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Queen of his heart - Cartel lord's obsession

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Anastasia is in a new country pursuing her dream of becoming a dancer and a singer,part time working as a barista in a fancy bar with a dark secret,it's owned by the Cartels most dangerous man, Mario Fernandes. After a series of unfortunate events occur to her including finding out her boyfriend cheated on her, she gets drunk one night at work, gets up on stage and starts singing. Little did she know, she caught the attention of the owner who was so mesmerized by her he desided to have her at any costs as his Queen. With all the problems from both sides, he quickly realizes how much he really loves her and will do anything to protect her.

Chapter 1

I woke up, removed the sheets that barely covered me from waist down, slid in my flip flops and got out of bed. My room was so bright from the morning sun, I opened the window and let the early summer breeze hit my face. It made me smile. In the distance I could see the beach, and the sea air was so mesmerizing that it was really hard not to give up on my daily plans, go to the beach and enjoy myself.

Heading to the bathroom I was stopped by the annoying ringing of my phone. It was Thomas.

'Hey baby' he said so calmly and it made me smile.

'What do you want!?' I said in a harsh tone.

I knew I had to stand my ground on this, because I knew I was right. He was making a fuss over nothing.

'I know I said some things last night, but baby, you have to understand me too. I'm scared for your safety, those people are dangerous. And the guests__'

I stopped him, not letting him say another word

'Thomas you know that those people have nothing to do with me. I work behind the bar, I'm not some kind of a dancer who they take with them' I said harshly, trying to make him understand that this was just an honest job

I didn't care who owned the bar, my only reason for being there was to work and save money to record my songs. It was long overdue, and it made me nervous.

'Can I come over, we can hang out and talk, huh? I'll make us a nice meal' he was hovering trying to make me give in, but it was not working.

'No, sorry, I'm busy today. Heading to a rehearsal, then work. Tomorrow, maybe. I'll call you' I said and hung up.

Sometimes he made me really angry. But then I remember the first time I got here. I was new to everything, new country, people, culture. He was one of the first people I met. Almost a month after I came to Miami, one night I went out in hopes I will find some bars with open mic nights so others could see my singing talent. Being turned down from 3 clubs in one night made me sad and disappointed, I was walking the streets without hope for the future. On the crosswalk I ran into someone, slammed into him and almost fell, but he caught me. Our eyes met and locked right there. He had the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen. Tall, handsome, dark brown hair with some highlights down to his shoulders was flowing around in the light breeze of the night. My eyes were fixated on his, I was so attracted I involuntary started biting my lover lip as he held my body tight preventing me from falling.

The next day I received a bouquet of light pink roses, with a note

'We should bump into each other again but this time on purpose. Because I think I can not live another day without your smile and the look you had when I held you near me. Dinner?' The note said and there was a number. Immediately, without thinking I called him to meet up, the rest is history. But over time, like a lot of couples, you just grow too attached, and due to fear of losing your significant other, you make some bad choices that cause a fight. I was so in love with everything about Thomas, I just loved being with him, hell, I hope I marry this guy one day

But standing to my ground about my work choices was my decision only. I wasn't going to get a job at some factory or else, where I would be occupied with work all day. I needed my days free for rehearsals, making music. So that was why working at the bar from 5pm - 1am was perfect for me.

I brushed my teeth and got in the shower, after that I got to my closet and began to dress myself. I picked a set of black lace bra and panties, jeans and a plain white shirt. My dark brown hair was running loose around my body, being so long, almost to my hips. I did my makeup, put my earrings on and sprayed some oil on my curly hair. My hair routine was no joke, and I didn't regret spending money on products. Passing through my closet I stopped to get my leather jacket when I saw something that made me sad.

My huipile(traditional Mexican dress) made by my abuela. It was very colorful and bright , with so many layers on the skirt, flowers and symbols all over it. It made me think of home, the agava feilds I grew up on with my abuelos.

'I miss you, abuelitos. Los amo' I said looking at the picture of them and blew a kiss in it's direction

Getting in my car I got a call

'Heey girl! Where are you, I'm already at the studio' a cheerful voice spoke and it made me smile

'I'm on my way Stella, calm down.'

' Oh I know, you slept in, you stayed at the bar late. I bet that the big lord saw you and took you to his private room and did everything! ' she said excitedly it made my skin reddish

I knew who she was talking about.

Mario Fernandes. The owner of the bar. The boss. The big cartel lord.

For the past 7 months I worked at the bar I saw the man couple of times, and I was stunned by his appearance. His bad boy vibe was breathtaking. Tall, handsome, god like men with tattoos that hugged every inch of his big muscled arms were like a second skin to him. His curls always looked a bit messy as if some girl was playing with them, and it looked so hot. And his eyes, huh. Their honey brown color glowed under the lights of the bar. But then again, that was just an observation. I wasn't looking at him all the time, wishing for something to happen between us. I had a boyfriend, and no matter how annoying he was sometimes, I loved him.

