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  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: JOSSY
  • Chapters: 150
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 190
  • 7.5
  • 💬 3


"Who are you?" I ask, gawking at this ugly man who looks like the devil himself. "Your savior." Forget his nerve-paralyzing voice. savior? I may not remember anything from my past, but one thing is for sure, according to my judgment: this monster-lookalike can't be a savior. And from whom did he supposedly save me? "And if you are done ogling me, now, on your knees! Time to serve the purpose for which I saved you." I am snapped out of my thoughts by him tearing his shirt and walking closer in a pretty unnerving way. " is?" I whimper, trying to stand up from the bed and perhaps run for my dear life. Unfortunately, he grabs me viciously before I can take a step. A loud growl slips from my lips as he slams me back on the bed and hovers atop me. "To please me, little dove." He hoarses, embarking on his evil, dirty mission.

Chapter 1

I mutter a hundred condemnations as I jerk myself up to sit on the bed, my eyes battling to peel due to the throbbing of my head. The pain is excruciatingly agonizing, and for minutes I have to keep it caged between my palms for support. Aside from the pain, my hands feel something else. A bandage?! I can also feel a soaked spot on my forehead as I run my hands around my head.

I'm hurt? How?

What the heck happened?

A long moment of screaming silence passes as I scour deep into my seemingly desolate brain for an inkling of what led to this, but all ends in vain. Nothing rings a bell! Nothing! I feel like my head is just blank. Sigh! It must be this pain that is deterring my head from functioning. I should call for some aid. Some d*mn painkillers will be helpful before this pain kills me.

Ahem! Who do I call? No name seems to come to mind either. Screw this pain! With all these incoherently fussy feelings, I compel my eyes to peel, despite the pain. A dark-themed cabin greets my blurry vision, and again, I s*ck in the ripping sensation of obliviousness to this place too. It feels weird. I dart my eyes around the small, unnerving cottage, scanning for anything that would slap some sense into me about what this place is because it definitely doesn't feel like my room, but I end up adding more pain to myself because nothing reminds me of anything here. There isn't anything much here anyway.

Come on, dear brain! Don't do this to me.

I kick the duvet aside and spring from the bed. Imprinting my feet on the cold floor, I drag myself to the tiny closet and decide to rummage for something. Maybe a phone or something. What kind of room is this that is giving rise to these weird chills? And who the hell paints a room black? A witch, maybe! I hope I didn't wake up in their realm!

The apparel in this closet gram my level of confusion. I'm decently dressed up in smart jeans and a classy leather jacket. The Under Armour sneakers top my expensive outfit. Dashing and descent Then why the hell are lingeries more than three-quarters of the outfits in this closet? And for the rest of the quarter, it's no different from lingerie. Just some freaking short sh*t of dresses that won't cover even my forbidden areas well. What's not happening? Scouring the drawers would be a nice idea, but a peek outside this room is a wiser idea.

One, two steps later, the door opens, halting my tracks. A giant in human form strolls inside, amplifying my turmoil and aggravating the terror in this room. His demeanor is not just perilously terrifying and demeaning, but it, in addition, exudes havoc to a weak being like the one cowering before his tall, huge frame. And gray eyes? Really? I pluck my feet from the floor and take safe steps back towards the bed, while he takes slow, calculated strides towards me like a lion taming its prey! He won't just devour my flesh, but it seems like he would chew even my bones one by one. I missed the bed and hit the wall with my back. I didn't look where I was going. My bad! He halts on his strides a step from me, his hands shoved in his pocket, and he takes his time to browse my face. He is the stranger here, yet I seem to bewilder him more than he is perplexing me. His cold gaze in my eyes makes me tremble with fear, and these huge muscles aren't helping either.

I can't stand his eyes! I look away, taking in deep breaths to calm my nerves. "Step away, please!" I mumble after a while, puffing out a good amount of the fear boiling inside of me. That would have calmed me down, but not when he does the exact opposite of what I asked. He closes the gap between us, towering above me. He is so irritating! I snap my gaze at him.

"Why?" His tone is as cold as his demeanor. It bleeds nothing but hegemony. Dominance. Power. Why? Who is he to even pin me to the wall like this? My husband? Holly cow! I hope not!

"Who are you to begin with? And...this place, what is this place?" I force words, and his ghastly face grows wrinkles in a flicker, but he masks them off with his cold expression in a split second. Don't get me wrong. I don't know how many handsome men I have encountered before, but this one is before me with the eyes like an owl, naah men! If he is this scary in broad daylight, I don't want to deduce the kind of terror that he bleeds when darkness befalls.

Ghosh! He takes a step back, permeating some fresh air into me, which is still saturated with his rich pheromones, which again, I don't like. "Don't you...remember anything?" His icy voice echoes again, making me realize that my eyes are glued to his. He has quite scary eyes! Is he even human? I think as I shake my head at his question, avoiding wasting even a second of his time pondering it. He seems to be the kind who would slap the hell out of you if you get on his nerves. Or even at a slight mistake. I might be right or wrong, but that's what I make out of his demeanor. "Does it hurt a lot?" He asks, pointing at my head as he walks to the drawer.

