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  • Author: iipa2115
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
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Sheena Carlos, when she was young, did not have the same experiences as other people. She could never leave their mansion, and her parents even forced her to work as a maid. She has twins, but it also enrages her, making her envious of things she has never known. Such as attracting attention, purchasing expensive items, and wearing expensive clothing. She did nothing but accept what was given to her. Sheena could not see the true beauty of nature as she grew up; she could not have learned to read or write without the support of her mother, Esme, and Tina would never have learned the stuff she should’ve just learned. That’s Sheena Carlos’ living inside their mansion, as if they don’t consider her a child. She wondered why her parents and twins would treat her like that when all she wanted was for them to love and appreciate her, but that didn’t happen because they were even happier when they inflicted harm on her. Sheena had become numb in the few years she had suffered at the hands of her family, as if she was used to it, no matter what was going on inside their mansion. She only becomes strong because of two people who always make her feel better in order for her to cope with life’s difficulties and pain. She thought she was used to it, but sometimes she just wanted to give up because of the pain it had caused her. She said that she was almost insane, and that she would rather die than go through the pain and suffering of her own family. But she leaves people behind when she does this, so she decides to just follow her family instead of ruining the two people who support her. She also agreed to marry an old man against her parents’ wishes in order to be the one to answer her prayers and escape the hell that her family had created. However, she was mistaken, because the person who was going to marry her only wanted to use her for her own benefit, and they intended to do more harm to Sheena. She could no longer bear what they had done and contemplated escaping this same horrible place, disgusted. She tried to run and run, but they chased her down, her twin, Shanna. It wanted to kill her, but she grew strong and brave in order to escape her demon family. She just ran and ran, even though her clothes were ripped, as long as he could escape her twin. She even wanted to go back because of the two years she left behind, but the desire to flee prevailed in the place where she had suffered for many years, and she knew that's also what the two people who cared about her wanted. She was an idiot in the middle of the road, walking barefoot, and she didn't know where to go because she was the first to be exposed to the real world. She didn’t know what to do now that she’d escaped from her parents, as well as she didn’t know anyone to turn to for help until she came across a cliff. She did not know what had entered her mind, why she was so close to the cliff’s edge, where she was heading. As she remembered what she had gone through, she felt the cold air hugging her and tears streaming down her cheeks. She could think of nothing else but disappearing as long as he lived. She will recall her traumatic events at the hands of her own family again and again. She is losing hope that someone will help her, so she believes that ending her life is the only way to end all of her suffering, but... There is a ray of hope that drew her away from danger, and someone helped her to have a second chance.


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