'Stella don't be ridiculous, nothing like that happend. And besides, I'm on my way' I said and hung up

Driving through the city I lost myself in my thoughts. They lead me back home. Spending almost 3 years in Miami didn't do much, I still missed the hacienda that my abuelos owned,and everything with it.

My thoughts were interrupted when I heard a loud bang and my airbag popped open in my face. I froze. 'Sh*t I just run into someone' was the first thing in my mind. I sat in my seat frozen in fear when I realized that I ran into a very expensive car,and saw the driver coming out. He was dressed in a black suit, had black shades and an earbud in his ear.

'Nothing serious, boss. Her car is damaged way more then ours' he said and the voice from inside the car told him to get back in the car and drive off, wich was what he did.

People behing me yelling for me to move my car yanked me from my frozen state when I realized I can't start my car. 'Sh*t, not this. Last thing I needed' I said under my breath and held my hand on my forehead as I saw there was a little scratch on it. Guess I had to call someone to pick me up

And that was none other then Thomas. After realizing that he was the one closest to where I was, I decided to let go of my anger and give him a call. But, no answer. My calls went to his voice mail 3 times before I gave up and decided to walk to the studio.

Finally the studio was in sight, I almost jumped from joy. When I got in the gang was all there. Ben was adjusting his guitar as always, Sam by the drums, David was playing some riffs on his bass, and Stella happily dancend around

'Look who decided to show up' Ben said

'Don't start with me, my car broke down. Actually, I had an accident'

They all went in shock when I said it

'Are you hurt? Who is that *ssh*l* that hit your car?' David asked with worry written all over his face.

' I was the one who hit someone, but everything is fine, everyone is fine. Everyone except my car'

'We can fix that. But first, we have to play some songs and get ourselves ready for our upcoming event!' David responded and everyone agreed.

'Yesss finally ' I thought to myself. All I need right now is my music, it was my escape from everything

My happy place was this. This studio, these people I made music with. Guys were practicing some raw materials for new songs when I decided to let myself loose and dance. I took off my jacket and started to dance around along the music that was playing, and Stella joined me. Getting lost in the music made me relaxed and very happy.

After the rehearsal we ordered some food and enjoyed the meal together. This people were like a family to me, I loved them. Because of our desire for success and talents we were linked so close and almost knew each other by the breath which was important for band mates, to bond in that way. Looking at the big clock on the wall I realized that it was still early, I still got two hours until my shift at the club so I decided to go see Thomas and end this fight. Without hesitation I knew he was my true love and I couldn't stay mad at him forever. My eyes started glowing at a thought of seeing him. I could see everything, he will open the door happy to see me, me without saying a word I will kiss him, he will take me in his arms and this tension between us will be over.

Suddenly I found myself longing for his affection, it started turning me on even. He was so good looking and a great kisser, not to mention the s*x because it was fireworks and sparks every time.

I called an uber and headed to his house. Short ride after, I found myself outside his door. I came out of the car skipping the steps how happy I was to see him. My heart raced in such a pace it made me breathless. Looking through my bag for a key took a few moments, then I unlocked the front door and let myself in the house. The house was not big, but yet not small. In consisted of a hallway, living room and a kitchen downstairs, with two bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs. The light painted walls glowed in the afternoon light. I caught myself imagining my life here. Barefoot, pregnant, him by my side, living our happily ever after. The sound of music from upstairs stopped me from thinking as I decided to follow the sound, so I headed upstairs. The music that was playing was reggaeton, wich was strange because Thomas was into rock music. As I made my way up the stairs I heard a women laugh.

Oh hell no! What the f*ck!? What was going on??

I soon found myself in the hallway, the music became louder as I heard the women moan in pleasure. 'Oh, Thomas, don't stop baby' she said eagerly in the pleasure haze, wich made him grunt back at her.

My whole world was shattered in pieces. Realization that he was with someone else hit me hard and made me angry. I knocked in the door with my leg, kicking it open, wich made them frozen in spot. Thomas was sitting in his big navy blue chair shirtless, pants down on his ankles. Her hair bounced with rhythm as she was riding him sitting in his lap, completely naked. The look on his face when he saw me was terrifying, my eyes were full of tears ready to stream down my face. This hurted, a lot.

'And who the f*ck are you!? How can you get in like this!' the women got up from Thomas and headed towards me with those angry words.

I stood frozen looking at her, with the corner of my eye I spotted him looking at me. I moved the women to the side and went over to him, wich made him jump up and put on his breifs in a hurry.

'Baby let me explain ___' he pleaded

'Not a word can fix this, just tell me why, please. Just tell me why on earth would you betray me like this. I love you with all my heart, God, I can not believe your doing this to me!' I roared at him fisting his bare chest in anger.

