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From two different worlds. They are both broken and yet they peiced both their broken halfs to form a heart. Didn't they know love wasn't made for them ? They knew but yet they fell for each other. Quinn Fields is a young clumsy lieutenant returning to the police force after cutting all ties from her abusive ex. She moves on renting a quiet apartment in Portland and works hard volunteering non stop so she can get promoted. On a night patrol she contacts a handsome stranger who was bruised and unconscious, being the generous and naive young woman she is, she takes him back to her apartment and cleans his wounds and the next morning the stranger is gone. Two weeks later she comes in contact with AXE-L one of the notorious and dangerous uprising gangsters. The leader of the gang is none other than the man she shared her kindness to and he returned her kindness with a gun pointed to her head.

Chapter 1


"A little bit to the left and here." Calvin dropped a big box filled with my stuff in the empty room while I held a box shutting the door of the apartment with my leg, I stride over to him and stumbled in the process dropping the box which had a dozen glow in the night light stones.

Calvin helped me up, I retreated to picking up the stones quickly, Calvin helped me pick one up and put it back in the box.

"You still have these? I thought you sold these already." Calvin mocked me while I box up the stones and pushed them away to the other side of the room. "Yes I still have them they help me to feel more at home." I scoffed.

"You'll never change." he teased glancing round the apartment.

I slide my hand down the pockets of my Jeans. "Thanks for coming out of your way to help me settle down you must have a lot on your plate and also work I hope I didn't cause you any inconvenience." I stated.

"Are you kidding when I heard my best friend was moving back to Portland after cutting all connections from me for two years I couldn't say no, Mandy is still pissed at you though." he stated but I just chuckled.

Calvin is my best friend or I could say more of a brother ever since we were kidnergardners his mum left him at my parents house for a play date with me when he was 8 and she never came back for him, since then it's been me and him, he's been there for me even my parents divorce he even calls them mom and dad.

As for Mandy she's my best friend too ever since she stuck gum in my hair during Junior high we had some fights until we were both paired for a project we discovered we have so much in common and one of them at the time was we both hate Noemie Peigns, my bitchy cousin.

She's the example of a snooty rich girl.

Noemie once told me the reason my parents divorce was because my mom had me from another man and she's a flirt always wearing short skirts just to impress Calvin who never paid attention to her.

Mandy is a matron in the police force, she hated Terry the first day she met him and advise me to break up with him but I was too busy brainwashed that I thought she hated me because she didn't have a boyfriend.

If only I listened to her I could have dodged a bullet.

"I get why she's pissed, I'll be mad too I quit the force and cut all connections just to move in with some dickhead who I fell over the heels for and imagine spending the rest of our lives together when everyone warned me it was a bad idea." I muttered running my finger through my hair.

"I'm sorry you went through that."

"Don't be I should have known and I should have seen the signs Calvin I was blinded and gave Terry everything and he just brainwashed me I felt so vulnerable even after the miscarriage he kept screaming and yelling at me and cheated on me, I left everything for him what else could I have given him."

Terry is my ex boyfriend and he's a dick, we met at a concert in New York and started seeing each other, I was head over heels for him that I quit my job as a police officer and moved in with him to New York, the first three months were bliss until he forced me to cut all connections with my family and friends which I did, then finally he had full control of me and turned me into his maid and didn't help out.

Later I was pregnant but then he was upset and abused me emotionally, mentally and sometimes physically and then I had a miscarriage it wasn't easy and he was more mad and finally made me feel worthless, I was foolishly telling myself that I loved him, I was depressed and trapped.

I had enough when he cheated on me, he looked me in the eyes and watched me break down but didn't care, he thought I'd stay like always but it took me every will in my body to use my last change at a payphone and called my dad to come get me.

I never want to be that vulnerable again.

"You had a miscarriage? " Calvin asked but my eyes were already wet from tears, he pulled me into a hug like old times sake patting me and I was already at ease, I miss this if I had one of this I could have possibly ended my relationship with Terry long ago.

We both pulled away from the hug, he tussled my hair back revealing my face.

"That shithead doesn't deserve you Quinn, I wish I could kick him in the balls for making you go through that, I'm glad you dumped his ass." he said.

"Are you sure it's wise renting an apartment and also staying alone you could stay with me so I could keep you company and you won't struggle with paying the bills." he offer.

"No thanks I don't want to be a burden." I got up and went unboxing.

