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Rebirth; Insatiable CEO hubby!

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Jasmine was killed by the man she worshiped her whole life. Yes! Worshiped After years of suffering, he pushed her off the cliff where she met dead. Luckily her soul met a kind lady who gave her another chance. In this, she plans to take everything from Carl Lawson, who took everything from her. And dote on the man who did not leave her side even once. Keith Yates the intimidating tycoon who has the entire city wrapped around his finger. Yet his weakness is little Jasmine, who seems unreachable but what happens when she stops running away from him. " Honey, you look tired, should I give you a massage? " She smiled beautifully at him. Her fair thighs probed forward in the red lacy transparent nightgown. His eyes narrowed as he brood down on her. Was this girl looking for trouble? He knew with a mere touch from her, he would pin her down. Without any answer, he pulled her down and 'ate her'. " Hope you got your answer now "

Chapter 1 : Betrayed

* Chapter 1 : Betrayed * Jasmine Lawrence laid-back helplessly on her bed. She had just miscarried the child she had been carrying for eight months due to hard labor. Despite being pregnant she worked at a rock-breaking factory to earn a living. Her eyes were crammed with tears ultimately and she whirled to see her face to see her reflection in the mirror. Who was this? Jasmine Lawrence? Impossible, she lost everything; her face was coated with bruises the scanty strands of her hair made her look like the witch in Hansel and Gretel because of alopecia areata the disease. Her once full pink lips had hard cracks and were wounded due to constant night fever. As if it were not enough she began bleeding heavily. " Blood?" she noticed the trail from her thighs. Hesitantly she picked up the phone to call her loving husband. After three rings the phone went through, opening her mouth to speak and she heard loud moaning sounds. Did she hear right? Was that not the voice of Celine, the sister of her husband? She tilted her head in confusion, then brought the phone to her face to recheck if she called the right number. It was his number, the number she had memorized for eight years of dotting on him. Feeling embarrassed for her sister-in-law, she was about to end the call when she heard what sounded like the raspy voice of her husband. " Give it to me Celine... Yes ... That Jasmine is a vegetable in bed --but you arrrr" Jasmine's pupils dilated in shock, she laughed in shock and smiled. Then wiped her face and listened to him praising his sister. This does not make sense. Why would blood siblings be so shameless? The pain she felt intensified as the blood then she heard Celine say " That Jasmine is a fool despite all the indications she still believes we are siblings, hahaha" Jasmine could no longer breathe, she held her chest and closed the tears from spilling. " What is more stupid is she works hard and gives me money to spend on our enjoyment " her husband added shamelessly. Enjoyment? Was he not building their dream house in the province? Did that mean all her years of hard work went down the drain? Then which house was he showing her? " Yes. I even showed her progress of a fake house and now she is probably bleeding heavily and must have lost the baby-" This statement had a heart in pieces. Why did he do this? She smiled bitterly and continued to listen. " Did she think I will accept a b*st*rd child, a child she had with Keith my cousin.. in hours she would die and I will have all the property of the Yates family in my name by tomorrow morning for now.. let's ride" It was followed by insane moaning sounds. Jasmine ended the call recording and laughed bitterly. The pain made her heart heavy but she had no one to call. She typed some words into her phone and then headed for the hospital. She sighed and laughed like one who heard a good joke. After taking an antidote in the hospital, the bleeding stopped. She went to the place she asked him to come to. It was a cliff with modest surroundings, the first place they met and she instantly fell for him. She stood by the cliff with a long blue gown and cap on her head. She only turned when she heard the car speeding towards her. " I am so sorry darling. How are you? Why did you call me here?" he spoke pretentiously, wearing a calm yet confused expression. In the past, she would have believed this but now she only sneered in her heart. What did she see in this b*st*rd? Now her child was gone forever and she killed him by being oblivious to his crime in all these years of their marriage. Jasmine fought the tears in her eyes with a warm smile. " Isn't it beautiful here?" said Jasmine, closing her eyes. Carl took out the pocket knife in his pocket and followed her in soft steps to take her by surprise. Although she could hear his footsteps she closed her eyes and quickly played the recording which made him take a step back in shock. His and Celine's moans He was about to speak when Jasmine confronted him in tears. Which seems to be the sole thing she is good at nowadays. "Cut the b*llsh*t. Don't tell me I misunderstood, just save