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Pranking the Prank King

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Diana was forced to live with her mother after her father's tragic death. Depression wasn't the best state for the young widow as she inflicted all the pain on her teenage daughter. She ignored all her duties as a mother and it became the responsibility of Diana to take care of her family.Bluefall's popular prankster and lady's man, Dylan Kings had all every child his age could wish for. Money, looks, luxury. He was popularly known for pulling pranks on people for the sake of fun. After making a huge mistake by pulling a prank on a nerd and hoping to get away with it, Diana became the first and only person to plot revenge against him. Two different lives meet for the sake of a prank. Pink dye gushed out of his locker to his face. He was glued to one position, DIANA!!" He yelled. He was far beyond mad faced me with pure anger on his face. "Sorry, I should... I should have kept purple dye!" I laughed using his phrase against him. "It's a f*ck*ng dye?!""Of course, barbie," I said. People were laughing their butts off.

Chapter 1

Diana's P.O.V

After all the alarms i intentionally missed,I stood up from bed. Believe me, i could sleep with an alarm blaring beside me. I was so in love with sleep, I could literally do it with my eyes closed.

Get it? Get it?

Back to my current situation, the room felt like it was lower than zero degrees. It almost felt like I would freeze if I should stay in a position for minutes.  Curse the fact I didn't have a heater

Why does the world have to be against me?

Yeah, just so you know, I can be dramatic at times.

With every little movement I made, I could hear a creak from the bed. Couldn't blame it though, I'd been using it for years so it did a great job. You wouldn't believe how expensive it was to get a new bed. I guess I have to stick with this baby.

The house would've felt like a graveyard if we ignored my mother's loud snores. How was it even possible for her to snore that loud? Sometimes it made it feel like she was inhuman.

Don't get me wrong, her snores only gave me an assurance I could leave the house in peace.

At least, she wasn't awake. She started banging the door at one this morning which was a bit early if I might add. Normally, she came home by three or four in a drunken state. She either had liquor dripping from her mouth (Very disgusting sight, believe me you don't want to see it) or she came with a bottle in her hand. Most times, she held it like her life depended on it. Well, it kinda was. She was addicted to that stuff, always coming home drunk and all.

I winced when I felt a sharp pain shoot through my left thigh. It was almost impossible to walk but I did anyways, didn't have a choice. I still had to walk my way up to the hell hole they called school.

I could remember when my mom shoved a fork in it this morning.

Why? Good question.

She wobbled in this morning and started yelling about why her dumb food got cold. I just wished I could yell THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU COME HOME LATE WOMAN! but I would've faced worse consequences if I did that.

You see, I don't mean to bore you with my life story but you don't really have a choice. Ever since my father died, my mom was another name for complete disaster.

She did try at first. She looked for a suitable job to pay my fees and food but she stopped after a year or so. I felt pity for her, she was deep in depression. She just couldn't cope without her other half.

Then, she started drinking, smoking, clubbing, taking drugs and literally everything that is not expected from a normal healthy mother. I thought it was a joke at the beginning but it became reality. I had to cope with it because I knew she wasn't like that deep inside and I hoped she would realise that and change. She didn't.

She poured her anger out on me like I was the cause of her misfortune and because of that, she thought of me as useless.

Harsh right?

I didn't waste any time, it looked like I saw it coming. I started working in an old coffee shop. I got five dollars an hour including Saturdays and Sundays (A/N: I'm a Nigerian so I don't know how they pay abroad. Please bear with me) I attended a public school do I wouldn't have to bother about fees and bought food stuffs. I also took care of my mom with it and yeah, that's all of my boring life story.

Seriously guys, I need a life.

With the little energy I had left in my lazy body, I dragged myself to the bathroom. When I was sure the door was locked, I took off the pajamas to give myself a proper scan in the mirror. I had a big fresh bruise on my stomach which I got this morning. It was the biggest of them all. I had three dots on my thigh from the fork thing this morning.

D*mn you, mom.

It was swollen and red with dried blood plastered on the surface. It looked like it would bleed with a single poke. I had two other bruises on my upper arm which were almost faded and unnoticeable

I had bruises all over my face. I had on beside my eyebrow, another on my cheek, one beneath my lip and the last one on my forehead. It looked like I was involved in a fight with a wrestler. Besides that, I felt pain around my body.

I turned on the shower and allowed the water wash over me. I rinsed off the dry blood gently with my palm to avoid further bleeding.

I seriously couldn't deal with that on a Monday morning. Monday was already a b*tch on her own.

I stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around me. I used another towel to dry my hair and wrapped it on it as I applied Vaseline on my skin. Once I was done, I slipped on a gray oversized sweater with a tan top beneath it. I found suitable leggings and slipped it on, feeling a lot more better after that.

