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New Blood:The Blood Moon Saga Series

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Jane Doe
  • Chapters: 180
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 14K
  • 9.1
  • 💬 187


Lilly Morgan had spent her life fighting a battle she couldn’t win. Living with her father was hell. He took every opportunity he could to remind her of how much he hated her. Drake moon was a strong fearless alpha, But when Lilly fell into his arms he realized very quickly that she was the only thing in the world that could scare him. But with that terror would come magnetic, passionate love. Love they hoped would survive through the pain of the past and the future! Amid a tragedy they are tested beyond their limits, a single moment would change them and the way they look at life forever. But as the family expands ghosts from the past come back to haunt them, bringing with them new enemies that are much more deadly than anyone they have faced before.So they must come together with unlikely allies to save what is most precious to them. But can they protect everyone or is that an unrealistic expectation? Find out now in ‘The Blood Moon Saga’.


I hear a crunch before I feel the pain as it splits through me like a knife, shooting up my side similar to what I imagine a bolt of lightning would feel like.

I snap my eyes open just in time to watch my fathers dirty black boot connect with my ribs, knocking all the air from my lungs, the crunch of the bones breaking almost makes me heave but the pain distracts me from the bile rising up my throat, the pain starts in my side and spreads throughout my entire body. Everything hurt like hell.

“Get up you lazy tramp”

my father spits through clenched teeth.

I f*ck*ng hate him! I dream of stabbing the b*st*rd in his sleep when I’m not dreaming of my future mate, but then I imagine that would be too easy for the fat m*th*rf*ck*r! He deserves much worse than a silent knife in his throat!

I take a breath to calm myself before I explode right back, knowing fine rightly if I react badly it will only make things worse.

So I push myself up off the floor where I slept. Glaring at him, he smirks saying nothing as he turns and leaves the room now that he knows I’m awake.

I limp to the bathroom to inspect the damage, my body felt heavy and sore, I crack my neck trying to kill the creek in it as I roll my shoulders but I flinch as my broken rib feels like a knife in my lungs, breathing through it, I make it to the bathroom sink and turn looking at myself.

My body was a mixture of colours, some bruises were fresher than the others, some no longer hurt and some hurt so bad I wish I had a drip of morphine.

An angry red swollen spot on my side confirmed my suspicion that my rib was indeed broken.

I gasp as I pull the clothes from my body, just moving my arms was unbearable as I start the shower, waiting for the water to heat up.

As I catch sight of my naked body I flinch, covered from head to toe in bruises, scars and then there was my body, so skinny from the lack of food a strong wind could probably knock me over.

My long dark brown hair was everywhere as usual, hitting the top of my booty. it was a mess but honestly my hair was the last of my worries.

My eyes were hazel, with a tiny hint of gold throughout, but what p*ss*d me off was the lack of life in them. There was hardly any life left in my soul and as they say the eyes are the windows to our soul.

I found myself completely unattractive Or maybe that’s just what I believed now? After years and years of being told you were nothing but an ugly trollop how else could I feel?

I reach for the towel on the top shelf and winch at the pain, it splits up my side like a knife, I gasp falling forward and catching myself against the shelves. Tears brim in my eyes as I try and fail at shaking off the pain.

I try again, holding my breath as my tiny 5ft 2 body stretches up to grab it.

It was hard to reach on most days because let’s face it, I’m a bloody short *ss, never mind reaching it in this shape.

I catch the edge pulling it down, I grin triumphantly as I dump it on the table beside the shower and I climb in.

The water was up high, burning my skin as I step under the steady stream of water.

The pain was bad today, I needed the heat to distract myself from the pain but moving atol hurt way more than it’s meant to, I definitely needed to stop at the pack hospital on the way to school.

I had 2 days until I shift, after that I won’t have this problem. All I will need to do is shift and all my broken bones will break and rearrange so they will set back in the right place when I return to my human form.

I couldn’t wait, 2 days and I will no longer be a useless human, 2 days and I can finally fight back, plus my wolf will come and I will finally have some company up in my head, I’ll have someone that will have my back no matter what and that right now sounds f*ck*ng incredible.

I quickly wash and change, leaving the dump I call a bedroom. That’s if you could even class it as that? A few blankets in the corner on a cold hard floor didn’t sound like a bedroom to me but usually I locked the door so it offered some sort of protection from the monster down the hall.

My stomach rumbles, empty as usual, I honestly couldn’t tell you the last time I had a meal in this house, I only ever ate when I was at work or school and even then it was whatever was cheapest.

I go to the kitchen, pulling out 2 cups and I fill them with coffee, taking a drink of mine before placing it on the countertop and I turn on the oven.

I whip up a quick breakfast for my father, stealing a slice of bacon and leaving it to cook a little extra before I plate his up for him.

He hated crispy bacon and I can honestly say it’s probably the thing I hated most about him. When mine is down I quickly swallow it before he catches me, taking one last swig of my coffee. I leave his plate on the counter beside his coffee and I duck out in the hopes of missing him.