it. Tell me why you killed my child... Why could you not say no to me and tell me you don't love me" A normal person who could have stopped his advances. Not Carl! The innocent facade on his face fell. For the first time, she saw the demon in sheep's clothing. " What do you want? For me to apologize or beg," he howled dangerously. " Step back or else" "Or else what .. "he scoffed, drawing the knife in his hands. At a glance, Jasmine was a little bit flabbergasted by his actions. She never thought he would go this far. Then again! He killed his child. Only a mother knows the true father of her child. And she was convinced he was the one. No one else. She smiled and said bravely " You can't kill me. Because if I don't return the police will use the evidence I gave against you" A flash of fear lingered on his face. He put away the knife and turned softly, shaking his head in disappointment. Before she could properly heave a sigh of relief, Carl turned and shot her twice pushing Jasmine off the cliff; luckily she held onto the plant. In three big steps, he crouched watching her contentedly. Jasmine knew it was her end yet she still fought. " You have made a huge mistake. The police will get you and your mistress" To this, Carl cracked up like a psychopath. " Which evidence? The one you gave to Lucia" his eyes narrowed and a vicious light flashed. How did he know? I gave the proof to Lucia. Conveniently tugging a hand into his pocket, a sly smile popped on his lips " Lucia is a dear friend of mine and she notified me as soon as you texted her the evidence and... now I will get rid of the living proof. That's you " What Now? Everything started to make sense. But then again,why would Lucia her very own best friend betray in such a vile way. Carl took out the pocket knife and smiled while looking at the knife edges. Sweats broke out on her face and she began begging for her life. Her moist eyes glaring at him " Please you can't do this, " she cried. " I Loved you and I still love you. We can start all over again " Of course, she lied, she hated him the moment she found out he cheated. Initially,she wanted the police to deal with him however if she somehow escape his grip today she would sl*t his throat herself. She tried not to look over her shoulder to the deep forest and stream beneath her. She must survive this and revenge not only her child but the entire Yates family that had been destroyed by this pyscho. Inwardly she called God for help. He stabbed the knife into one of her hands holding the little shrub,which made her retract it because of the pain. Blood quickly oozed out from the deep wound. Although the back of her hand might be bleeding it was her heart with the deepest pain. His eyes beamed at the sight of the red thick blood on the knife. Turning to face the girl still holding on the shrub,a soft of bitterness claimed his heart. " You won't die. Ok let me confess, that night Keith did not r*p* you. I did " he pursed his lips watching her dumbfounded expression. This was only her suspicion but he cleared it. No wonder why she would have such a difficult time when they had s*x. Every time the scent of the man who r*p*d her would overlap rather than understanding he slept with her nonetheless. Seeing she was lost in thoughts, he stabbed the last hand which behold Jasmine's life which was held on the plant. A loud scream escaped her lips uncontrollably she loosened her grip and fell backwards with her sharp moist hazel eyes fixed at the monster laughing by the cliff. Carl screeched as he watch her fall down the hill to the unforgiving rocky sea " I knew you were listening to the phonecall and yes I know the baby is mine " He knew the baby was his. But still, killed it?. A sardonic smile curled up her lips, squeezing her eyes shut she spoke her last prayers. The pain in her heart overcame her physical pain,she only hoped to one-day make this man pay. * Splash* Jasmine fell into the sea, it's color changed to red because of so much bleeding. She stared at the b*st*rd who seemed to be a twig from afar. " I-i w-will b-be back" as soon as she spoke these words the waves carried her body brushing passed rocks till she died in excruciating pain. The bloody water was washed off by new runoff. Like no murder ever took place. Right?

Chapter 2: Reborn

* Chapter 2: Reborn * In the darkness, she heard whacking sounds. " Who is there?" shouted Jasmine in ache. She had died so why is she still feeling pain? A small boy of about five walked towards her playing a ball. " Mommy look. I will become an awesome footballer one day" My son? At this time, she heard another voice in the darkness, the figure emerged into the light. It was her? Wearing a pink dress looking breathtaking. It was how she looked before she entered that hell of a marriage. " Yes, my son. Come your father is calling " A beautiful little girl ran towards that version of her and was picked up by a man whose face Jasmine could not see properly. He played with the girl and covered her face with kisses then they had a picnic under a beautiful tree. Watching this, Jasmine smiled bitterly, tears rushing into her eyes. Then boom. The scen
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