I decided not to wear contacts so I wore my glasses instead. I pulled my waist length black hair into a high ponytail to make myself feel a bit like Ariana.

Shut up, you know you also do it.

As much as I loved the idea of day dreaming to be Ariana grade, my hair was always a mess. I planned on cutting the hair myself but I didn't have the time. I was too busy admiring myself in the mirror.

Just kidding!

To be honest though, if I had the time to admire myself, I wouldn't waste it. You have to be there for yourself at times.

I used my concealer to cover up the bruises on my face before adding another layer of powder. I had to admit, I spent quite a lot on make up. Apparently, I couldn't leave the house without a layer of foundation. I didn't do it for beauty alone, I just couldn't afford people asking me questions about my face.

I wore a pair of white converse and grabbed my backpack from the corner. After throwing my phone into the bag, I found my way downstairs for breakfast.

I opened the refrigerator hoping to find at least an apple for breakfast. The refrigerator was filled with alcoholic drinks as usual. That was what my mom spent all her money on. I had no idea where she got all the money but who cares? As long as it doesn't affect me, i'm good with it.

I poured myself a glass of water and chugged it down with some painkillers. I dropped the glass in the sink and started my journey to school.

Man, I hated the name alone.

My school wasn't far from home so I walked every morning. It was a form of exercise for my lazy *ss and besides, It gave me time to think.

The pain in my thigh was painful but bearable. The pain killers had not kicked in so I had to walk like that.

I got to school about ten minutes early. It was slightly crowded but not something I didn't see everyday.

I walked to my locker only to meet Dylan and a chick making out there. It looked like they were sucking the lives out of each other. Very horrible sight. I'd rather spend my day watching water drip from the shower.

You see, I wasn't kidding when I said life was against me.

Dylan was the school's popular prankster. He was literally the crown on Bluefalls. I still didn't see the reason why he was here since he was rich enough to get into a fancy *ss private school. At least, that would reduce this.

He pranked almost everyone in the school. He got better after every prank. Lucky for me, he never pranked me. Mostly because he never knew there was a me. I wasn't that popular.

Wait, let's rephrase that. I was no one

His description was easy. He had dark hair and darkest eyes with a sharp jawline that could cut through glass. You could literally drown in his eyes but that didn't change the fact I didn't like his attitude. He was hot and all, I couldn't lie about that but they made it look like he was a Greek god. What happiness do they get in sleeping with a guy that sleeps with a lot of girls. Don't you think he's using you?

He was a prank king. Blue fall's prank king to be precised. Apart from his girlfriends and minions, I was the only one he'd never pulled a prank on and I'm pretty sure you know the reason why.

They were five idiots all together.

Dylan, the prank king. Ryan, the one with the black hair and blue eyes, like me. He was also a typical example of a ladies man but Dylan was still higher than him on the hierarchy. Toby had warm brown eyes and blond hair with a slim figure, I compared him with Jace Normal at times. We started school together but the fool doesn't even know I exist! Jake, the one with the red hair and dark eyes. He never did anything that annoyed me so i wouldn't say he was a problem. Finn, the one with the dark brown hair and blue eyes, he was still in sophomore year so I didn't see the reason why he spent all his time with seniors but it's not my business.

So where were we? Oh yes!

I really couldn't describe the sight, it was absolutely disgusting.

Well, his mom sponsored the school so he never got punished for anything.


I cleared my throat hoping they would hear me but because life was frowning at me, they didn't hear me. I did it again but it was no avail.

"Excuse me" I managed to say. He dropped the girl immediately and she cursed under her breath, probably angry at me. I could feel her shooting daggers at me so I avoided her gaze and starred at my shoes, something I did when I acted like I was nervous. I wished I wore a hoddie so I could cover my face and stay unnoticed.

"What do you want?" The girl snapped and I pointed at my locker. She dragged him to the other locker and they continued their business.

Very great for a Monday morning.

Chapter 2

Three. Two. One

And it's time for lunch!!!! 

"And don't forget to complete the assignment" Mr McLain said.

This man sure deserved an award for making an hour look like a year.

I loved math, i always made As when it came to math but I had to admit, the class was boring and too long. Mr McLain was a great guy but how could a man be stuffed with boredom. I didn't mean to sound harsh but sometimes, you have to be honest.

I depended on the little reading I did myself and besides, I didn't mean to sound all egotistical but I was one smartass. All I needed was a copy of the note or a textbook from the library and boom, a big A waiting for me.

I heard some students sigh and some muttered 'thank God' or 'finally'. They all stood up and found their ways out of the class. It seemed like the atmosphere in the class alone was boredom for me.

Man, I hated school.

I could accept a boring teacher all day, I also could accept sitting in an extremely qu


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