

Disasters can ruin relationships, and the promises made at the altar can fade away. Trust can be permanently damaged. Former love can turn into hatred.


“SHE’S AWAKE! Call the President! The patient has woken up from her coma!”

“Oh, my God! After 5 years, she has finally regained consciousness!”

“Thank you.”


“MR. MONTICELLO? What do you have to say about our project?”

“Don Martin?”

Martin blinked and looked at the man he was meeting. “Yes? I’m sorry, Mr. Villalobos. What did you say again?”

Don Martin glanced down at his vibrating phone.

Dr. Aragon is calling…

He tapped the table to check the doctor's name on his phone.

“Is the deal finalized?” Mateo asked him.

Martin took a deep breath and stood up. “I will call you soon. I have something important to attend to,” he said.

Mateo smiled and waved goodbye to the young man.


He would rather not look at Chloe, his new wife. He had learned a few years later that his ex-wife had died in an accident. And he blamed himself for what happened, thinking that his ex-wife might still be alive if not for his mistake.


He was not in a good mood after Don Martin left. He didn’t love Chloe because he still had feelings for his ex-wife.

“Did you finalize the deal with Don Martin?” Chloe asked softly.

“No.” Mateo simply replied to Chloe and left the restaurant, where he was supposed to meet Don Martin.

‘I hope you are still alive, my love, and that you will forgive me for all my sins.’

They say repentance comes too late because a lost life can never be brought back.

Chapter 2


“Don Martin has arrived!”

“Respect for Don Martin!”

“Don Martin, the patient is awake.”

Martin stopped in front of Doctor Aragon.

“How is she?” he asked, glancing at the woman in the bed.

“As you can see, Don Martin, after five years, the patient has woken up. But she hasn't spoken. She seems stunned, as if there's no life in her. It’s because of the severe trauma she experienced,” the doctor explained to Martin.

He nodded and returned his gaze to the woman, who remained in a state of shock. “Alright, let me handle her. You can leave now.”

The doctor nodded and bowed before leaving.

Martin looked around before entering the room and closing the door. Then he faced her. “That’s enough,” he said to the woman, who immediately turned to face him.

“How long will I be here, Martin?” she asked. “I need to get out of here because Mateo needs me.”

He gave her a serious look before sighing. “You can leave. Bu


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