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Rejected To Be Your Second Chance

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Ms.M
  • Chapters: 147
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 24K
  • 8.2
  • 💬 2.3K


“I, Layla Lecruest, reject you Alpha Sebastian of the Red Moon Pack as my mate.” Alpha Sebastian lifted his head. His thick hair blew back as the door to the house opened and a wind swept in. “I, Alpha Sebastian of the Red Moon Pack, accept your rejection.” Yes, it hurt to be rejected. Your mate was the one person in the entire world that was meant for you and the stories I had heard were glorious. Like the only two pieces of a puzzle, you find each other and become whole. You will never love anyone as you love your mate. And you never got a second chance. It was very rare, and I had just rejected mine. Layla Lecruest, is a fierce, brave, and strong-willed girl who never cared about fitting in but neither did she plan to stand out as much as she did. Believing to be a normal wolf, the daughter of a former Beta, she never thought herself to be special. Little did she know that she held a gene that many believed to have been gone for a long time. When she finds out that her mate is the Alpha who spent his life tormenting her, they quickly reject each other on the spot. Unbeknownst to them, Alpha Kade was on his way and would turn everything upside down as her second chance mate. The notorious Alpha Kade was famous for his strength and his ability to lead his pack. He earned respect wherever he went and when he arrived at the Red Moon Pack, he swore he wouldn't leave without his mate. What happens when Layla finds herself stuck between her former and current mate as well as a pack of wolves with superior powers who thought she belonged to them? And what happens when another, even bigger secret is revealed?

CHAPTER 1. Rage & Repercussions

”Hey, you! Clean this sh*t up,” I sighed and grabbed the bucket, and cleaned up the water that she had spilled on the floor. Just as I bent over I felt another pour over my head.

”Oops, how clumsy of me,” She laughed. I wiped it all up and drained the cloth in the bucket. When I got up I wiped the sweat and water from my face and turned around. All I could imagine was wrapping my hands around their throats.

”Layla, get over here!” Oh, f*ck me.

Alpha douchebag waved me over with that little finger of his. I could only imagine the pleasure of cutting it off but I don't think the bucket is sharp enough to get a clean cut.

”Yes, Alpha?”

”Drop the attitude. You have one more job before you leave,” I shook my head and dropped the bucket from my hand.

”No I don’t, we said two hours a day and my two hours are up”

”Did I ask if you pleased?” He asked and stepped closer.

”No, Alpha.”

”I need you to clean Missy's room and change the sheets,” he said with a disgusting grin on his face.

”Why do I have to clean your girlfriend's room?”

”Because I told you too and I am your Alpha. Which means you will obey the order. You’re the one that got yourself into this mess so you better pay the price for it and maybe next time you won't break the Beta’s nose.” One week ago I was outside minding my business and the Beta and their b*tch clique came up to me. Most times I could handle their bullying but this time Alpha Sebastian tripped me in front of several of the pack members. He and his Beta pointed and laughed and my hand just flew and I watched as it made contact with the Beta’s nose, making a cracking sound as it broke.

For as long as I could remember, I was the one that Alpha Sebastian had it out for.

I remember being a child and playing around, he would shove me and hit me and as we grew older it became more violent and more dominating. Whenever I would hit back I would get blamed because they couldn't have the others know that the Alpha got beat up by a girl. His parents were barely around and when he was fifteen they left for six months, leaving him in charge with the former Beta, my father.

His father was a power-hungry fanatic who stepped over anyone to get his way. His mother always just gawked over whatever diamond her husband bought her and their two kids, Sebastian and his sister Elsa were spoiled rotten.

I was in Missy’s disgustingly pink room. I changed the bedding and opened her window to air out the smell of s*x and fluids.

After I stopped my third throw-up attempt I walked out and closed the door and took a few deep breaths of fresh air.

”Are you done?” I groaned and looked at Alpha Sebastian coming down the hallway.

”I’m done,” I said and tossed with my arms.

He walked up close, close enough for me to smell the herb mix he always drank because he thought it would help build strength.

”I’m glad, now wash those sheets and then you’re done.” I scoffed and looked at him dumbfounded.

”We never discussed washing in the deal. You’re joking with me, right? We have Omegas that wash,”

”Yes we have Omegas but I have you and I'm asking you to wash them. Is that going to be a problem?” Say no, just f*ck*ng say no, and do it.