'It's nothing, she means nothing. I love you. Baby please' his said with obvious sadness in his voice but it made me even more angry. He looked at the women and shook his head signaling her to get lost, as he was trying to hug me

For a second I thought about giving in, letting him hug me and just forget about this. But her smell on him was still too powerful, he was still sweating from the pleasure she gave him. His index finger found it's way to my jaw as he tried to pull my head up so our eyes would meet, but I turned my head sideways, and he rested his head between my shoulder and neck. Tears were falling down my face, and I let an agonizing scream wich made my vision blurry and I felt dizzy, having trouble standing. Finally the dizziness got over me and anger creeped in even more. Anger, betrayal, sadness, it all hit me at once. It was too much. I pushed him away from me, but he grabbed my hand and got down on one knee.

'Baby you are my love, this was meaningless, I swear. Look_' he said and reached for his pocket. He got a little velvet box out of his pocket and opened it. There it was, the ring. The ring with single lavander diamond that stopped my breath. 'I want you to wear this to let everyone you are mine and mine alone. I love you, Anastasia. Will you marry me?' the question just rolled out his month like I didn't just catch him f*ck*ng someone else. His eyes light up from joy and pride as he asked to marry him. I was in shock.

' You had the box in your pants while f*ck*ng her, what were you thinking? You were with someone else, yet you are so proud of asking me to marry you, like this whole thing never happend. I can not believe this, it's too much. Please just let me go, it's over. Goodbye' I said crying and pulled my hand from his as I headed downstairs. I needed to get out, fast. This was a nightmare and no matter how hard I was blinking, everytime I opened my eyes I saw him with that women. As I heard him calling me, trying to catch up on me, I quickly found a cab and hopped in.

'The Burlesque Lounge, please' I said to the driver as I watched Thomas slowly dissappear in the distance

After a good cry and some screams that let the cab driver thinking I was crazy, I found myself in front of my work place. The Burlesque Lounge. The bar I worked in. It consisted of the band playing live music and dancers dancing to old evergreens. It was a fasade for my boss's business, cartel business. Wich I didn't care for, my only intention was to work behind the bar and that was it. It was friday, and almost my shift time

'Great, it will surely be a busy night, just what I need' the thought crossed my mind as I passed the guards at the door and made my way in.

'Sweetheart!' a familiar voice called, it was Luna, my coworker. We were a team, I was behind the bar, she was serving the drinks I made. We quite got along. She was my age, we understood each other and confided to one another. But this time I was too embarrassed to let anyone know what happend.

The sound and the vibe of the bar got to me fast. Behind the bar was this huge mirror that was wall to wall. There were 10 booths wich held some privacy, some red couches on the sides and regular tables in the middle. Straight across the space from the bar was the stage. It had big red curtains folded up as the band was practicing for the night.

'Hey, what's up?'

'God, what is wrong? Have you been crying? What happend?' she questioned with worry all over her face.

I looked at the big mirror behind me, and stood in shock. My eyes were red and swollen, tears building up ready to burst out. 'It's nothing, everything is fine, let's just work' I said but she wasn't bying it

'Baby don't hold back, tell me what happened. Did that b*st*rd made you cry?' she asked with anger.

It made my tears ready to stream down my face, I dropped my purse down and ran to the bathroom. I got in the booth locked it and sat down. In that very moment it hit me, hard. Tears started running like crazy, I was so angry it made me want to rip my hair out of my scalp. Anger got over me so bad I was fuming, I started screaming and kicking the door with my hands and legs. I suddenly got the strength I didn't know I had, and one of my kicks was so strong that the booth door fell from it's frame. 'Sh*t, I'm done now. I'm getting fired' the frightening thought crossed my mind since I knew someone must have heard me going mental. And I was right.

Moments later, few man in black suits came into the bathroom and called my name. I was frightened to show my face, but I realized it's better for me to go on my own then be draged out.

'I'm sorry, I have an explanation for my actions, a very reasonable one too, if you jus__' I justified myself but was interupted by one of these men.

'Come with us, boss wants to see you.' he said and pulled my arm showing me the way to a secluded hallway that led to one door. I assumed he was there.

My heart skipped a beat knowing I was going to be face to face with him, my breath was short. Nothing good can come out from this. I destroyed something that was in his possession, he must be furious.

Chapter 2


My mind was playing tricks with me today. Like bad business and those bastards that tried to go over me wasn't enough, someone hit one of my cars earlier today. The damage wasn't much, but it got on my nerves. I ordered everyone out of my office, trying to calm myself down, I wanted to be alone. I poured myself a glass of alcohol sat behind my desk and turned on the security cameras of the bar on my computer to check on my employees, to see if everything and everyone is behaving. First camera that turned on was the one just above the bar. The waitress was talking to the curly girl that was working behind the bar, she was late. Few words from the waitresses set her in rage and she stormed out heading to the bathroom area. I followed,and saw she was crying.

'Go see what's going on' I said to one of my man.

Moments later he came back in

'Boss, she's gone wild, she's screaming her lungs out in there, kick


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