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Mr. Billionaire Puppet

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Elizabeth was a stripper, Mr. Hill Hamilton was a billionaire. He bought her for 25 million and she became his toy, his s*x slave, his puppet. But for some reason he didn’t want to put a ring on it. Longing to walk the aisle with a billionaire, Elizabeth will do anything to make this possible. But will her mind change along the line after seeing Mr. Hill for his true nature?

Chapter 1 Cheque or Cash

It was a long night at the office for Mr. Hill Hamilton, a handsome billionaire with dark brown hair and almond eyes. He had a powerful presence that commanded respect. 

“Alright Mike, see you tommorow.” Mr. Hill said as he headed towards his bently. He was done for the night but Mike didn’t think so. Mike was next in command at Mr. Hill’s company, he was the COO and Mr. Hill’s very good friend.

“Come on Hill, are you really gonna spend the night alone again?” Mike asked with furrowed brows.

“Mike you know I’m not alone, I have a daughter Alexis?” He reminded Mike.

“You’re not gonna f*ck Alexis now are you? I’m talking about sensational stuff, sexual pleasure Hill.”

Mr. Hill wasn’t convinced, all he wanted to do was go home to plan his schedule for the next day but Mike was resilient. “I promise you Hill, you won’t regret it.”

Papayas Strip Club

The night was young and so were the ladies at Papayas strip club. Some laid stark naked stroking the dicks of people who were old enough to be their fathers, some were on the finest undies dancing lusciously to the night music, while some were being f*ck*d hard core; it was an orgy house. It didn’t take long before the owner of the establishment noticed she was graced with the presence of the billionaire; Mr. Hill Hamilton.

“Mr. Hill what a pleasant surprise.” Cox said with a warm smile. She also acknowledged the presence of Mike as well with a knowing smile and a soft nod.

“Cox, I want you to give my very good friend here only the best. I’m talking five star bitches.” Mike demanded.

“Very well Mike, as luck may have it, our very special girl is less occupied tonight.” Cox said with a smirk then she called the attention of one of her staff and whispered in her ears, “Get me Lizzie.”

Shortly, an attractive looking lady approached them. She was dressed like a sl*t yet she looked divine, ethereal, immaculate. Mr. Hill couldn’t take his eyes off her. She was shorter than him but had curves in all the right places. Her skin was pale and her hair was long and wavy, falling down to her shoulders in soft waves of blackness.

“She’s all yours Mr. Hill, enjoy.” Cox said, “Mike,” She signaled Mike to leave with her leaving Mr. Hill and Lizzie alone.

“My days you are perfect…” Mr. Hill marveled at her beauty and body. 

“Thank you.” She said, her voice almost above a whisper. She led him to a private room to pole dance for him. With her sensual moves on the pole, he was mesmerized by her body and charm. They had a brief encounter but it was enough to spark something inside of Mr. Hill that made him want more. She came down to his level and carefully untied his tie as he laid back on a chair. He looked her dead in the eye and bit his lips as she serenaded him. 

“A girl like you shouldn’t be doing this.” He said under his breath.

But Lizzie didn’t stop, she kept on doing her job leaving Mr. Hill’s d*ck rock hard. She started taking off her bra slowly, teasing him by playing with her panties. Mr. Hill let out a groan, “Get on top of me.” He ordered.

She obeyed, and as she mounted him she looked him dead in the eye and said, “I know who you are.”

“Oh really? Well then, tell me who the f*ck am I.”

“You’re the prolific billionaire, Mr. Hill Hamilton.” She began to plant kisses softly on his neck, making him talk breathily. 

“F*ck….” Mr. Hill moaned. He caressed her hair softly as she kissed him until he placed his hands on something odd down her neck, it wasn’t a smooth surface so he had to call her attention. When she noticed he had figured out her bruises she immediately pulled herself away from him.

“No, I want to see them.” He said softly.

She looked away from him wearing a sullen look on her face, “It’s okay, you can trust me.” Mr. Hill assured her.

She eventually let her guard down and rose her hair up to show him her bruises, dazed, Mr. Hill asked, “What happened to you?”

She was hesitant to speak, until Mr. Hill said, “You can tell me. Are you afraid of Cox, was it Cox?”

