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My best friend's brother

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Rinna
  • Chapters: 113
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 21K
  • 8.5
  • 💬 138


With his lips on mine , l struggled to get myself from him . No matter how hot he was , this was still wrong . Powerless l clenched my teeth tightly to deny him entrance but he bit my lower lip the thing which made part them . His tongue expertly darted around my mouth consuming everything in it's path . With the water dropping unto us and having his mouth consuming the oxygen made me feel powerless that before I realized it , Axel had ripped off my dress . " Axel stop it ", At that I collected myself and lastly pushed him away . I used a lot of strength that it gave me a chance to get away from his grip . " This isn't right Axel , you do have many girlfriends , go and have s*x with one",l yelled as I made my way to door . However before I could open the door , he all of the sudden reached out for me . " I don't have any girlfriend Eva , they all sluts to me" , he groaned out before he quickly turned me again and pinned me against the shower wall.

Let's go to the party


“ You need to get laid tonight “ , l rolled my eyes at my brother’s remark and continued to ignore him as he leaned on my door frame . He was my elder brother but every time he only thought about s*x and f*ck*ng different types of girls . “ Did you even hear what l told you Rinna ? “ , He asked again while standing up in my door way . “ My door was closed up for a reason Mickie “ , I finally spoke out after shutting my laptop.

“ I know Rinna but you can’t keep mopping in your own room , you d*mn 18 years old now for heaven’s sake “ , As expected he spoke out while plopping down on the bed next to me . “ Will you please help me and drop that topic , every time you come in my room you always talk about the how hell l’m now f*ck*ng old “ , I sneered out while throwing up a deadly stare in his way .

“ I can’t change Rinna my lovely little sister, so reply back to me Just like an 18, year old girl “ , he beamed with a mischievous grin on his face as if the words he had just spoken were fun . “ You know what ? , Talking to you is useless , you really an annoying person “ , Tired of his d*mn topic , l sneered out angrily .


“ P*ss*d off , ain’t we ? “ , He provoked me but pulling up a face , l didn’t respond to him , l just ignored him thou l knew it that l wouldn’t keep my intense stare longer because he was my lovely brother . “ Rinna . “ , I wasn’t ready to let him see a smile back on my face so to show him that l was seriously angry when he began talking , I immediately kicked him off my bed . . “ Ouch ! It f*ck*ng hurts Rinna “ , He groaned out after falling on the ground with a loud thud .

“ Oh ! My goodness , it really deserves you “ , I laughed out my head off as l watched him stand up . “ If you done with laughing , l would like to suggest that you go pick up something nice because soon we going to the party “ , With in minutes the bad boy in him, the person who wants me to get laid was back .


“ If it’s about the party Mickie , l honestly don’t want to go at the party and l think you know the kind of clothes l do have in my closet “ , l whined trying my level best to get out of his plans . “ What I know is that you have been shopping the whole summer with Xenia your best friend , so that is not an excuse “ , He replied with a stern look as he waltzed to my door way .

“ Mickie my lovely brother , l thought that you know it that partying isn’t my cup of coffee , so just let me stay in my room “ , l whined again with a thought that he would get my point . “ My word is final Rinna , just hurry up and go find some thing s*xy to put on that s*xy *ss of yours be ready by eight because am gonna come back for you “ , Even when I whined he didn’t change his word , he instead chuckled before sending me his signature wink which l responded quickly by throwing up a pillow at him .

“ Mickie my lovely brother , am begging you for the last time , if you let me stay l promise you that I will do whatever you want tomorrow morning “ , l murmured with a pout on my face .. “ As much as I do love seeing you do whatever l ask you , my answer today is a NO “ , He spoke out and before I could say anything , he walked out of my room .

Left alone , l groaned out as l pulled up myself out of my bed and then made my way to my closet . “ Oh ! God why did you give me a brother like him , who only wants to party every time “ , I kept murmuring to myself as l flipped over the hangers with different types of clothes . “ Hell yeah “ , I released a sigh of relief as soon as my eyes fall on my black mid thigh dress .

“ Am done Mickie “ , After dressing up , l yelled out as l got out of my room . “ Let’s go Mickie for heaven’s sake “ , l shouted out again as l headed to the exit door . “ Finally my little sister looks f*ck*ng hot “ , Mickie soon enough mumbled while walking towards me . “ What do you mean ? , Was l seriously ugly before ? “ , I asked while staring at him .

“ What I mean Is that you need to get laid tonight “ , He responded with his usual annoying smirk on his face . “ And you also need to get a girl friend and stop f*ck*ng different sluts “ , l shot back . “ I will get a girl friend after you getting …. “ . “ Shut up your f*ck*ng mouth for heaven’s sake “ , just as he began to talk , l playfully slapped him on his chest before running to his car .

The best friend

The minute we stepped in the flat house where the party had been held up , the drinks in orange corn shaped cups were instantly shoved in our hands but with my ignorance l just placed the corn shaped cup down on the table . " Mickie.... ." , After placing it down , l immediately called him loudly with the music deafening my ears .

"Yes ... .no take care of yourself Rinna my little sister " , On turning his attention to me , he responded with a grin on his face . " Are you seriously for real Mickie ? " , I looked up at him with both a quizzical and an angry expression on my face . " Yes my little sister " , He just annoyingly winked at me before he turned on his heels and walked away .

" What a fucking useless brother ? " , Left alone baffled , l cursed out before l reached out for my phone out of my purse . " I can't stay here for heaven's sake , before all the gods l really need to go " , l murmured


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