He pulls out some medicine and a bottle of water. "What happened to me? Where am I? Who...are you?" I ask again, but he instead ignores my question and hands me some pills.

"For your headache!" I take them and rack before him after. He can't ignore me like this, for hell's sake! I need answers before I go crazy! "Take two pills every three hours to avoid severe pain." He says, Emotionless. Something is whispering to my ears that something is wrong here.

"Copy. Now, can you answer my questions? Did you hear them? Do I need to repeat them again?" I ask, sounding d*mn serious, while his gray eyes are darkening with fury. He is getting angry. Shouldn't I be the one getting angry at his arrogance?

"Get some rest! We will talk when you are calm." He says this and clicks his Chelsea boots on the floor, ready to stroll out. This arrogant jerk is really messing with my patience! "Hold on right there, Mr!" I call, and he furiously turns to me. "Why can't you answer my questions, huh?"

"And why the f*ck do you think I have the answers to your f*ck*ng questions?" He fumes, his eyes explaining just how p*ss*d off he is. But hang on!

"Because you happen to be the first creature I saw since I woke up with a very freaking blank mind! You even have the prescriptions for my medications so clearly, Mr. Grey Eyes; you have the answers I need. So, speak!" I howl, and the howls echo in my head, the impacts of them aggregating the pain. I really need to take it easy before my head explodes!

He smirks! A cold smirk that makes the hairs on my body spurt with rage What's there to smirk about if he isn't just an arrogant, insensitive jerk? "Nobody. Listen well, because I won't repeat myself ever again. No one orders me around!" He states.

"It's only right and fair for me to react like this. Are you hiding something that you don't want me to know?

"Watch your f*ck*ng tongue!" Now he really scared me with his howls.

"I will! After you tell me what I need to hear!" I must be a very stubborn *ss to have the balls to talk back to him, albeit trembling. The outbursts stopped for a minute. We rack before each other, like two antagonistic lions ready to sl*t each other's throats with our fangs. We are both fuming with rage, and he backs off first, breaking the tension in this room.

"You really don't recall anything?" He softly but coldly asks, boring his scary eyes deep into me, perhaps scouring for the truth. "I wouldn't be wasting both our time if I did. So, tell me. Who are you?" I spit, and then something more urgent hits me.

"Who am I?" I ask bitterly, almost breaking down, but I s*ck the tears back. I can't even freaking remember my d*mn name. What on earth wrecked my brain like this?

"Listen. Your stubbornness aside, If you continue howling like this, your empty brain might rapture. Lie down, and I will answer your questions when you wake up." Oh, the ugly idiot even has the balls to mock me? Wow!

"No! I want them now, so you better start.

"If you open your mouth again and order me like I am your slave, I'll forget that you are already hurt." He warns. Then am I his slave?

"Neither am I your slave!" I yell again, and he smirks, speaking as calmly as he can ever be.

"You don't know that, and you are in my territory! The only one who calls shots here is me alone.

Cool down, dear lost self! You don't know where you are, so if you need anything from this impossible egotistical moron, you have to humble yourself.

"Okay. I'm sorry if I am acting up. I hope you understand my situation. So, please, I beg you, tell me just anything about me before I go crazy." I plead.

"Mmh! I thought I would teach you how to talk to your master, but I guess you understood my gestures well. However, I still think you need some rest. I am not usually this nice to people, so I would suggest you grab this chance and not get...*ss!" He says.

Master!? Master of what? "Please, Master?" I plead, and yuck! Master my foot! It sounds so... pathetic? Yeah, and disgusting! "Please! Just anything. Even just one. It will make me at least get some sleep."

"I saved you, Gia! That's all I will say for now! Now show some respect to someone who saved your life and get on that bed before I lose it.

Gia?!?! Why doesn't even my own name sound familiar? The hell! And from whom did he save me? I am being stuck under the covers, as I think. Everything is just so confusing, and him refusing to tell me the whole truth just stinks! I hope he will not be in his 'master' mood when I wake up.

"Don't think too much! It will help speed up your recovery." He says this after tucking me in. As if he cares!

"And, who are you?" I ask before I close my eyes.

"They call me Don! But you can call me Ejay!"

Don? Master? Ejay? What is he? Better still, who the hell is he?


After the door closes, I jerk myself from the bed, forgetting my headache. I need to know what this damn place is and why it is hitting me with a sense of fear and worry.

I open the door slowly, like a slave trying to escape from her cage, but a voice stops me from popping my head out. "Hello, boss!" Someone greets him along the corridor with a tone a bit softer than his, and I get eager to listen to their conversation, so I hide behind the door.

"Ajay, hello! I was about to send it to you. How have things been running in my absence?" That was Ejay. And, did I hear him say, Ajay? What a good rhyme of names! Is he his son or brother?

"Everything is fine, boss. Except for, well, you know who. She hasn't been of any help." Ajay's response aroused my suspicions. I feel there is something fishy here. My head is about to burst with pain again, but I force myself to listen a little more.

"Talk to her one more time, and le


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