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The Painful Life Of A Wife

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A girl who is forced to marry a man from a rich family, here only for the sake of making the family get a child who can inherit property. But, her position as a wife is not considered good so that makes her look like a fool. This story actually has a plot and drama that is very thick so it's difficult to explain in its entirety, but in general I have explained the meaning of this story. Hopefully people who read this will feel entertained and understand what I want to convey in the story. Thank You... Very Nice

As A Wife

Rich, handsome, and got all kinds of things, what else could he want, but...

“Humph… this feels really boring!”

Brody is a man who is rich and full of taste, thanks to his efforts is able to reach the point where humans will be very jealous.

Only one thing is lacking in his life, of course that is a woman.

Standing someone in front of him at this time, she lowered her face in great embarrassment.

Brody casually drank wine from a clear cup.

"Did you know our deal?" asked Brody in a cold tone.


Her name is Alice, a 20 year old girl, beautiful and smart, but now she is forced to be in a very difficult situation.

“Based on your father's debt, you must become my wife in order to make things pay off! But, don't think that it will be easy! Here I want to tell you that you have to play the role of a wife, but of course not have this bond with me! In other words, you're just being a maid!”

Hearing the intimidating tone at the end of the sentence made Alice's body tremble, right now she wanted to cry hysterically over what had happened.

Unfortunately, if she showed that, then she was just a weak girl who would grow helpless.

According to the agreement, Alice must carry out the role of wife. It really feels like a useless toy here, only to be used when needed, and to be thrown away when it's done.

After the first night passed, Alice walked towards her room. She didn't know what else to say, her virginity was taken by a b*st*rd man she didn't really love.

Alice POV:

I walked very slowly to the room on the second floor, yes understand because this is the house of a rich man a businessman, his house will be very big like in a palace.

The stairs I walked through sounded like loud music, but in reality they contained a slice of the pain I was feeling.

Even though I tried to play this role, I still feel like a stupid person.

In the past when I wanted a beautiful life, it turned out to be just nonsense.

The floor is so beautiful that it gives a cold feeling that penetrates the skin until it spreads throughout my body.

My eyesight had become so glazed, I felt like I was unable to step into the room. But, I still have to do it.

As many in 12 steps I have descended, a little more I will definitely be able to get to the room.

Suddenly my body lost balance, and this made me sit up with a shocked face. My eyes felt sore, this was because the tears kept dripping without stopping. With all the strength I had, I tried to get up.

After a long struggle, finally I can be in the room.

The tears I had been holding back were now streaming down my face and cheeks.

"Why do I have to go through all this? That man is not what I want…”


Time changed, and now it was already morning.

Alice had to get up in a hurry to prepare food for Brody, if she arrived too late, something would be bad.

Brody was already sitting reading the newspaper, his face serious on the newspaper in front of him

"Hah! I see, so everything that has been kept by their side has been exposed, this way my business will run better!”

Alice put down the bowl filled with food, its delicious aroma tantalizing the appetite.

Brody's eyes were curious about the taste of the food.

"What did you make today?" asked Brody coldly.

"I made soup mixed with prawns!"

“Hooh… looks so delicious!”

Tasted by Brody, his eyes instantly widened. He regurgitated the food that had just entered his mouth.

"What are you cooking this?" he snapped.


“It's too salty, you should know that to cook something must be by calculation! Now you eat this, and taste it!”

Alice slowly approached the bowl, her pupils dilated looked inside the soup, and she became unsure about the taste. After seeing Brody's brutal attitude, she didn't want to taste the soup, as it was supposed to, but here she had to.

One spoon was lifted, then put into the mouth.

Brody glaring Alice who continued coughing several times.

“From your expression, you even admit this food is very salty!” said Brody with a tone of hatred. "I wonder, do you want to poison me with food like this?"

“N-No, I didn't mean to do this!” replied Alice in a low tone.

"Then you now go from here!" Brody's eyes then glanced at the watch on his hand that showed 7 in the morning. “D*mn it, I have to go quickly!”

"This is your bag..." said Alice who was about to take the bag.

"No need!"

But, Brody had gotten ahead of her.

"Remember, don't make any more mistakes, or I will divorce you, here our marriage is only a contract until you are able to pay off your father's debts!" said Brody in an intimidating tone.

Alice just nodded languidly, and after it became silent. Alice's face only looked lethargic and withered.

She really wanted to say why this could happen, if possible she really wanted to repeat how this life should have happened, everything that was already too chaotic she had to go through with all of her abilities, even though she had tried many times.

But, failure will still come to her. Now, she is confused about what to do for a beautiful future.


The day has been so bad for Brody, his company has gone bankrupt due to an unprofitable stock sale.

"D*mn, why is it so tight now everyone's conditions!"

"Yeah, what else can I do? We can't do anything here anymore, everything happens because of a country's economic cycle, and now we have to adapt to it!” replied a business partner named Roy.

Brody took a sip of alcohol in front of him to get rid of the headache from everything that had happened.

“I wonder, you're married, but why don't you just go straight home? You will be accepted and welcomed by your wife!

“Heh...don't joke, do you think I like that innocent woman? Here I only married her in the name of business, if it weren't for her parents who had debts, maybe I wouldn't have done it, and we were only limited to making an agreement to be my caretaker!”

"Is she also a gratification lust for you?" Roy asked with a smirk.

“Yeah, like that! She's just an innocent girl, just spending the night with her doesn't satisfy me, I need someone a lot more exciting!”

__To Be Continued__

Is This Life

Roy chuckled at that, he already know who Brody was.

"Do you have the right to say it? Aren't you and her already husband and wife? If she saw you here, what would she say?”

Brody shrugged his shoulders and shook his head a few times. “I don't care, if she wants to watch me as a bastard that would be fun too! I didn't love her from the start, and she has to understand, I'm only here to take advantage of her!”

Then Brody took a sip of the wine in front of him, his breath even smelled of alcohol so strong.

After a few hours had passed, there was a knock on the door loud enough to reverberate


Alice rushed to open the door, and suddenly Brody's body fall down.

"Master, what happened?" asked Alice with a worried face.

"Don't ask too many questions!" replied a staggering Brody

This smell could already be inhaled by Alice, a smell so strong that can make her vomit

Alice trie


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