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Once Upon a Heartbreak

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I'd rather poke my eye with a burning stick than have sex with you" Wendy Sullivan spat, frowning as she saw a smirk appear on Aero's lips. "Too bad you're gonna lose an eye. Because trust me, I am going to have sex with you," Aero replied with a smug look on his face, making Wren's face flush with anger. ******** Wendy Sullivan is a twenty-four-year-old working as a call girl in the most famous spot in South Castle. Her life takes a turn at the age of eighteen when she has to take care of her sick mom. She makes the greatest mistake of her life by taking a loan from the town's drug lord, as he takes no pity on his debtors. Now at twenty-four, selling herself for money is the only thing Wendy knows how to do, and doesn't care about being the talk of the town for her 'skills in the bedroom'. Aero Villafuentes never liked South Castle, so, as soon as he had the chance, he moved to a bigger city to start afresh. Now at twenty-eight, Aero has made a name for himself and is considered one of the wealthiest men in South Castle. When Wendy Sullivan finds out that her teenage sweetheart Aero Villafuentes is back in South Castle, she knows her world is about to be ramshackled. She vows to stay clear off him, given how he left her when she needed him the most. But with a town as small as South Castle, where rumours fly faster than a bolt of lightening, how long can Wendy Sullivan stay mad at Aero, when her heart still yearned for him? -------

Chapter 1

**Four years ago **

"Let go off me, you dumb fuck!" Wendy exclaimed as she wiggled her arm trying to get it off the hold of the six-foot dark-haired man who hovered over her. His hold on her arm only got tighter as though he was doing it on purpose. Despite all of Wendy's struggling, she still wasn't able to release her arm.

"Be still, you bitch!" the tall man spat, being more abrupt in his movement.

Wendy flinches, crying out loud in pain. "You're hurting me please," Wendy said in a pleading tone this time, but her plea went to deaf ears as the tall man led her through a dark hallway.

Wendy had no idea where she was being taken. Not this time, no. Unlike the first time when she was being led through a dark hallway, still, by this man, she had an idea where she was going. Because she had requested to meet him. Hoover Tequeido. His name alone sent shivers down her spine. Hoover was South Castle's drug lord. Not for the fact that he sells drugs no. This town was already small enough as it is to have its youths be taken out by a deadly substance. Hoover was a drug lord in the sense that he was the owner of the most famous spot in South Castle. A spot that Wendy knew too well about when growing up because her dad visited that spot often. In fact, it had turned into a second home for him. A spot she never thought she would set foot in. But as the saying goes. Never say never.

Because after her father bailed on them when she was sixteen years old, Wendy took it upon herself to look after her sick mom. But then again, South Castle was a little town, with very few activities and therefore very few well paid job offers. There were job offers, but most of them had closed down because of no profit turnover. This was sad because the inhabitants would rather spend all their money in Hoover's bar drinking away their health.

It was a terrible place. A place that has caused her troubles. And right now, Wendy couldn't help but wonder what Hoover wanted with her. Because she knew she was going to meet him. After all, the first time she asked to meet him, this tall man here was the one who led her to him. But this time, she hadn't asked to meet him. In fact, she talked with him two weeks ago, and vowed never to cross paths with him.

The walk through the dark hallway seemed endless until this man shoved her forward, causing Wendy to stumble on her feet. "You bloody bastard!" Wendy yelled at the man with spite in her voice.

"What did you say? Bitch!" he asks, coming towards her with a force that sent shivers down her spine.

"Calm down now, Reik. You don't want to lay your hands on a lady now" Hoover's voice filled the room, sending shivers down Wendy's spine. She'd known she was coming to see him, but she hadn't prepared herself to hear his voice yet. His voice had always sounded creepy to Wendy. It was calm, soothing even. For those who don't know him. But for Wendy, his calm voice was sounded like terror to her, because of all the things she'd seen him do.