"You won't be a burden and you won't be paying rent and you'll be living with your best friend until you get back on your feet." he stated. "No thank you." I mummered taking out my stuff. "How are you going to pay for this apartment you don't have a job remember ?"

I stood up folding my arms. "Mom and Dad cashed up some savings for me it's enough to rent the apartment." I mummered.

"That's not fair how come they gave you money and not me." he feigned a grunt.

"Because they gave birth to me and I'm their favorite." I pouted, everything was quiet and then I mummered. "I'm returning to the force." he looked at me in shock his phone rings he glance over it then puts it back. "You can answer that." I told him but he shook his head.

"It's nothing it's just my girlfriend she didn't buy the idea of me meeting you." he said.

"Does dad know about this? " he asked.

"Mom and Dad knows and they went with it, getting my own apartment was dad's idea I've already spoken to the commissioner and he granted my request of returning to the force." I said.

"Don't you think you need more time to heal returning to the force isn't some child's play it's serious now." Calvin advised.

"I'm being serious I don't want to be home crying or healing because of guy I want to be out there doing what I love and that's helping people staying home and thinking about my life decisions won't do me good Calvin I'll be fine." I said as he just nodded because once I made my mind that is it. "Fine but Mandy is gonna kill you." he said as his phone rings again.

"You can go I'll unpack." I said as he hugged me one last time and left, I locked the door behind me and pressed my back against it sliding to the floor.

I heave a deep breath staring back at my empty apartment everything were still in boxes except for my matress and my suitcase.

My mind goes blank and after a few seconds I slept off.

A few days later, I wore my uniform and locked the door of my apartment I turned to see Calvin.

"What are you doing here? " I asked.

"I came to pick you up you need a ride to work." he stated.

"That's why I'm taking the bus." I argued but he did not listen. "If you want me to trust that going back to the force is a good idea let me drive you to work until you get a car again." Calivin said.

Terry sold my car so I could move in with him in New York, gosh I'm stupid.

"Fine only today." I said as we left the hotel building to his car it was a red small camry.

He drove me to the station like he did when we snuck out and took mom's car to go to a concert out of town when we came back dad would have heard of it and we would be so grounded and had to pay for gas with our pocket money, they should be lucky we didn't scratched the car or got kidnapped.

We stopped in front of the station, I quickly got out and thanked him.

"Oh wait just so you know Noemie knows you're back expect a visit from her." Calvin drove off before I could say anything meaning he told her I was back.

I looked back at the station and a sudden wave of tension washed over me, I wonder how everyone is going to feel when they see me again.

I slowly walked in the station, it was normal no one recognise me I guess and then suddenly one of the officers walked with a cake and a few balloons and a banner fell down.

"Happy birthday Becky.." I read. "Whose Becky? " I asked as everyone showed up and yelled "Welcome back Lieutenant Fields." they clapped and popped open a champagne some of them hugged me, while some shook me, the commissioner which we usually called Chief pulled me into a hug by the way she's a middle aged woman.

"Sorry about the Banner it was supposed to say welcome back lieutenant Fields but someone was too cheap to buy ink to print." she yelled pulling me into another hug.

Chief isn't like this she's actually tough, when I wanted to resign she was hella mad and disappointed but when I said I wanted to resume she didn't waste time to grant my request.

"Everyone we once lost a soldier but she returned back to us." she said as they cut the cake and poured the champagne, I left their jubilating and went to the medical department.

I knocked on the door. "Come in.." I let myself in to see Mandy she was taking off her gloves and washing her hands I expected her to yell at me or tell me to get out, I was ready.

Chapter 2


She walked up to me with tears in her eye pulling me into a hug and started crying.

"Are you not mad at me ?" I sobbed in the hug.

"I'm mad but look at what that bastard did to my best friend you look skinny and your hair has lost his gloss, I should have shot him when he told you to move with him to New York." she whispered as we both pulled away from the hug. "I'm sorry for not listening to you, I wouldn't have gone through that shit I'm back and we can catch up." I said as we both hugged again.

"I hate you.." she sobbed while I giggled. "No you don't." I said as she sat me down.

"You missed a lot everything's changed, Zoe was promoted, she gets to go on missions now with the CIA, I go sometimes and it's scary." she says. "What do you mean Scary? " I asked.

"Recently there have been uprising of gangsters and mobs, they started coming out of the shadows and causing trouble."



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