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My Little Pet [Sugar Daddy, Mafia]

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"I can't stay in dorms?" He shook his head as no and she shyly looked at the locked apartment. But then, her chin was pulled up. "Remember," his eyes dug into hers as his grip tightened on her chin. "You must follow every rule, jule." She shivered under his gaze that ran up and down on her. "If you don't," he leaned closer to her ear and she shyly raised her hand between her chest . "Daddy will be upset." His nose grazed over her neck and her cheeks turned pink. "And punishment will be worse". Annah Jule is a university student who moved to Paris for abroad studies. Everything seemed to be perfect in her life until her father cheated on her mom and they both got divorce. Her mom being sick to her unpaid university bills had made her life more complicated and in the end, Jule had no choice but to be a sugar baby for Wayn Koln.

Annah Jule

1 — Annah Jule "That is how a business can be commenced. Promotion stage, Registration stage, then?"The front row students chorused the remaining stages making others look up at them in annoyance. "Great. Note down."He turned to the board and their pens laid over their pages in an instant.But in the back row, the empty seat with a book and a pen on the table made everyone glance. Blinking away, they focused back on their notes. The Bell rang and everyone stood up with a sigh leaving their lips. The professor left the class and everyone groaned. "He's such a pain in the *ss, i swear to god-""C'mon, jack. There's much to think about rather than an old rusty man." Nudging his shoulder, his girlfriend said, while wiggling her eyebrows and his eyes blinked in confusion. "What do you mean?"She rolled her eyes. "Of course, I'm talking about that ex of yours~" She rolled her eyes as she tightened the pony tail, making his smile fade away. One of the girls whispered, "I wonder what it is now?" Others chuckled. But those chuckles were shut down by Jack glaring around at them. "I think it's about that 'poorr stage in formation of a beggar?' ah?"Laughing aloud, they were silenced when Jack slammed his notes on the bench. Flinching, his girlfriend glanced at him. Standing straight, he was about to walk away when his girlfriend pulled him. "Jack, what's wrong?" Jack eyed her hand then her face. "I thought you changed, Jessica."Jessica scoffed as he raged out of the class and everyone gaped at them. "Of course! Why didn't you say that when you had this pxssy in your mouth!?! *ssh*l*!?" Jessica rushed out of the class and everyone looked at each other. Jack fastened his steps and Jessica picked up her pace. Jack closed his eyes as his hand balled into a fist. Soon, his back was slammed against one of the lockers. Her lips laid over his and his eyebrows crushed in annoyance. "Jessica!-"His voice was stuck in throat when his eyes fell over someone behind Jessica. His chest heaved with every second that passed by. Her hand clutched the envelope tighter as her eyes blinked. Jessica turned her head around and soon, her eyes glared at the girl. "Move."Her barely audible voice was still soft and kind which left Jack breathless. Moving away, he watched her open the locker and take out some of her stuff."Wow, envelope!? What, are they offering a janitor job!?"The whole hall went silent as soon as those words left Jessica's mouth and she froze.Turning around, her black orbs were darker and her eyes held nothing but silence. Turning back to the locker, she took a breath in making Jack step in front of Jessica as she rushed towards her. "Leave her alone, Jessica. What do you want!?"His furious words made Jessica grit her teeth and in the end, she shed fake tears . "You're supporting her!? Why'd you come to me last night, Jack!? To insult me!?-"Her eyes landed on her. "Oh.. Wow, jack. You proved to me that you're an *ssh*l* again.."She pushed Jack away and the girl was turned around. A slap across her cheek made everyone gasp and Jack's eyes widened. "Jule!"As her name slipped out of his mouth, he stood there still while Jessica kicked Jule in the stomach making her whimper. As Jessica raised her fist, Jack's friends pulled her back. "You're a wh*r*! What a dramatic b*tch crying! It hurts!? It hurts uh??"Her loud screams left everyone speechless as they gaped at Jule who collapsed there, passed out. Jack's hand trembled as one of the girls rushed towards Jule. "Mam! She passed out-""Bring her to the nursery room."Mrs. Lin, one of the strict lecturers, spoke and everyone covered their mouths in shock. "Jule… she's Jule? The girl Mr. Lin has