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Not Just Love

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Starting from a lie that Jules created by claiming that Matheo was his lover, Matheo's life which was originally flat turned into color. The lie created by Jules also makes a Matheo who is known to be cold and rigid, trapped in Jule's love. Love just flowed in their hearts and made them have a relationship for three years.But in the end, their relationship just ended after Jules made a new lie and it just disappeared. Six years later, Matheo and Jules were reunited with different statuses and different circumstances. Until an incident makes them trapped in a marriage that reconnects their unrefined love.

Chapter 1

"I overslept!"

A beautiful young man who had just woken up from his sleep immediately jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom after seeing the clock hanging on the wall of his room it was already seven in the morning.

"It's all because of Evan!" He grumbled and then splashed his body with water.

If only last night he had not followed the temptation of his best friend since high school to watch the drama they just downloaded until he went to bed late, surely this time he would not wake up late. What's more, his parents are currently at his grandmother's house, so no one wakes him up as usual.

"Evan... Evan!!" Jules continued to curse her best friend while wearing her college clothes.

Today is his first day in college to take part in teaching and learning activities in the medical department after three days ago he went through campus introductions and public lectures.

"Books... where are the books I should bring?" Jules looked around to find the location of his book which he had prepared to take to campus since last night.

"Huh, that's him!"

Jules immediately put the book he was looking for after finding it beside his study table. Without caring about his messy hair, Jules immediately came out of his room.

"How is this? How can I be late on my first day of class!" He cursed while hitting the speedometer of his motorbike.

By relying on his ability to race on the road with his two best friends since high school, he also passed the time traveling to campus faster than usual.

"I'll bite you if we meet in class later!" Jules tantrums after getting off his motorbike. Seeing the atmosphere of the campus that seemed to be getting quieter, Jules could guess if at this time the students were already doing learning activities in their respective classes.


The sound of books falling to the floor was loud enough to make the attention of several people walking through the campus corridors stop their steps and stare at the source of the sound.

"Agh, d*mn it. Who stands in my way!"

Jules cursed while picking up his fallen book ignoring the person he had hit.

"Can't you use your eyes properly?" Said a man flatly to Jules.

The man tapped him on the shoulder, as a result of being hit by Jules there was dirt on his shirt.

Jules lifted her face, staring at the cold-faced man in front of her with a adoring gaze.

'He's so handsome'. He thought.

"Apart from not being able to use your eyes properly, it turns out that your ears aren't working either."

The man's voice sounded sharp and annoying to Jules' ears.

'I swallowed back my praise for him' Jules cursed then got up from his position.

"What were you talking about?" Jules glared at the man in front of her.

"Sloppy youth!" He said without repeating his words earlier.

"You..." Jules growled. His gaze was fixed on the lecturer who seemed to be walking towards his class.

Without saying anything else to the man who was still staring coldly at him, Jules immediately ran towards his class. Luckily yesterday, he had the opportunity to see where his classroom was studying so he didn't have to be confused about where to find his class as it is today.

"You reckless man!" the man cursed then walked back to his class.

On the first day he set foot on campus he was faced with a careless young man who innocently left him just like that.

Chapter 2

"Jules . . . you were almost late." Evan said as Jules landed his butt on the chair next to him.

Jules regulates her breathing which is up and down. Fortunately, the lecturer who was about to enter the class talked with other lecturers in front of the class first so that he could enter the class first and not be late.

"I was late because of you!" Cetus Jules looked annoyed at his best friend.

"Because of me? Why me? I didn't ask you to come late!" Evan protested.

Jules' tongue clicked. "You didn't ask me to be late, but you invited me to watch a drama until I slept late!" Jules snapped.

"But that's also what you want." Evan replied with a frown on his face that he couldn't accept being blamed.

Jules who was about to speak again stopped his intention when the lecturer of his course today had entered his class.

Why is he blaming me. Didn't he also enjoy the film? E


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