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Ava has sworn off men after her ex betrayed her, leaving her single and celibate for two years. But when her best friend drags her to a masked party, she meets a mysterious stranger in a mask. After a night of passion, Ava discovers she's pregnant and has no idea who the father is. Desperate to find the father, Ava, and her best friend embark on a wild journey to uncover his identity, but their efforts prove fruitless. With no other options, Ava decides to raise the child alone. Two years later, fate brings Ava and the mysterious man back together. But obstacles stand in their way, including Ethan's wealthy and influential mother, who disapproves of Ava's background. Will they be able to overcome their differences and build a life together, or will their relationship crumble under pressure?


Amelia paced back and forth in front of me, her eyes darting around the room. "Trust me, this masked party won't be like any other you've been to. You'll have a great time, I promise," she said, grabbing my hand.

I hesitated, still feeling raw and hurt from my recent break-up with Jonathan. I had no desire to go out and socialize, but Amelia was insistent. "I don't know, Amelia. I'm not really in the mood for a party right now," I said, trying to pull my hand away.

But Amelia wouldn't let me go. "Come on, you need to get out and have some fun. Don't let one bad guy ruin your whole life," she said, her expression softening.

I sighed, knowing she was right. I couldn't let Jonathan's betrayal consume me forever. "Okay, fine. I'll go," I said, reluctantly. "But what should I wear?"

Amelia's face lit up with excitement. "Yes! You won't regret it, I promise. And don't worry about the outfit, we'll find something perfect for you to wear."

Despite my reservations, I started to feel a flicker of excitement. Maybe Amelia was right - maybe I did need to let loose and have some fun. With a deep breath, I agreed to go to the party, wondering what the night would bring.

After several hours of trying on different outfits, I finally settled on a stunning dress that perfectly matched the color theme of the party. "I think I'll go with this one," I said, twirling around for Amelia to see.

She clapped her hands in approval. "You look gorgeous! Now, shall we?" she asked, offering her arm.

I couldn't help but laugh at her exaggerated manners. "Yes, let's go," I said, linking my arm with hers.

As we made our way into the grand mansion, I couldn't help but feel a sense of excitement and trepidation. It had been years since I had been to a masked party, and the memories of my past relationship still lingered.

Amelia, on the other hand, was in her element. She danced and mingled with ease, while I found solace at the bar, sipping on a drink and watching the partygoers from afar.

As the night progressed, I found myself feeling more at ease with the party's anonymity. The masks allowed me to forget about my past and embrace the mystery and intrigue of the night. But that all changed when I saw him - a tall, dark stranger, dressed in a black suit and mask. He stared at me, making me feel uncomfortable.

I quickly averted my gaze, pretending to be interested in my drink, but he approached me nonetheless. "Hey there, beautiful. May I have this dance?" he asked, his voice smooth and low.

I turned to face him, my eyes narrowed. "No," I replied firmly, taking a few steps away from him.

But he persisted, following me as I tried to make my escape. "Come on, it's just a dance," he said, a hint of amusement in his voice.

I stopped in my tracks, turning to face him with a scowl. "And who might you be?" I asked, shunning him.

He chuckled, his eyes twinkling behind the mask. "Just a gentleman trying to take you off your boredom. Everyone here is having fun except for you, I bet," he said, his words laced with a challenge.

Despite my initial resistance, I couldn't ignore his valid point. I had been too consumed by my insecurities. I took a deep breath, decided to join him on the dance floor, and felt liberated.

"Haven't seen you here before, what's your name?" he said, smiling.

"No, I'm new here, it's been a long time since I clubbed though," I replied. "But I'm having a great time so far, my name is Ava."

"I can tell," he said, nodding toward the dance floor. "You're a great dancer."

I blushed a little at the compliment. "Thanks, I love to dance. What about you?"

"I'm not bad," he said, chuckling. "But I have to admit, I'm more of a people-watcher. I like to see everyone having a good time."

Amidst the party's noise, we found solace in each other's company, dancing close and talking. Conversation flowed, and the drinks kept coming, but I was captivated by my charming companion.

As the night wore on, he leaned toward me and asked, "Do you want to get out of here? I was hesitant at first but later nodded eagerly, caught up in the moment's thrill.

I followed him to the washroom, my heart racing with anticipation. The sound of the music was muffled, and the room was dark except for the dim light coming from the hallway. He locked the door behind us and turned to face me. We stared at each other for a moment, and then he leaned in and kissed me passionately.

As we kissed, I felt his hands exploring my body, tracing the curves of my hips and running his fingers through my hair. I moaned softly, my body responding to his touch. He pulled away, and we gazed into each other's eyes.

"Who are you?" I asked, my voice barely above a whisper.

"I'm just a stranger," he replied, his voice low and husky.

He leaned in again, and we started to make out. I could feel the heat between us building, and I knew that I wanted him. Suddenly, the door handle jiggled, and someone tried to push the door open. We froze, startled, as the door shook again.

"Occupied!" the masked man called out, his voice strong and commanding. The person on the other side of the door mumbled something and then walked away.

We looked at each other and laughed, the tension broken. He kissed me again, and we continued to make out. Our bodies pressed together, and I could feel his arousal growing. I reached down and stroked him through his pants, feeling him groan against my lips.

"God, you're so beautiful," he whispered, his breath hot against my ear.

I smiled, feeling myself blush. "You're not so bad yourself," I replied.

He kissed me again, his tongue darting into my mouth. I moaned softly, my hands roaming over his body. We kissed and touched each other, lost in the moment.

Finally, he pulled away, his breathing ragged. "I want you," he said breathlessly.

I nodded, my heart pounding with desire. He pushed me up against the wall, and I could feel his hardness pressing against me. He reached between my legs, and I gasped as he stroked me through my panties. He kissed me again, his tongue exploring my mouth as he slipped his hand inside my panties.

I moaned, feeling the pleasure building inside me. He continued to touch me, his fingers expertly stimulating me. I felt myself getting closer and closer to the edge, and then I exploded in pleasure. My body shook with the force of my orgasm, and I clung to him, gasping for breath.

He pulled out of me and leaned back, his eyes locked on mine. "That was amazing," he said, his voice filled with wonder.

I smiled, feeling a warmth spreading through my body. "Yes, it was," I replied.

We kissed again, our tongues dancing together as we explored each other's mouths. I felt a connection growing between us, a sense of intimacy that went beyond just physical pleasure. We were two strangers caught up in the moment, but in that moment, we were everything to each other.

I woke up to the sound of Amelia's excited voice, barging into my room. "Ava! You won't believe what happened!" she exclaimed.


I groaned, pulling the covers over my head. "What? Can't you let me sleep?"

"No way! I saw you last night at the party, and you were having the time of your life! You were dancing with that mystery man, and I could tell from the way you were talking to him that you liked him," Amelia said, a mischievous glint in her eye.

I sat up, feeling a mixture of embarrassment and excitement. "Oh, stop it. We just had a thing and I regret it though "

"Really? Because I could have sworn you were both happy, I thought for a second that you found the one" Amelia said, raising an eyebrow.

I blushed, feeling a rush of memories from the night before. "Okay, fine I thought so too but It was just a one-time thing."

"Well, that's too bad," Amelia said, looking disappointed. "I was hoping we could track him down and set you two up on a real date."

I shrugged. "It's not a big deal.


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