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My Boyfriend's Hot Brother

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Rica is a beautiful young lady with a fiery personality. Rica managed to live on her own despite being alone in life. She didn’t mind how exhausted she was. Rica only wishes for a simple life, a degree, and a good job. Her life, however, turned upside down the day she took a scholarship exam at John Sebastian University. That’s when she met Alexander Morris, the hottest guy at the university. Their first meeting was a disaster. She was the only woman who raised an eyebrow at Alexander’s arrogance. His pride was touched, which piqued his interest in her. Rica was then the target of Alexander’s bullying. As a result, they became mortal enemies at school. But it didn’t stop there when she discovered that the man she despised the most was her boyfriend’s older brother. She admired her boyfriend so much that she didn’t want to detach from him, so she tried to reconcile and win over her boyfriend’s older brother’s heart. But what if her good intentions conflicted with Alexander’s? It is to lure her into his trap. Will she fall for his ruse? What if the situation will reverse? What if Alexander accidentally trapped himself?



Rica’s Point Of View

My brow furrowed as I walked in the scorching heat, carrying my cousin’s bag. My cousin was wearing high-heeled shoes as we rushed off the bus when she suddenly lost her balance, and her feet stumbled. As a result, it forced me to bring two bags, one at a time, because it was more inconvenient for Ara to carry her bag when she was in pain.

We’re walking through the university where my cousin wants to study. It is the John Sebastian University. Today is the day for us to take the scholarship exam.

It was the most prestigious university in the entire City. I’ve heard that students here are mostly the children of tycoon entrepreneurs and politicians. So you’re lucky if you’re one student here, especially if you weren’t born with a silver spoon in your mouth.

My cousin’s boyfriend was studying here, which is why she wanted to be a part of this prestigious school. But her parents couldn’t afford it, so my cousin made way, and the worst part is, she included me in her nonsense, so we could be on the list of those who would take the scholarship exam.

Even though I didn’t want to study here, I had no choice but to accept a scholarship so she wouldn’t be upset with me. I had heard that the exam here was so d*mn hard, but because my brain is only average, I knew there was no way I could get in.

My cousin is intelligent, and she used to have a lot of connections with the rich kids because of it. She also had a wealthy boyfriend. As far as I know, her boyfriend’s father was a shareholder in this school. That’s why it was so simple for us to sign up for the scholarship exam.

As we walked, I noticed that almost all the students entering here had cars, making it easier for them to get to the building, and while we who don’t own a car took too long to get to the school because it is too far from the entrance gate. It felt like we were there for an eternity, and the worst part was that not a single car offered us a ride.

Without a doubt, I will never be interested in studying here because it will only add to the burden of my daily life. I’m just a simple person with simple desires. To graduate from college, even if not from a prestigious university, is acceptable to me. The important thing is that when I graduate, I’ll find a decent job with a good salary.

Rica Della Torre is my name. I am 19 years old. On our high school campus, they nicknamed me “The Goddess of Fire” because I have hot curves, a gorgeous face, God-like long hair, and porcelain skin. How much more if I will dress up formally? However, I cannot afford to buy those. And besides, I’ve already stopped fantasizing about those things because of a lack of funds. I’m perfectly content in a t-shirt and jeans.

I only support myself. In the morning, I study, and at night, I work as a server in a posh bar. My father died of a heart attack when I was six years old, and my mother found a replacement after my father’s funeral and then went with her man, leaving me with my grandmother, who also died two years ago. That’s why I’m all alone.

We’re finally close to the building, but I’m out of breath from exhaustion. I came to a halt and looked around, hoping to find a bench where I could rest on my tired feet. I discovered it under a tree near the basketball court. I was considering sitting down there.

“Ara,” I called to my cousin, who was walking ahead. She heard my call, paused, and turned to face me.

“What exactly is it?” she asked, her face exhausted.

“Can we please sit there for a moment?” I asked, pointing to the empty bench beneath the tree.

She returned her gaze to me as she turned to it. “May we proceed directly to the building? We’re almost there, you know. We’re wasting our time if we only sit there. Don’t be concerned. If we get there, we’ll find a seat,” my cousin explained. She didn’t even feel sorry for me. When the truth is, I was carrying her bag, which was significantly heavier than mine. But she had a point, so I only followed her although I was exhausted.

