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My CEO is an Alpha

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: GifTY223
  • Chapters: 120
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 412
  • 7.5
  • 💬 3


SYNOPSIS She falls in love with her dangerous CEO, who everyone has thought would fire her. She misinterprets his kindness to her as love whereas, he only wants her body. To satisfy his lust, he sleeps with her. However, she gets blinded by love and a painful feeling of a past life with him. After sleeping with her, he changes into what everyone believes is his true self. He makes work unbearable for her. She almost quit until the CEO's cousin comes into the picture and becomes obsessed with her. The CEO falls head over heels with her and becomes hers. She finds out her CEO is an Alpha werewolf which gives a clue to her painful feelings. Evil rises against their union but their undying love would stand the test of time.

Chapter 1

Nervous tension filled the air as David entered the expansive office. A sudden hush fell over the room, and all attention was drawn to him.

His employees exchanged nervous glances and feigned concentration on their work.

Nobody wanted to get fired by him. David had once fired an employee who was sipping coffee on duty.

Leila who had now settled down with her eyes fixed on the computer before her, shifted her gaze to him. She was naive and unsure of what to do.

Her heart suddenly throbbed painfully. She was numb. It's as if her heartache had leeched all energy from her being.

She was hurt for no reason and it baffled her a great deal.

As she fixed David with a penetrating stare, she was of no doubt he held a notable position. His presence and composure spoke authority loudly.

He had two hefty bodyguards behind him.

"Meet Leila. Your new Secretary."

Adam politely introduced Leila to David who seemed quite uninterested.

David turned to face Leila. He stared at her with cold eyes.

His look struck her like lightning.

Her heart began to beat out of rhythm.

She was dumb in silence. At that moment, she forgot what to say. It's as if her memory froze. She wanted to remember something but she felt too weak to think.

David was expecting her to say something. But she stood there in silence.

He furrowed his eyebrows and shook his head as he headed to his office. The sound of a printing machine jolted her memory, and she remembered what had happened.

It was as though her mouth had been sealed.

She looked around to see if anyone was watching her. No one seemed to look at her side. They were all busy with their work.

She sat silently staring at the computer before her. It's as if the computer noticed the air of awkwardness surrounding her.

Her heart still knocked against her ribs. She had no idea what was going on with her.

If she had seen him before, where?

She was sure David was the CEO. His commanding presence said it all.

She pressed the heels of her palm against her eyes. She had no idea why her memory was so messed up.

She pursed her lips and looked around her again. She caught a blonde lady staring at her in the distance.

The blonde lady smirked and shifted back her focus to her work.

Leila felt she was not welcomed by the cold looks her coworkers occasionally gave her.

"You will get to love your new job."

Leila looked up. It's the blonde lady who smirked at her earlier.

"I'm Regina. Call me Reg."

She smiled at Leila adjusting her eyeglasses.


She returned the smile.

After a brief silence, she said.

"No secretary had lasted for two months. I bet you would quit or get fired at the end of the day."

Leila's face creased into a frown. She wasn't expecting that at all. She was utterly lost.

What was she talking about?

"No one will tell you the truth but I will."

Reg raised her eyebrows and shrugged.

Leila noticed the intent glare and pitiful looks around her. It's as if they were all saying the same thing with their eyes.

She was not the type to give up easily. She'd fight against all odds to keep her job.

The sound of a ringing telephone piercing the space made Reg scurry back to her desk.

Adam entered. He walked slowly to Leila who was now arranging some documents.

As he walked past Reg and the other six workers who now feigned very busy with their work, he threw them an awful glare that also meant a serious last warning.

"Leila right?"


Leila nodded affirmatively.

Even though Adam had not told Leila his name, he felt it was utterly unnecessary.

Everything was unnecessary for now except what he wanted to show her.

"Follow me."

He gestured to her.

Many questions crossed her mind.

Would he take her to the CEO?

Her heart began to beat out of rhythm as waves of fear and curiosity swept over her.

At this rate, she was afraid her heart would burst. She clutched her chest as though it would suppress the immense pain she felt in her heart.

Why the f*ck was she feeling this way ever since she set her eyes on the CEO?

What had he done to her?

They took a lift to another floor and entered an office.

Amongst all that was on the large desk was a brass nameplate that said 'Supervisor Adam'

Leila gazed at the nameplate on the desk. She read the name out silently.

Adam gestured for her to sit while he worked on the printing machine.

He placed what he printed out on the desk before Leila and took his seat.

"You must abide by these rules."

He intoned tapping on the printed rules on the desk.

Leila took a confusing look at the rules.

"Take your time and go through it."

Leila looked back at him perplexed.

"Failure to abide by a rule can get you fired."

He added.

Leila kept glancing through the rules as if they were too difficult for her to comprehend.

She chuckled derisively.

Was this the reason Reg said she would get fired or quit at the end of the day?

Leila knew at that moment she'd quit work before the end of the day.

Adam fixed her a penetrating stare. No doubt, Leila was extremely beautiful, and that alone qualified her for the job.

If she could work well, she'd be compensated enormously.

Leila sighed exasperatedly. Her heart knew all along.

Her throbbing heart was a sign.

After all, her aching heart was telling her something.

She giggled.

The first rule and words on the list kept ringing in her head.

'You must surrender your body to the CEO, and he would do whatever he wanted to it.'

Did he mean s*x or what?

Chapter 2

Leila was quite unsure what the rule meant.

She thought hard about it.

Her brain could only process one thing.



"Why would I surrender my body to him?"

Leila asked Adam fixing him with a penetrating stare. She wanted him to provide a logical answer to her question.

How could that be included in a rule? That was absurd.

They could have hired a slut instead.

"That's the rule. I'm not the one who fixes the rules. The CEO fixed it."

Leila was stunned.

She hissed.

'The CEO must be a pompous bastard!'

Adam knew that look. It meant she was cursing David.

She darted an impatient look at Adam.

If sleeping with the CEO, was part of the rule, she would quit.

"Scrap that rule. He will not sleep with you."

He lied.

"Then why's it the number one rule on the list? How sure are you?"


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