"That will be all, Reik" Hoover adds, urging the man, whose name Wendy had come to learn was Reik. Reik didn't back down from the eye contest that he had going on with Wendy and neither would Wendy.

You see, this was her area of expertise. She could do this all day. Sometimes, Wendy wished South Castle would host an eye staring contest as they do in big cities and other localities so she could win the grand prize. Because she would win the grand prize.

Finally, Reik backed down and scoffed before turning his back. "Yeah! leave, you wussy" Wendy spat out, making Reik's blood boil with anger. He faced her again, giving her a death glare.

"Enough Reik" Hoover yelled in the silence, making Wendy gasp. Reik rolled his eyes and exited the room. Only then did Wendy get off the floor and notice the room she was in. It was the same room as the first time she'd asked to meet him, only this time, they'd led her through another hallway. The room was cold, with creepy pieces of furniture hanging on the wall, and with the dim lighting in the room, Wren was petrified.

"Hello Wendy, we meet again," Hoover says in a calm town, sending shivers down Wendy's spine. Wendy took a deep breath, refusing to show her fear. She poised herself and spoke up.

"What do you want Hoover? I made it clear the last time we saw, that I don't want anything to do with you" Wendy says, proud of herself for not letting her fear take over her speech. Hoover seemed offended at first, making Wendy furrow her brows. Then he burst into a fit of laughter, and other light mumbles could be heard in the room, making Wendy understand they weren't alone.

"Oh, Wendy my dear! Are you that naive?" Hoover questions, amusement laced in his voice. Wendy frowned. She hated when people took her to be naive. She was everything but naive.

"What do you want Hoover? I made the last deposit of your money last week, and I told you two weeks ago, before the last payment, that was the last time you shall be seeing me. So why am I here? Why was I abruptly taken from my house to come to see you?" Wendy asks, mentally applauding herself for her boldness. She folded her arms, adding more sass.

"Don't take that tone with me" Hoover warns, his voice stern.

"Or what?" Wendy fired back daringly. Wendy hated being told what to do. She'd gladly defy anyone who tells her what to do. Hoover stared at her. Wendy stared back. Another eye contest began. Then Hoover burst into another fit of laughter, making Wendy's face flush with anger.

"See, this is why I can't let you go. You're fierce and I like fierce" Hoover says with amusement in his voice.

Wendy frowned. What did he mean by that? She'd finished the debt she owed him. For two years, she'd worked her butt off, and took up three jobs so she could be free. And when three jobs didn't do it, she'd taken up a job at the bar. Now that she's finally cleared off her debt to him, he didn't seem to want to let her go.

"I don't owe you a dime, Hoover, so I'm leaving" Wendy turned her back.

"Go, but be here tomorrow at six p.m," he called out, stopping Wendy dead in her tracks. She turned slowly, with a smug look on her face.

"Or else what" she defied with a smirk on her face. The amusement from Hoover's face disappears, making Wendy swallow a gulp.

"Or you fucking die, bitch!," Hoover says in a calm tone, his expression stoic, making blood dry from Wendy's body. It was then that Wendy knew, she'd royally fucked up.


Chapter 2


"Fuck, I am going to cum” Wendy fake yelled as the hunk hairy man grabbed her behind, repeatedly thrusting into her, his hold on her so tight that Wendy was certain she would bruise. His breathing became deep and erratic as he lets out a ‘fuck’, followed by a groan, before he collapsed his weight on Wren's. Wendy felt something warm inside her, indicating that the hunk that was currently laying above her had filled the plastic with his spunk. She laid beneath him, her stomach on the bed and her head buried into the mattress. She wiggled beneath him, struggling to push him to the side to catch her breath and with a little more effort, she managed to push him off her.

“You were fucking amazing, Wendy. You excelled again like you always do,” the hairy looking hunk says, his right hand serving as a comforter for his head whilst his left hand trailed light touches on Wendy’s cheek. Covering her naked body with just her hands, Wendy gave the hunk a smile that didn’t re


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