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On Her Daddy’s bed!

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“You shouldn’t have disobedyed me, Hazel.” His voice came out hard and husky and she thril at the soothing undertone that sent chills down her spine, her p*ssy, already gaining lots of wetness. “I am sorry Daddy,baby girl needed some alone…” she tries to explain, but his next action shut her up. He flung her over the bed like she weighed nothing, her facing pressing into the pillow, while her *ss position into the perfect doggy style he craved for. “I am going to punish you so f*ck*ng well, momma. I am going to f*ck you hard till you no longer feel your legs, momma. Hazel gulps down the hitches in her throat as the thought of his 9 inches thick c*ck riding her tight c*nt, to pleasure. Without any warning, Hazel felt his d*ck tearing throw her, as he made one rough thrust. “Oh my f*ck*ng goodness….” her words thrailed into a moan, while his hands found his most adore part of her body, her waist, Pulling her backward, he began to thrust hard, with each thrust he got rewarded with moans that made him want to do more! Hazel had just gained admission to her favorite university in the city of Washington, she is forced to live with her fathers most trusted young friend all in the name of protection. Hazel eventually finds herself in the bed of the man she claims she hate, the one whom is to protect her from the outside world, after one foreplay, Hazel and Axel had refused to keep their eyes off each other. However it didn’t end up as just Lustful feeling, as love seems to be taking over the air. In a world where, fans criticize whoever wishes to stay intimate with their idol,(Axel)will their love stand a chance with so many accusations from fans and a father who would go to any extent to stop his daughter from marrying Axel, even if it means killing his bestie.



Review after the novel completion

I can safely say that this novel is one of the best ones I have read so far believe me. It is not the regular scenario and for that I am grateful to the writer I must commend you, from I started reading I did not stop until the end literally no brake unless it's to shower. I love how they came to be one could say that her father had an incline that they would be together, never like the Armstrong character for her, I love how Axel took his time to pleasure her otherwise before actually picking her cherry lol loved the sex scenes those were my fav everyone of them and his love for her is unconditional and I'm glad how it turned out for Tracy/Alexia with Alex both were matches made in heaven. Can't wait to find the other book you wrote and see if it's good as this👍👍

May 31, 2024

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