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Remember: Lost Love

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An ancient magical book, Time travel, and a prince. Thalia, a writer who would do anything to escape her haunting reality comes across an ancient time travel book. She seizes the chance immediately and is transported to the 18th century. There She meets Prince Aldric and they’re immediately drawn to each other. However as Thalia becomes more involved in the prince’s life, she realizes that her actions could either have dire consequences for the future or save a prince and an entire nation. As she struggles to navigate the complexities she faces in the past, Thalia must also confront her feelings for the prince and decide whether to stay in the past with him or return to her own time to restore balance.

Chapter 1

Thalia regarded the enormous glass window in front of her with gloomy eyes. This particular table at The Silver Spoon restaurant was her favorite.

The rain was coming down in torrents and the air was cold, but not as cold as her heart. She watched as the rain washed a stain from the window's glass and she prayed she would simply vanish and be carried away by the rain as well.

Drumming her fingers continuously on the table in a steady rhythm, she looked down at the ominous object that had arrived at her apartment that morning and changed her whole demeanor.

The letter sat on the table in front of her, and she continued to stare at it. Normally she would have lit the letter on fire the instant she got it. They were from her stepfather and they were always heartbreaking and bone-chilling to read. It always had the same vile content, so Thalia stopped reading them a few years ago.

Clutching the crystal necklace she was wearing, her body shook. She wasn't crying, it wasn't laughter, she didn't even know what it was. She just knew she felt Maniac.

Maybe she was finally going crazy.

Maybe it was a chill from her cold heart.

She rubbed the necklace in a comforting manner, it was a beautiful aventurine necklace her mother had given her before she passed.The necklace was one of the most beautiful possessions she owned, the aventurine exuded an ethereal glow. Its polished surface shimmered with hues of vibrant green, The pretty green hues of the crystal resonated with her heart, reminding her of the boundless beauty of nature. It whispered tales of distant lands and whispered secrets of forgotten places, sparking a sense of wanderlust within her.mmered with hues of vibrant green, The pretty green hues of the crystal resonated with her heart, reminding her of the boundless beauty of nature. It whispered tales of distant lands and whispered secrets of forgotten places, sparking a sense of wanderlust within her.

The crystal seemed to hold within it a reservoir of hope and optimism as if it carried the dreams and aspirations of countless souls who had come before her.

It reminded her of her mother.

The aventurine crystal, with its enchanting beauty, became her steadfast companion in moments of uncertainty, a source of solace and strength.

Solace and strength were something she desperately needed at that moment as she continued to stare at the ominous letter.

The warmth she'd felt was short-lived.

A text message from her stepfather rang on her phone.

"I'm back."

Her entire universe collapsed.

Her palms began to perspire, and she felt her heart almost drop into her stomach.

Her stepfather was freed from jail?

Her mother's killer.

He was the one person that haunted her dreams and life.

Thalia's most terrifying nightmare.

She hated him more than anything in the world, but she also feared him more than anything, and it made her sick to her stomach that she was still so scared of him.

David, her stepfather, took the most precious thing in her life away. Her mother. Then he began torturing her with those awful letters after her mother passed away. The eleven years following her mother's passing were agony. It was hell.

A hell that Thalia dragged herself through.

She made a promise to her mother. To survive.

And she fought to live.

After her mother passed away, she struggled with depression and attempted suicide for a while. After all, she went through, she still made it.

She tried to live life enough for them both despite something in her dying along with her mother.

As a result of her vow.

Her promise.

That's why she was so enraged. She was angry at herself, her stepfather, and the world. Why did a single text message from a delinquent completely demolish the life she spent years painstakingly creating? She'd created a safe space for herself with her blood and tears.

She wouldn't call it a safe space though, maybe a safe cage?

Because she restricted herself from a lot of things.

Holding her head in her hands and pulling on her hair, Thalia tried to hold back tears and a scream.

She was sick of this.

She was sick of everything and she just wanted to disappear.

Her thoughts came to a halt when she felt a tap on her shoulder.

She raised her head just to look into the beautiful dreamy eyes of a young girl. The child looked to be about 6 years old and she had beautiful blue eyes. It was more of light blue though, with a hint of green. Thalia could swear it was one of the most beautiful eyes she'd had the privilege to look into. The girl's hair was packed in a ponytail with a cute pink ribbon holding the ponytail together.

She was like a breath of fresh air to Thalia at that moment, because she was about to have a panic attack in the middle of a restaurant in broad daylight.

"Are you okay?" The little girl asked, with a cute, worried frown.

Thalia stared at the child for a moment, she looked truly worried. Tears welled up in her eyes at the gesture.

It was so pure.

A woman came up behind the little child and picked her up, "Emma, what did I tell you about going up to strangers to disturb their meal?"

The child whom Thalia had come to know as Emma pouted and said, "She just looked so sad."

"I'm okay," Thalia said to her, with a warm smile.

Emma's mother turned to Thalia, "I'm sorry if she disturbed your meal…" She stared down at the table and saw there was no meal, just a drink, "sorry… drink."

"It's okay," Thalia smiled at the woman as she turned to leave.

She watched them walk away and noticed that they sat 3 tables away from her, and there was a man whom she assumed was Emma's father seated at the table too.

She watched the family for a while. It had always been something she wished for. A family. But when her mom was taken away from her so cruelly, she didn't want a family anymore, she just wanted her mom.

Thalia turned away and faced the letter again.

Once again she just wanted to disappear.

Maybe into a world where there were only pure and kind-hearted people like Emma….. and her mom.

Chapter 2

Thalia dropped her head on the table, her head swarming with thoughts of disappearing. But where would she go? Moments like this made her feel lonely because she truly didn't have anyone in the whole wide world; friends, relatives or even close acquaintances. No one.Maybe something was wrong with her.Something under the table caught Thalia's eye under the table. She bent and picked it up slowly examining it. It was a black ancient-looking book. How didn't she see it before? She examined it. Its worn leather cover showed the test of time, revealing faint traces of intricate inscriptions that seemed to pulse with an otherworldly glow. For some Reason Thalia's heartbeat sped up in excitement, she traced the inscriptions on the book with her fingers. They were etched in silver and gold, and it formed a mesmerizing tapestry of arcane symbols. The book felt like it held magic. It made her feel p


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