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Marry Him At The Age Of Eighteen

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Charlotte shakes her head. "Dad, please. I don't want to get married."  "That's the right thing to do, Charlotte. After one week, your wedding will proceed, whether you like it or not," Christian said in a firm voice.  "But brother..."  "That's our final decision, but if you want, choose between marrying Elijah or filing a case for what he does to you."  Will marriage solve Elijah's mistake, or will the two of them struggle to stay together, especially now that Charlotte is pregnant, as a result of what happened?

Chapter 1 - Hurtful Night

Charlotte's POV

As she stepped into the backyard of her house, she could hear the noise emanating from inside the house. It appeared that her brother's friend had once again arrived. Despite being high-ranking executives of a company, they were making an excessive amount of noise. All of her brother's friends were either CEOs or wealthy individuals. Her parents were the wealthiest family in the country, and as a result, her brother had the chance to meet a lot of wealthy people, even from other countries.

Upon entering the house, she saw that they were drinking alcohol once again. They were still wearing tuxedos, which indicated that maybe they had come straight here after work. They were far from her path, so she could just continue walking. Sometimes their positions in the living room were all over the place, so she couldn't avoid greeting them even if she didn't want to.

She comes from school, and there are times when she gets home at seven in the evening because of the projects they need to finish for the day. She's a college student majoring in engineering, so some difficult subjects and assignments extend until seven in the evening.

She continued walking but suddenly stopped.

"Charlotte, say hi to my friends," her brother said. She didn't want to, but she faced them and waved slightly, but she didn't look or speak. Then she walked again to go to her room. She heard one of her brother's friends say that there was still no change in her. They're here almost every week.

A sigh escaped her lips; had she not grown accustomed to their constant presence, they might have felt unwelcome. When she was already inside her room, she lay on the floor exhausted from the whole day's classes; even her mind was tired. She didn't want to lie on the bed because she smelled sweaty. She'll just take a shower before sleeping and also eat dinner. Maybe Belinda, our maid, is already cooked, and the drinkers outside also have appetizers that can also be eaten as their chaser.

She stayed in her room for two hours before going out and going to the kitchen. She smiled as she opened the lid of the pot because her dish now had soup. She got a bowl and put rice on the plate before taking it to the table. While she was eating and looking at her phone, someone spoke from behind her.

"Excuse me. Your brother asked for the pork with a lot of onions."

She choked on the broth she was sipping when she heard that voice. She lowered the spoon and looked at the owner of that voice; it was Elijah, her brother's closest friend.

"I don't know where it is."

"Look for it in the kitchen," he ordered.

She glanced at her food, but she stood up and even left her phone on the table. She searched the kitchen for that dish Elijah was talking about, but why wasn't it there? She went out of the kitchen again and went to the dining area.

"There's no dish like that there."

Elijah frowned. "Your brother said to get that from the kitchen."

"Maybe he didn't mean that dish."

She sat back in front of the table. Then her brother came in, looking puzzled because Elijah was still there.

"Why did it take you so long to come back?"

"Your sister is still looking for the pork with a lot of onions you mentioned."

Her brother furrowed his brows. "What? Where did you get the idea that there's pork with a lot of onion?"

"From you," Elijah replied, watching her brother's puzzled expression. He scratched his head, his confusion evident.

"I said pork porridge, not the dish you were talking about. Are you drunk?"

"No. I just misheard."

"Stay here; I'll get it."

Her brother walked into the kitchen, and she just scrolled through her phone because she was too shy to eat her food while Elijah was behind her.

"Continue eating. I'm not looking while you chew," Elijah said.

She paused scrolling and grimaced, but luckily her brother came back quickly with a large bowl containing a lot of pork porridge and a lot of soup.

"Come on, Elijah. Charlotte won't be able to eat well if you're there."

Elijah raised his eyebrows. "Why?"

"It seems like she's not used to you. She doesn't like having other people around her. It's your first time here when she's here."


They both left the dining area, and she continued eating until she finished. She forgot that she had something to do before sleeping, and her hair was still wet, so she still had time to do it while her hair was being blown.