Unfortunately for me I wasn’t so lucky, meeting him in the hallway as I leave, I hold my breath as I try to step out of his way, he growls grabbing my shirt, lifting his boot and he kicks me against the side table in the living room.

My tiny frame bounces off it, tears sting my eyes as I fall against my already broken rib, all the oxygen is knocked out of my lungs as I try to resist crying out in pain.

He laughs as the squeak leaves my lips, my chin wobbling as I desperately hold back the scream that was just begging for release.

I refuse to give in and cry, he already got 3 hits in this morning and I wouldn’t allow another. I hold my breath, clambering back onto my feet, ignoring the sting as I drop all attitude, ignoring his face.

“breakfast is on the table”

I say, limping from the room, going the long way so I didn’t have to cross his path again. As I reach the front door I sigh in relief, slamming the door closed with as much force as possible.

“have some f*ck*ng manners you tramp”

I heard him roar inside. I chuckled shaking my head

“I hope I break your house you d*ck”

I whisper back, he couldn’t touch me outside that door, when we are out in public we are the perfect picture book family, my dad was beta so appearances were always important, that’s why he never hit my face.

I limp to the pack hospital and smile when I arrive just in time for my favourite doctor as he climbs out of his car.

his face scrunches up in anger, running to my side and shaking his head

“lilly what the f*ck did he do now?”

I snort at his anger, if anyone should be angry it’s me.


I whisper back, he nods, scooping me up bridal style, I was so thankful for dr McCaw or doc as I called him. He was always so kind and understanding and one of the very few people who knew the truth about my life.

He placed me on a bed and pulled up my shirt

“for f*ck sake this has to stop lilly, he’s going to kill you”

I looked down at my trembling hands,my body was hungry, weak and trying to heal but that’s a little hard when you're starving all the time.

“Ino but 2 days is all I need and i'll be able to shift and then that will help”

I say positively, he sighed shaking his head

“lilly it won’t stop him doing this though. He’s going to continue to do it, you need to get out of his house”

I know he’s right but it’s difficult, plus if I was right and my dreams were true all I need was 5 more days and then I’ll find my mate.

I don’t have much faith in anything but when I’m sent a vision it usually comes true, I just had to have patience

I smile up at the doctor

“it’s ok I will get out soon ok?”

He groans shaking his head, I swear he was always more annoyed than I was. I smirk at him and continue

“But for now I have my last final today, you need to wrap me up so I can finish it for good”

he looks at me in disbelief

“I don’t know how you have so much strength but I’m in awe of it, sit up and i'll wrap you up”

I grin at him. As he works I distract myself asking about his family and wife, he happily talks away while he wraps my ribs up tight, giving me instant ease.

As he finishes I stand up and sigh in delight, as usual the pain was only half as bad.

“you really are a miracle worker”

I grin, pulling him in for a hug

“thank you for always helping me”

I finish, he gently pats my back then pulls away

“It's my job lilly, and no problem, you know where I am If it gets any worse but you really should find somewhere to recover. If you break any more ribs you will be in too much pain to function. Try and find somewhere to stay for a few day”

He scolds me, I smile at him again and wave as I say goodbye.

Hopefully Emma will let me hold up at her place for a day or so when I’m not working.

Emma was the only friend I had, she's pack and she runs a cafe downtown. She’s been amazing to me since I started there, I tell her everything now. Dad will go crazy if I stay away but it might be worth it this time, normally I can deal with the pain but today hurts worse than normal.

I clear my mind as I enter the school, finishing my last day and I leave, I was invisible at school just the way I liked it so I had no heartfelt goodbyes to deal with so it was easy to walk away and not even look back

I limp towards the cafe, as I open the door and slip inside, Emma’s face falls, she grinds her teeth rushing over and taking my arm.

“Oh lilly what now?”

Her face scrunched up in worry, I wag her off, not wanting her to worry too much.

“It’s just my ribs”

I whisper, smiling at her. I was always honest with Emma because she could see straight through my sh*t so there was no point in lying to her.


She growls, shaking her head

“Fuck I’m going to kill that bastard one of these days”

I chuckle, Emma was the most loving kind person I know, for some reason the thought of her killing anyone was simply just hilarious.

She gasps,zeroing her eyes in at me

“You don’t think I could do it can you!”

She snaps, she flexes her arm

“Seriously look at these muscles, I could take the bastard!”

I laugh at her

“I’ll take your word for it”

she walks me to the office, helping me to the sofa. I really didn’t need to be fussed over but for some reason when Emma did it, it made me feel better. It’s how I imagine a big sister would treat me.

I looked around. This place was way more comfortable then my room, it was warm, comfortable and cosy.

I smiled at the walls full of pictures of Emma and her parents, the love on all their faces was strange to me, I don’t think I ever posed for a photo with my father.

I envied them and the love


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