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About me

My imagination is the driving force behind my story, and I accept that life doesn't always align with my desires.


Replacement Twin For Billionaire
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Sandy is the dishwasher at a small restaurant, but in just one night, her quiet world will change. She ends up with a man who is heartless because of a sin he says she didn't commit. With her name Sandy, it will be Stephanie; she will be the one who will pay, be tortured, and be hurt by Brix repeatedly, even if she tells the man several times that she is not the person he is referring to.  During Sandy's long stay with Brix, she will know the secrets and who Stephanie is who she thought was just like her and Brix was wrong—but in one day she will see Stephanie as if she were just facing a mirror.  A lot of chaos will happen in Sandy's life and even Brix's because of a mistake that he can't take back. Some people will try to confuse them so that they don't know the whole truth.  Stephanie's freedom, but her twin is suffering in exchange.

The Lady Gangster's Mission For The Prince
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Adira lives in a place where there are many so-called gangsters, and she belongs there. She is an orphan with her sister, but her sister does not treat her well, so she decides to leave to go off on her own. Now she lives alone in an old warehouse ever since their parents passed away. The only thing she makes a living from is accepting missions from those who can afford her services. Adira does not accept a mission if the price is life. The king, King Stephen, has been receiving threats on his son's life. He doesn't trust his companions inside the palace except for his son and General Augustin. Even though it was against Adira's rules that she would not accept a mission similar to that of the prince, she accepted it because of the king and his love for his son, agreeing to train him with the sword and keep him safe. Now, with her rules compromised, she's committed to the family. Will she be able to keep her emotions in check? How can she explain the sudden beating of her heart every time the prince is around her? Is she prepared to risk her life for this man?

Book of Fate
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Alexa is the girl who dreams of being a successful writer who writes stories from her imagination. One night on her way home, it rained heavily, so she was forced to stop in front of the church, but when she looked at her side, she saw an old book. She took it home.   The book that Alexa got is not ordinary because it is sacred, and the owner is also not human; they are immortals with powers that are in the human world. When Alexa chose to write her new story in that book, that was the beginning of her making a mistake because, when she was writing the book, it happened to her characters in the book who were real people. The book she got is the Book of Fate, where the destiny of the couple is written, but the only person who should write in it is the right hand of the God of Destiny and not Alexa.   Two stories will also happen because of that one magical book. The story of Alexa, the writer, and Daniella, the female protagonist in the book written by Alexa titled "Book of Fate,"   With Alexa's mistake, her and Daniella's destiny will be messed up, and in the end, will their stories have the same happy ending?


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