“No,” she had trouble confessing the truth and Mr. Hill kept on assuring her that she could trust him. When she opened up Mr. Hill was astonished and furious. Lizzie knew he was raging so she begged him not to do anything outrageous. “Please Mr. Hill, he’s a very valued and esteemed customer, ratting him out would take a toll on me.”

“Lizzie, please get the f*ck up from me.” His patience was running out and if Lizzie had stayed on top of him longer, he would’ve pushed her to the floor but fortunately, Lizzie respected herself and unmounted Mr. Hill. He didn’t even adjust his clothes before leaving the private room. 

“F*ck what have I done!!!” Lizzie was paranoid. She tagged along behind him.

When Mike saw Mr. Hill coming out without his tie and his packet shirt half way buttoned up, he chortled and said, “My man! I trust you had a good time, Lizzie gives the best blow jobs.”

Before Mike could say another word, a hard blow met his face from his very good friend Mr. Hill. “What the f*ck!” He yelled. He touched his nose and figured out he was bleeding. 

“I have principles Mike, strict principles and you f*ck*ng know that!” Mr. Hill said at the top of his voice.

“Hill, what the f*ck are you talking about man!” Mike was confused.

“You come to this establishment day in day out and f*ck Lizzie, you f*ck*ng maltreat her and give her bruises on her f*ck*ng neck?!”

“Since when did you care about bitches like her!” He retorted.

“Gentlemen, please this isn’t the right place to do this.” Cox intervened with a plea.

“Since now. She doesn’t belong here.” Mr. Hill responded.

“You’re right, she belongs on my d*ck. Sucking me out like the last time.” Mike’s statement aggravated Mr. Hill causing him to want to hit Mike again but Cox intercepted them. 

Since Mr. Hill couldn’t hit Mike, he said to him, “You’re fired, first thing tommorow morning I want you to pack up your things and leave the office.”

“You can’t be serious Hill, I’m the backbone of your company, you can’t throw me out in the curb.”

“Yes I can.” Mr. Hill was about to leave when Mike yelled, “You can’t replace me Hill, I’m f*ck*ng irreplaceable!” 

Mr. Hill scoffed and then said, “Lizzie, come with me.”

Lizzie stood firm, she glanced at Cox and then glanced at Mr. Hill, “Cox, I’ll compensate you for everything. Both my argument with Mike and Lizzie.” Mr. Hill said.

“I’m sorry Mr. Hill, but I cant give you Lizzie. She’s my property, she signed a contract.” Cox responded sternly.

Lizzie struggled to find a voice and she eventually did, “You forget there’s a clause.”

“Oh darling, I remember vividly and it stipulates that under any event of good services to a valuable customer and good time serving that particular customer, you can be bought for a substantial sum of 25 million dollars by that customer.” Cox then laughed hysterically, “and do you think any man would pay such a preposterous amount for a sl*t like you?”

It was at this moment that Mr. Hill, unruffled and poised, calmly asked Cox a simple yet powerful question: "Cheque or cash?"

The room fell silent as Cox processed the unexpected response. Consumed by jealousy and anger, Cox struggled to say, “You’ll be missed Lizzie.” Then she turned to Mr. Hill and said, “Cash.”

Chapter 2 Slimy and Wet

Just outside of Mr. Hill’s luxurious penthouse, Mr. Hill and Lizzie stood staring at each other and saying nothing but smiling at each other. In gratitude Lizzie surprised Mr. Hill and held up her pair of dirty panties and Mr. Hill blushed heavily. She held the panties up to Mr. Hill’s nose. "It's not that bad" she said.

"Can I smell it again?" Mr. Hill asked. "I want to." Mr. Hill added as he reached out and grabbed her, pulled her to him and pressed his face into the wet fabric. 

He smelled it again and took in a breath of her scent. "I want to lick your panty crotch. I'd love to smell this dirty stink on your dirty panties and watch your ass wiggle as you try to wrestle free." He mumbled in her ear.

Mr. Hill felt his own cock getting hard. He took her by the hand, led her into his mansion, carried her through the stairs and threw her on the bed. He pulled her panties aside and started tonguing her pussy. His fing


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