Ara Perez is the only child of aunt Anabelle (my mother’s sister) and dressed in the style of a fashion icon. Ara had a thing for delicate dresses, bags, and shoes. She was also attractive and, of course, super intelligent. Since we were children, she has been my best friend. Previously, our young neighbors bullied me. They teased me about being unloved by my mother, but she always defended me.

On that day, I promised myself that I would always be there for her in every way. We kept walking, but I couldn’t walk anymore because of exhaustion, and I noticed that my cousin’s foot was a little swollen, but she was enduring it, so I considered acting up to her so that she would agree. “I couldn’t take it any longer. I’m completely exhausted! Why haven’t you called your boyfriend and asked him to send us here?“ I express my displeasure to her.

She frowned at me once more. “Why not, if only my boyfriend is here in the City? However, his father had to take him on a business trip,” she explained, and then she took a deep look at me and asked, “Wait, are you sure it exhausted you, or are you just acting?”

I was expecting her to suspect me. No wonder she’s an ace in class, so I nodded and looked at her back with a pity look. She is looking at my face. I had a feeling she would. I didn’t let her read my mind and kept looking pitiful. “All right, you win. Let’s sit for the time being.”

I approached her and hugged her because it overjoyed me that she agreed with me. “Thank you, Ara; you are the best,” I said, complimenting her.

She gave me a friendly smile. We went straight to the empty bench. We were about to leave when I noticed someone playing basketball on the court. They’re probably university students or seniors.

I enjoy watching basketball, so I paused briefly to look at them when the ball suddenly came my way. The ball came dangerously close to hitting me. It’s a good thing I caught it before it happened. The players signaled I should throw it back at them, but it irritated me. It almost hit me, so I stood my ground and didn’t give them the ball.

I waited for one of them to approach me and apologize. I was right. A man in a basketball uniform was walking straight toward me. I’m pretty sure he wanted to reclaim the ball. He was slim and tall. The way he walked smote me. He has intrigued me and has been staring at him even more. I didn’t seem to care about the background noise any longer; all I wanted to see was his mysterious face. His charm enchanted me as he got closer and closer.

“My God, he was so hot!” I mumbled.

I’m astounded! My saliva was almost dripping! My heart was pounding so hard that I couldn’t move. I’d nearly forgotten I had a boyfriend.

“Rica, get a grip on yourself. Remember when you had a boyfriend?“ I reprimanded myself as I pressed down on the ball in my hand.

“You don’t intend to throw that ball, do you?” he asked me arrogantly.

My fascination with him abruptly ended and was replaced by annoyance. My right brow furrowed. His character irritated me. True, he is attractive. But he has an attitude, so no thanks to me. I was about to say something when my cousin took the ball from me and said, “Here is the ball, mister. We’re very sorry,” my cousin apologized as she bowed her head and handed the ball to the uniformed man. That appeared in front of me and immediately dragged me onto the bench.

“Wait, I’m not finished with him yet!” I exclaimed.

My cousin never stops dragging me around and pinching me around the waist. “You’re too much, Ara!” I yelled angrily at her. We’ve already positioned ourselves in front of the bench.

“What are you up to?” she inquired, p*ss*d.

I just wanted to teach that guy a lesson. He is extremely arrogant! Who does he believe he is?“ I told my cousin.

“Oh, Rica, could you please restrain yourself? We are no longer in high school, and even less so in a public school. We do not know who that man is or whose son he is. What if he is the son of a politician or a business owner, and you end up fighting him? What will become of us, Rica? We’re doomed, so it’s far better to be humble and patient,” she explained.

She was right, so I didn’t argue with Ara anymore and sat on the bench.

Chapter 2: A Favor

Chapter 2: A Favor

Rica’s Point of View

Finally, we arrived at the building where they would hold the exam. We walked through the rooms where they posted the exam taker’s name. It took us some time to locate our name on the list.

We went through about ten more rooms before we found it. Many students will take the exam. This school is massive.

We went into our respective rooms. It was on the building’s second floor.

Fortunately, my cousin and I are not sitting next to each other. I am sure I will fail the exam because no one will give me a correct answer. She was in the front, and I was on the other side of our room’s door. The room’s fiberglass wall impressed me as I looked around. Individuals who walk by can see us. It was breathtaking.

The exam has officially started. Each subject had only fifteen minutes allotted. It was so damn hard, and the clock was ticking. Even the questions are multiple-choice, and you only encircle the correct answer. St


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