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A successful businessman raised by his nanny, with very high values and respect for his fellow men, has a knack for business that has made him a multimillionaire at such a young age, but a piece of advice, his nana and an accident of his personal assistant, makes him look for a new assistant without imagining that love will begin to hover nearby, His worst enemy will want to hurt him and where he will cruelly harm him, in his heart, taking away his true love. Will he let happiness be taken out of his hands? Read this wonderful novel, where you will laugh, cry, and be on edge, but you will see that love is everything in life.

Chapter 1 Hadrien's life

It's dawn in New York City. Hadrien Collins, the owner of Collins Technologies, wakes up at 5 a. m. as usual, his alarm clock goes off, and he walks, dances, and warms up with his morning routine . weights, bike and treadmill, he ends up in the shower and comes out with a towel around his waist and another around his head humming a song and walks to his guayacán closet when he opens the door and walks in , he saw an elegant and neat dress, he chose a navy blue dress, dressed, combed his hair casually, the expensive perfume smelled very masculine, and said-Hadrien, women are drooling over you! Ha ha ha haHe goes to the kitchen for orange juice, red coffee, and toast, which a young woman makes for him at 4am, whom he hired for that very reason. He was leaving when he bumped into his grandma and he hugged her-Nana pretty!, good morning, don't be tired, tell them to do housework, oh, I have supermarket money and a small gift for you in my room!- my boy, thank you, i took charles to the supermarket today-It's okay when I'm not around, you're the queen of the house, mua, mua, bye- goodbye kid hadrianNana Nuria loves him, she raised him because his parents were always working in the company and had no time for him, but she taught him to love them without making him notice the emptiness of brotherly love.Alegre gets in his black Jaguar, he likes to drive himself, he has a driver but he rarely uses him, he has a lot of respect for traffic signs, the day he has an important meeting with another company that involves a million dollar contract, he arrives early , I took the elevator up, and when I opened the door to leave, I found that all the employees who had already gone to work were greeted and greeted amidst the noise.Good morning, Mr. Collins.-Good morningHe came to his office, and when he served a steaming cup of red coffee and two slices of toast with jam, he went to hug his personal assistant, Laurieta, a mature woman who was about to retire.Good morning, Mr. Collins.- good morning laurita and thanks for the coffee-You're welcome, everything is with my consent!Not so much her personal assistant, but another nanny who brings her business agenda and her personal agenda, which is everyone's "taboo", a hidden treasure, just her and Hadley Ann knew the personal movements of the "handsome boss" in Laurieta's mouth.The time for the meeting to conclude a contract for the supply of technical equipment with foreign companies is approaching. Hudlin, a negotiator, won the currency combination from his rival Harper's Tyronn Harper and associates. Hudlin offered benefits and no travel items. They liked and accepted Collins' offer. .Receptionist Hadrien announces Mr. Marttinetti's arrival"Let him in," Hadrian ordered.The door opens and I come in to meet Carl MartinettiGood morning, Mr. Collins.- Good morning, Mr. Martinetti, please take a seat.Laurita brings a bottle of whiskey and a small cooler with ice cubes and a handle to hold them, and she sits next to her boss.- Alright, here we are, reviewing the contracts and their parameters, you can read and sign them!Man reads fast, smiles and picks up pen to sign"Okay, Mr. Collins, the deal is done!"-Let's drink to Martinetti! -Hadrien serves the whiskey on the rocks and they toast to the signing of the contract-Take Laurieta as an example- Mr Collins!- Mr Collins has nothing, I'm your handsome boss!Martinetti laughed - hahaha, and that one?- That's what this beauty told me.

Chapter 2 Harper a wicked surname

Harper's company, one of which belonged to patriarch Jacob Harper, a violent man, scared, cursed his own family, his wife went to the clinic from time to time because of her husband's beating, he violated his son since childhood, he had whipping Trace, Jacob doesn't care that now his son Tyron Harper owns his own company, he works hard and dedicated, but malicious, extortion, kidnapping, blackmailing other companies, just him and his cronies know her "honest work , and their company has grown from there. His family was not aware of his movements as he kept saying no one could ask him anything.On the other hand, Tyron Harper, a burly, blond, green-eyed, hard-working, mean-spirited guy who failed to make that contract while his most hated rival did.-that stupid Collins! He must have done something behind my back, how did he do it? The offer is pretty much the same!Seeing him like this, Louis, the personal assistant, trembled all over his body, especi


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