”No.” I seethed.

”Great,” he smirked and walked away.

I tossed the sheets into the machine and closed the lid.

The machine ran and I jumped up on the table and waited for it to be done. My phone rang and I saw my older sister’s name light up.

”Hey, what’s up?” I asked and swung my legs.

”Where are you? Dinner is ready,”

”I’m doing laundry,”

”Was that part of the deal?”


”D*mn, you p*ss*d him off, huh?” Tracey said sounding a little glum.

”Yeah you know I think it started that day when mom went to the hospital and I came out of her. I'm a hundred percent sure that that’s when the hatred began.” She laughed on the other line and I lifted a brow.

”Whatever, just get home soon alright? And if he tells you to do something else, just break his nose and take the punishment for it- Tracey!” My mom scolded her in the background.

”I mean no, don't do that, just get home before the dinner gets cold.”

We hung up and the machine beeped. I put it on the shortest program and then tossed it in the dryer and then I left.

On my way home I saw a flyer taped to a lamp pole.

”Meeting of Alphas,” The meeting of Alphas was a pretty big deal and I had no freaking clue how our pack got the honor of hosting it this year.

”Hey, I'm home!” I walked around the corner into the kitchen and saw my sister and her mate going to the counter. His tongue was snaking into her mouth and her hands were trailing down his body. The shiver I felt was the only thing that made me realize that I was seeing this and that it wasn't a nightmare.

”Guys, come on! We have like four bedrooms, use one!” Tracey turned her head and her mate just started kissing down her neck as she looked glum.

”Don’t be jealous, you’re gonna find your mate soon. You’re getting your wolf in just a few days.” She said and smiled widely in pure joy. Three days to be exact. I had been counting them down to the second and I couldn't wait. Not because I would find my mate but because I could finally fight with the others.

We sat down around the table. I saw my dad’s hand snake around my mother's waist and I gagged.

”what is up with all of you? You’re acting like you can't stop touching each other, it’s gross,”

”Honey, it’s the heat. You know what that does to werewolves,” my mother said and looked lovingly into my father's eyes.

”You’ll feel it too so you better stay inside the next few days,” Tracey said. Male wolves during heat season were nothing to play with.

All I saw on the streets the next day was people going at it. In the midst of them all planning for the meeting of the Alphas, they would pause the painting to lick each other’s faces.

I walked up the wooden stairs in the pack house and down to Alpha Sebastian's room and knocked on the door but didn't get an answer.

”Hello?” I screamed.

”Come in!” I opened the door and gasped.

”Ah f*ck, Sebastian!” She moaned.

”Shut up, we have a guest,” his hand was entangled in Missy’s hair and he pushed her head down to his exposed length.

She took it in her mouth and started sucking him off.

I turned my head and put a hand on my stomach when I felt the dinner from yesterday fighting its way up.

”No need to be shy, you can join us if you’d like.” He flicked his tongue and groaned when she took him deeper.

”What do you need me for?” I asked with my head still turned.

”The Omegas need holding decorating for Friday. You’ll help them for the rest of the week. Everything should be perfect for when the other Alphas arrive,” he groaned.

”Yes, Alpha.”

”Oh and Layla, if it isn't perfect and precisely as I have asked, you’ll bare the weight of the consequences.” Of course, I would.

CHAPTER 2. Rejection

The Omegas had already begun placing out tables and chairs. Downstairs was a big communal room where everyone hung out and also where we ate. Several of the pack members lived in the pack house and those who didn't lived with their families.

”What’s on the agenda today?” I asked and grabbed the clipboard from one of the younger Omegas. She looked flustered and out of breath. Her hands were shaking and she was barely making out a full sentence.

”Oh-uh-yeah the Alpha wants the room to be decorated in leather and red satin. The chairs should be placed away from each other and that table there is where the Alphas will be.” I raised a brow and looked at Alpha Sebastian's requests.

”So he wants to recreate a mafia porno for the Alpha's arrival? Great,” I spat.

We started fixing everything exactly like Alpha Sebastian wanted it to be done. Down to the very last, it was all perfect because I was not about to be blamed for anything.

”Where is our troublemaker?”

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