Her parents are not at home now because they're out of the country. Her brother couldn't join them because of work, and she still has school, so it's just the two of them at home along with the household helpers.

She went back to her room and sat in front of her study area. While she was reading, she was blowing her hair. She'll only stop when she needs to write something. She spent two hours reading while drying her hair, and when she felt sleepy, she tidied up her things before lying down on the bed.

Charlotte fell into a deep sleep while hugging her pillow.

Meanwhile, at midnight, the drinkers inside the living room of Charlotte's house are already drunk. Some are already sleeping; some even face down on the floor, their heads resting on the sofa, while Elijah and Charlotte's brother Christian are leaning on the sofa and have also fallen asleep.

Meanwhile, Elijah stirred and looked at his companions in the living room; all of them passed out. He stood up and walked unsteadily, seeming to be looking for the bathroom. He checked every door he passed by with squinted eyes. He opened a room and went inside, but immediately closed it. Elijah paused for a moment and looked inside that room. The room he entered was Charlotte's. Charlotte was fast asleep, and it seemed like she didn't feel someone enter her room.

Elijah squinted as he approached Charlotte's bed because, due to his drunkenness, it seemed like Elijah was going to do something inappropriate to her, judging by the way he was looking at her.

He moved closer to Charlotte's face, staring at her for a long time as if trying to recognize who was in front of him.

Meanwhile, Charlotte's senses awakened because she felt like someone was staring at her. She furrowed her brow because she felt warm air on her face. She thought it was a ghost, so she didn't open her eyes, even though her whole body was wide awake. But her brow furrowed even more when she felt someone pulling her blanket.

Is there a ghost in her room?

But when she felt something soft pass over her lips, she opened her eyes. Elijah greeted her, and his expression towards her was different. She was about to scream, but Elijah suddenly covered her mouth. Out of fear, tears welled up in her eyes, and she tried to stand up, but he was too strong, so she couldn't get off the bed.!!

She tried to speak while Elijah's hand covered her mouth, and while Elijah's bright eyes were staring at her, she almost went crazy because his hand was going inside her clothes. Tears streamed down her face as she struggled against Elijah's strength.

When he moved away slightly, she pushed him, but no matter how fast her body moved, he was faster. She received a punch in her stomach, so she weakened there. She couldn't move anymore, so he proceeded to assault her.

Tears poured down her face when she felt an unbearable pain between her thighs. She opened her eyes and saw Elijah's appearance when he got what he wanted. He even smiled at her before falling to her side.

She covered herself with a blanket and stood up, but she also sat down because of her weakened body. She poured out all her tears on the side of her eyes loudly, and all the pain was screamed by her tears.

Meanwhile, Christian woke up. He was already going to his room to continue sleeping. He'll just leave his friends there because they're used to it due to their frequent visits to their house, but while Christian was on his way to his room, he stopped when he heard crying coming from Charlotte's room.

Christian frowned, so he quickly opened the door to check on Charlotte, but while he was holding the doorknob, Christian froze when he saw his sister wrapped in a blanket while crying on one side, while Elijah was sleeping on her bed with only a pillow covering the lower part of his body, and he had no clothes on his entire body.

Christian angrily entered the room and tried to wake up Elijah, without any mercy, with every wake-up call he made to Elijah.

Chapter 2 - Marriage Her or...

Elijah's POV

He heard Christian's voice, but he was still dizzy from the amount of alcohol he drank last night. He didn't even know where he had slept or entered the room. His body swayed slightly when someone pulled him upright. When he opened his eyes, it was Christian with a furious look; he still hadn't recovered from standing up to him, so he couldn't figure out why.

"Tell me, what were you thinking when you did that to Charlotte?!"

While closing his eyes, he didn't know what Christian was saying to him. "What are you saying? I'm sleeping, and then you'll wake me up and ask what I did to your sister."

The answer he got from Christian was a punch in the face. His head turned, and while his hand was holding his jaw, he was stunned by Christian's sister's condition. It cries while the body is wrapped in a blanket. There, he woke up and looked at himself; he had no covering on his body down to the bottom. He was still confused and looked at Christian, whose


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