suspended?""Ahh, Mrs. Lin is right here, don't speak so loud.""Is the rumour that she had s*x with Jack is true?""I don't know either."As the murmurs continued, one of the seniors picked her up and took her to the nursery room. Mrs. Lin's eyes lowered and she hesitantly walked away while shooting glares at the students. "You wanna get expelled or what? Get in your classes."One of the seniors yelled and everyone rushed into their classes. Jack's head slowly turned away from Jule but when his eyes landed on something sparkling on the floor, his eyes blinked. Bending down, his heart paced fast when his fingers grazed over the cold bracelet of hers. His heart thumped faster than ever as he gaped over at it. "I shouldn't have used you." He covered his face as he gripped the bracelet tight. "I should not have.." —"Oh my father, look at her now. You left her and never came back to visit. Her feet wet on the floor, She didn't stop dancing out~Have you ever seen her cry in the rain?Oh oh ohIt's my mother who is in love with a wh*r*-"A knock on the door, Jule immediately pulled off the headphones. Eyes glancing at the door, her eyes fell upon the girl who looked the same age as hers. "Y..yes?"The girl hesitantly gave a smile before closing the door and ran to her. Plopping on her bed, the girl immediately grinned. "Hey! I'm sorry, i didn't have time to check upon you~ I had few boring classes but anyway-"As she continued to speak, Jule hesitantly stopped her. "W…who..?"Nervous, lost of words, she tried to speak, making her eye up and down, and chuckle. "Oh yeah, forgot. I'm Mika aka Mika kasuki."She paused and her eyes widened. "You're Jule! But what's your last name?"Jule frowned before a small smile formed on her lips. "Why?"Mika giggled shyly. "Um, I'm a fan of someone named Jule so tell me! Fast ~" Jule chuckled weakly. "I'm Jule. Jule Annah.."Whispering out the last name as the smile on her face faded away, she looked away—avoiding the sudden coldness she felt. "Annah… nah that's not her last name lol but hey! I like you too now!"She clung onto Jule's arm making her slightly flinch.Chuckling, Jule watched her take out her phone as a ding echoed."Oh-oh, for heaven's sake, I think I need to go-"She got off the bed as soon as she read the text. "It's my sugar daddy!"Jule frowned. "Sugar..?"Mika turned around as she paused in mid of tying her head into a high ponytail. "Sugar daddy. He pays me and in return, I pay him but only on bed."Jule blinked as Mika winked, continuing to babble around but then, Mika's eyes fell upon her phone. "Oops! I'm already late! Bye, Jules. We'll talk later. I already saved your phone number so I'll call ya.""B-" Jule parted her lips to say bye but Mika already left the room. "-bye.."Jule blinked as the cold wind ruffled her hair. Sugar daddy… Taking her phone out from her bag, she looked up, hesitating but then, her eyes closed and she took a deep breath. "I will just get to know it. That's all."That's all .. As her fingers tapped the keywords 'sugar daddy' in the search bar, her other hand brushed her hair back from her face. "Sugar Daddy, Sugar dating, also called sugaring, is a transactional dating practice typically characterized by an older wealthier person and a younger person in need of financial assistance in a mutually beneficial relationship…."She read the paragraphs before her eyes averted up. "Financial.. a mutually beneficial.."Her eyes blinked. "Relationship.."Her fingers clutched her jacket beside her–on the bed. "Relationship."Her heart paced fast as her eyes ran all around. "No, that will never be an option."Her head was buried between her knees as she hugged her knees, dropping the phone on the bed. "Never."

Wayn Koln

2 — Wayn KolnThe smoky wind brushed past his ruffle hair as he sat there. His veiny fingers tapping on the surface of the table–indicating that the impatience in hin was increasing with every minute that passed by. As Lunar–also known as Koln's arm—looked at him, he nervously bent down to the man's ear. "Mr. Koln, the cafe isn't open yet-"Wayn kept his hand up. "It's fine. We'll wait."Lunar sighed and bowed. "As you may, sir."As Lunar stood straight, his eyes scanned the door. The girl with a short height was standing infront of the door. Her long hair was tied into a bun and Lunar glanced down at his boss. The boss's eyes were glued to the dark clouded sky. The pit-patting rain had already made the wind chilling and cold enough for his skin to warm up. As bells clanked against each other, a sound of ting made his head turn around. Her eyes disappearing as she kindly smiled to the people who we


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